Thursday, March 06, 2008

UFO Conspiracy Nut Barry Chamish Gets Clobbered

Barry Chamish is best known for the hundreds of his "articles" about
imaginary conspiracies that he writes for Neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denial
web sites (if you think I am exaggerating, take a look at this:
and for his infantile "theories" about the Rabin Assassination (file them
under fiction). He has been peacocking around and celebrating the fact
that the Nazareth court ruled two years ago that I "libeled" anti-Semite
Neve Gordon, a ruling almost completely overturned by the Appeals Court this
week. Chamish, who is upset that I debunked his "theory" about the Rabin
assassination, even set up a pathetic little web site to smear me and show
his own support for Neve Gordon harassment campaign against me.

Chamish believes that anyone who disagrees with his own infantile
"theories" must be part of a global conspiracy. In particular he is part
of the "911 Truth" cult, which claims that Israel was really behind the
911 attacks on the US, and Chamish likes to spread the "theory," invented
by Neo-Nazi kooks of thesort that blew up Oklahoma City, and that the
publishers of Foreign Affairs magazine control the world in a giant

Chamish had previously been repeatedly convicted in Israel of libeling
other people. That, by the way, was real libel, not the make-pretend kind
to be found in Nazareth Court, under which disagreeing with a leftist
pro-terror anti-Semite is "libel."

Well, here is YNET news on Chamish finally getting his comeuppance:,7340,L-3515658,00.html
Is calling rightist a "Shin Bet agent" libelous?

Website owner Barry Chamish ordered by court to pay Itamar Ben-Gvir NIS
36,000 in damages
Aviram Zino

Barry Chamish, owner of several internet websites, was ordered Thursday by
the Magistrates. Court to pay extreme right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir
NIS 36,000 (about $10,000) for referring to the latter as a Shin Bet agent
on one of his sites.

Magistrates' Court Judge Oded Shaham ruled that this statement is libelous
in nature, and ordered Chamish to pay Ben-Gvir the aforementioned sum in

Extreme Right

Rightists 'dress' Peres in a kaffiyah / Efrat Weiss

Jewish National Front movement distributes posters in Jerusalem showing
president wearing traditional headdress of Arab men with writing,
'Releasing terrorists, a president of Arabs'
Full story

According to the court.s verdict, on April 15, 2005, Hamish published an
article on his website entitled .Eskins Folly..

In the aforementioned article, Hamish stated that .Ben Gvir is clearly .a
Shin Bet agent, a provocateur. He had committed criminal offenses so many
times over.. He is on trial every other month but is always acquitted on
some technicality.. Several additional articles in this vane are
furthermore quoted in the verdict.

Judge Sahahm noted that .these publications portrayed Ben-Gvir as a
dishonest and dangerous man. Ben-Gvir was deemed a traitor to his
right-wing cause in these articles, and was even accused of committing

"Some of these articles indicate that Ben-Gvir, while apparently opposed
to the Gaza pullout, worked actively to thwart all opposition to the
disengagement, and others even stated that he convinced a man to stone an
innocent bystander to death. All of these assertions undoubtedly
constitute libel..

In reaction to the verdict Ben-Gvir stated, . I have no doubt that some of
the malicious rumors circulating about me originated from Shin Bet, and
were designed to cause rifts and arguments.

"I never, however, stopped working on behalf of the Jewish people and the
;and of Israel, irrespective of how hard the Left has tired to stop me..

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