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Hebrew University allows Jihadniki to use campus

1. The "Alternative Information Center" is a small propaganda outfit
devoted to seeking the destruction of Israel and to promoting Arab
terrorism against Jews. It is a collaboration between pro-terror Arabs
and Jews interested in seeing Israel destroyed and a second Holocaust
perpetrated. Its main activity is to operate this web site:
It seems to be loosely associated with the "Indymedia" network of
anarcho-fascist web sites.

This week, the academic year began at the Hebrew University. As part of
the festivities, the student union at the Hebrew University held a fair in
which various outfits, mainly commercial, offered their wares. But a
number of Arabs ("leftist activists", in the jargon of Haaretz) from the
"Alternative Information Center" showed up and wanted to distribute their
anti-Israel propaganda as part of the event. The heads of the student
union had the good sense to refuse to allow these pro-terrorists to attend
the fair unless each could produce a "certificate of honesty" from the
police, effectively a bill of clean legal status. Such certificates are
confirmations from the police that the person in question has no criminal
record, and they are used in Israel for such things as getting a banking
license, issuing stock, etc. They are also used to identify people who
have been involved in any way with terrorists.

The student union leaders were concerned about the participation of such
people in a student union fair because a few years back Arab terrorists
had detonated a bomb in a Hebrew University student cafeteria, murdering
students, and the union heads did not want to see a repetition.

The AIC pro-terrorists ran to the lawyers from "Adala", an Arab NGO, and
threatened the Hebrew University with dire consequences if it did not
allow the AIC people in. In the end, the Dean of Students, Prof. Esther
Shohami, from the school of pharmacy decided to grant the jihadniki a
one-time permit to enter and incite, even without the police certificates.

If you would like to urge that the AIC people be prevented from turning
the Hebrew University into their own private campus intifada in the
future, please write Shohami at Email:
Tel: 972-2-675 7513
Fax: 972-2-675 8741
With copies to The Hebrew University
of Jerusalem
Department of Media Relations
Mount Scopus
Jerusalem 91905

Tel: 02-5882811
Fax: 02-5880058

Naturally, Haaretz and the Caring Left are outraged by the attempt to keep
these people from propagandizing against Israel in a time of war on the
same Hebrew University campus that is financed by the taxpayers these
people want to see murdered.

2. Much of the media this week is obsessed with the homosexual "gay
pride parade" scheduled to be held in Jerusalem. I do not want to get
into the whole debate over this, but I did want to draw your attention to
some of the more remarkable angles of the story.

Obnoxious graffiti was painted on a synagogue vandalized last night by gay
militants, who broke windows and spray-painted the windows ("If we cannot
march freely in Jerusalem then YOU will not be allowed to walk freely in
Tel Aviv"). Prof. Hillel Weiss, a professor at Bar-Ilan University, was
interrogated by the police yesterday on suspicions that he "incited
against the gay pride parade". So in post-democratic Israel, opposing the
parade is "incitement" and grounds for criminal investigation. See in Hebrew.

Meanwhile, Meron Benvesti is a leftwing post-Zionist extremist. He has
long been active in Meretz, sat in the Jerusalem City Council as a Meretz
rep, and in fact is well to the Left of Meretz. He is a regular
anti-Israel columnist at Haaretz.

And his column on the "gay pride" parade may be the most notable piece
written about it:
He writes, inter alia:
'As is fitting for a battle of titans over absolute values, both sides are
making bombastic declarations: "The purpose is to advance freedom of
expression and strive for a more pluralistic and democratic Israel,"
maintain the organizers of the Gay Pride Parade, ignoring the fact that
the provocation implicit in their insistence on holding the parade in
Jerusalem may be triggering opposition that perhaps might not exist were
they to hold their parade someplace else. The resultant intensity of the
opposition is undermining their struggle for pluralism. Perhaps this is
the real agenda of some of the organizers, those that want to shore up the
confrontation in order to intensify its effect... Many Jerusalemites,
including this author, feel that holding the Gay Pride Parade in
Jerusalem's streets is unnecessary provocation. This is not a test case
for tolerance, openness and acceptance.'

This, from an otherwise leftwing stormtrooper on behalf of political

3. General Elazar Stern is head of manpower in the Israeli army. He is
quoted in Maariv today and in Arutz 7 as saying that one of the main
reasons for Israel's failure in the war this summer against the Hizbollah
was excess concern for Israeli military casualties. He claims entire
battles were halted before they could be finished because the government
got a report that a soldier was killed or wounded, and that no army can
function in this way. (In Hebrew, see

4. Is that a whiff of fresh air flowing through the room?,7340,L-3322366,00.html

5. Stupidest statement of the century:
Tamir: Rabin Day as Important as Holocaust Day
10:25 Oct 29, '06 / 7 Cheshvan 5767

( Education Minister (Labor) Prof. Yuli Tamir stated Rabin
Memorial Day is as important as Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Tamir stated she is very concerned following the release of the recent
Yediot Achronot poll reporting one-third of Israelis are willing to grant
clemency to Yigal Amir, the convicted assassin of the prime minister.

6. Lunatic Conspiracy Theories and anti-Semitism:,7340,L-3303377,00.html

7. Poll:
Poll: Disengagement polarized Israel more than Rabin assassination,7340,L-3321989,00.html

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11. Israeli Orwellism is alive and well:

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