Thursday, August 17, 2006

Eureka - We have discovered Israel's Achievement in the War!

1. The banner headline in Haaretz today:

Defense Minister Peretz Claims the Army did Not warn Him there were
Missiles and Rockets in Lebanon!

Now I personally published at least 50 articles and web postings
after the Barak capitulation and unilateral withdrawal from south Lebanon,
warning that northern Israel would soon be bathed by thousands of
Hezbollah katyushas, and I was hardly alone.
I wonder what else Peretz was never warned of by the army - maybe that
snakes bite and that smoking is bad for your health?

2. Meanwhile, Dan Halutz, Israel's commander in chief of the army, has at
last gone on the war path - against other generals he claims are leaking
news of his own incompetence to the press. Halutz threatened his generals
with surveillance of their phone lines to identify the leakers.
I am waiting to see if he orders his staff to burglarize the Watergate

3. Eureka - We have discovered Israel's Achievement in the War!

No one is even pretending any longer that the ceasefire agreement
Israel signed will produce the disarming and dismembering of the Hezbollah
Islamofascist terror mechanism. Haaretz reports that the new
understanding is that Hezbollah will keep all its weapons but simply will
not parade them too openly in public. Really.

SO it is now official. Israel sacrificed 117 soldiers and dozens of
civilians, absorbing 4000 katyusha rockets, so that the Hezbollah
terrorists would henceforth have to hide their katyusha rockets
underneath their galabiya's!!

4. Uri Bar Yosef teaches political science at Haifa University. He is a
post-Zionist extremist and close associate of Ilan Pappe. Writing a guest
Op-Ed in Haaretz today, he has a new idea for a peace plan. Israel should
give the Golan Heights to Syria, give the Palestinians everything ThHEY
want, and by doing so the Iran problem will be solved. Israel will no
longer be threatened by Iran, which will be "isolated", left with no
supporters other than some Israeli professors.

Of course, that would be because Israel will by then have been
converted into a web site.
(In Hebrew, at

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7. Israel's Divided Left:

8. Blaming Capitalism for the consequences of leftist stupidity:

9. Statement to the Press - 17 August 2006
Re: Olmert must go

There is great importance in investigating both the military aspects of
the war and the functioning of the political echelon before and during the
war. It is necessary to set up both a military commission and a national
commission of inquiry. Still, it is undeniable that the first round of the
war ended badly for Israel. The next round can break out at any moment.
The state doesn't have the leisure to wait for commissions of inquiry.
Professors for a Strong Israel declares that Ehud Olmert, together with
the ministers of defense and foreign affairs, must be replaced
immediately. This is essential so that reconstruction and preparation can
begin, unhampered by any process of whitewash.

Professors for a Strong Israel
Tel: 050-551 8940

10. Israeli Anarchists: The Jews are Ritual Child Murderers:

11. Hollywood at last denounces Islamofascist Terror:

12. The Comedy of Capitulation:

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