Monday, August 13, 2007

The Galilee Liberation Organization

1. The Professor Weiss Affair:
Weiss apologizes for 'inciting' remarks
________________________________________ Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 13, 2007
Prof Hillel Weiss, the Bar Ilan teacher who was criticized for his remarks
against Hebron Brigade leader Yehuda Fuchs, apologized Monday for his
harsh statements in a letter he sent to IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.
-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi.
In the letter, Weiss wrote "I regret having demeaned myself to using curse
words. I take back the things I said."
In an interview with Israel Radio, Weiss said his comments were not
directed at Fuchs personally and were therefore taken out of context.
He called Defense Minister Ehud Barak's statement that he should resign a
"vicious spin."
"His advisors told him to leave this [issue] alone, his deputy Matan
Vilna'i told him to leave it alone, but he wanted to make this whole show
of it."
Weiss also said that academia in Israel was controlled by the "Mapai
terrorists," citing, apart from Barak, Labor figures Yuli Tamir, current
Minister of Education and Avraham Shochat (former finance minister and
party member) as people responsible for "paying university presidents .
and causing the senates of the universities to weaken."
SP: Weiss had cursed the officer while the officer and his troops were
evicting Weiss' own daughter and her children from their home in Hebron.

2. Israeli Arab MK: Israel Has No Right to be in Jerusalem
29 Av 5767, 13 August 07 04:12
by Hana Levi Julian
( For the second time in 12 months, Israeli Arab MK Jamal
Zahalka has declared his support for the position of enemy Arab nations
claiming that Israel has no right to be in Jerusalem.
Zahalka was one of approximately 1,000 Israeli Arabs to participate in the
funeral of the terrorist who was killed in Jerusalem.s Old City on Friday.
The Arab MK referred to the Old City as .occupied. and to its Jewish
occupants as .right-wing settlers.. He criticized police for believing
the Jewish security guards who fought the terrorist, and dismissed video
evidence of the attack as unreliable.
Zahalka went on to say .We don.t recognize the right of the settlers, the
guards, and the security services to be in Jerusalem, which is occupied
land.. Israel .is ultimately responsible for the bloodshed. and must
withdraw from .occupied Jerusalem..
The Israel Law Center (Shurat HaDin) filed a petition last year asking the
High Court to revoke the citizenship of three Arab Knesset Members,
including Zahalka, who visited Syria and Lebanon in September 2006, both
of which are classified as enemy states.
At the time, Zahalka told government radio from Damascus, .We don.t see
Syria as an enemy state.. Shurat HaDin claimed that MKs who show support
for an enemy state should lose their citizenship and be terminated from
their posts as Knesset Members.
The other two Israeli Arab MKs named in the Shurat HaDin petition were
Wasel Taha and Azmi Bishara. Bishara fled Israel and resigned after being
investigated on suspicion of actively assisting the Hizbullah terror
organization during the Second Lebanon War.
He faces a possible death penalty, but told the British Guardian newspaper
last month that he does not plan to return to Israel to defend himself in
court. Bishara claimed that the charges against him, which include treason
and money laundering, are false.

3. About those loyal Israeli Arabs:,7340,L-3436918,00.html

When reading that, please note that 15 years ago I predicted that Israeli
Arabs would create the Galilee Liberation Organization as a result of the
Oslo appeasements.

4. Betselem Metastasizes

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