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Jews need to Apologize for Having Survived Arab Assault?

Professor Calls for Israel to "Apologize", Accept Palestinian "Return"
Carlo Strenger is a psychology professor at Tel Aviv University. The
department of psychology at Tel Aviv University is home to quite a few
leftist extremists and runs anti-Israel one-sided indoctrination courses
as part of its curriculum (see this for details). Strenger is moderate in
comparison to some of the ultras at Tel Aviv University. He has published
papers claiming that Israel is a racist bigoted anti-Sephardic place and,
more generally, that Israeli "prejudice" is what drives the Arab-Israeli

He claims to be an expert on terror, at least its psychological aspects,
and is part of a panel on terror of the World Federation of Scientists
(WFS). Not surprisingly, these are people who think that terror is caused
by "grievances" and can be contained by redressing those grievances. "A
purely military cure only exacerbates the illness," they write Tell that
to Winston Churchill.

Today Strenger has a guest Op-Ed in Haaretz, unfortunately not on their
English web site. It is entitled "The Deepest Fear". Basically it calls
for Israel to accept the Palestinian claim to a "right of return".
Strenger notes that Israel's recognizing such a "right" is part of the
Saudi initiative, which he applauds, and that it will be part of any other
Arab diplomatic initiative. While noting that Israelis generally see the
"right of return" as a plan to annihilate Israel by flooding it with
millions of (make-pretend) Arab "refugees," he asks why Israelis are
REALLY afraid of accepting the "right of return". His answer is that
accepting it would force Israel to acknowledge its moral responsibility
for the Palestinian "Naqba" or "catastrophe" of 1948-49. The "Naqba"
(Arabic for catastrophe) is the new nonsense word of the Israeli Far Left
used to refer to the fact that the Arabs lost the war of 1948-49 they
launched against the Jews and that a few hundred thousand "Palestinians"
became "refugees" as a result of that Arab aggression.

Strenger's call for accepting the right of return as a psychological
palliative for the po' Palestinians appears in Hebrew here.

Strenger argues that Israel's "fear" of admitting that it was an
ultra-evil villain that "caused" the "plight" of the "Palestinians" is
what prevents peace from breaking out. Curiously, the Arab "fear" of
admitting to 60 years of terror, murder and genocidal aggression plays no
role at all! Israelis think that if they acknowledge their moral
cussedness and their ethical responsibility for the "Naqba", this will
undermine their very legitimacy as a state, says Strenger. Strenger's
solution? Israel must dress in black, beat its breast, and moan how awful
we are, how sorry we are that we were mean and evil and caused pain to the

Now if Israelis need to mourn and repent for being the victims of Arab
aggression in 1948-49, just think about all the other historic injustices
for which Jews need to apologize and repent and offer reparations. Perhaps
Jews need to apologize for the sufferings of German civilians during World
War II. How about all those Germans who were shot by Jewish partisans in
the forests of Eastern Europe? Who will help salve the psychic pains of
THEIR grandchildren? Isn't it time the Jews acknowledge their role in
German tribulations and offer reparations for their part in the massive
sufferings that were World War II?

Think of where it could lead! China and Malaysia could apologize to Japan
for being attacked by Japan. Kuwait could apologize to Iraq.
Czechoslovakia could apologize to both Germany and Russia. Ethiopia could
apologize to Italy. The mind boggles!
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