Friday, July 14, 2006

Amram Mitza's September 10th Syndrome on Sept 12

More September 10th Syndrome on Sept 12:

Labor Party's Amram Mitzna, who ran on a platform of unilateral
capitulation and withdrawal when challenging Ariel Sharon in the election
for Prime Minister, in Maariv July 14:
"The (2000) withdrawal from Lebanon was correct and justified, but was
done too late and under circumstances that llowed the Hezbollah to brag
that it had expelled us from Lebanon. Under these circumstances, it was
clear that one day a conflict would erupt, in which we would have to
restore our deterrent powers."
In other words, Mitzna, who took time off from striking corrupt deals
with his oligarch cronies as Haifa Mayor in order to endorse Ehud Barak's
capitulation and cowardly withdrawal from Lebanon with his full
enthusiasm, now insists that if that same cowardly capitulation had taken
place just a bit earlier and under Mitzna's own guidance, then the
Hezbollah would today be shooting batches of flowers at Haifa and Nahariya
rather than Katyushas.

2. Poetic justice: some ARab towns in the Galilee that are centers of
Islamism and Arab fascism were hit by katyushas and a couple dozen were

3. A five year old girl from Safed is in critical condition after being
struck in the head by shrapnel from a katyusha rocket. None of those
bleeding hearts who demanded that Israel be destroyed because children in
Gaza got injured have anything to say about this. Gideon Levy, the
anti-Israel extremist at Haaretz who devotes every one of his weekend
columns to some Arab who was injured when Israel shot back, has nothing so
say about the Safed girl. The leftist professors who sign petitions
endorsing the boycotts of Israel because Palestinian children get injured
when Israel shoots back, have said nothing about the Safed girl.

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