Monday, June 19, 2006

Support the SDF!!

(reprint of older piece)
Let us emphasize that Sderot is in pre-1967 Israel, well within the Green
Line. It is not a "settlement", unless one considers Tel Aviv and Haifa
also to be settlements.

I hereby propose the organization of the Sderot Defense Forces (SDF). The
SDF will be a militia entirely operated by and manned by the residents of
Sderot. Its function will be to retaliate whenever Sderot is attacked.

The SDF will be equipped with heavy artillery, tanks, rockets, jets and a
battleship. An aircraft carrier might be a nice addition down the road, as
would be heavy air bombers. Whenever Sderot is attacked, the SDF will
saturate the Gaza strip with rockets, bombs and shells.

Israel will not be held responsible. The Israeli government can shrug its
shoulders and say: Hey, that ain't us bombing Gaza. Any Gaza residents
getting killed or hurt from the retaliation shelling will be the
responsibility of the PLO.

The SDF will not be answerable to the Israeli government. Just like the
Israeli government has washed its hands of any responsibility for the
security of Sderot and abandoned any military role in retaliating for
attacks on Sderot, so the SDF will announce that it is not automatically
going to respond to any calls for help from Israel, nor will it
automatically support defense efforts by Israel.

A single Kassam, mortar shell, katyusha, suicide bomber or large rock used
by the PLO or its affiliates in Gaza to attack Sderot will result in the
saturation bombing of the entire Gaza Strip by the SDF.

Olmert need not worry, because there will be no Jews or Israeli soldiers
there to risk getting hit or to be blamed. If the Gaza Strip simply is
emptied out of population due to the retaliation shelling, well, that is
no worse a consequence than Sderot being emptied out as a result of Oslo
cowardice and defeatism.

You might want to fax the proposal to your favorite Israeli politician.

2. The Jewish Fifth Column:

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