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Corrie propaganda and Palestinian atrocities

Corrie propaganda and Palestinian atrocities
Written by Steven Plaut
Wednesday, 09 July 2008
Toronto has been the latest city to be victimized by the Rachel Corrie
Lobby. This is an anti-Israel and anti-Jewish lobby that seeks to demonize
Israel and blame it for the death of the clueless Rachel Corrie, who died
in the Gaza Strip trying to prevent an Israeli bulldozer from uncovering a
smuggling tunnel being used by terrorists to bring weapons and explosives
into Gaza for the purpose of murdering Jews. Corrie placed herself in a
position where the dozer driver could not see her. He struck her
accidentally and she later died, probably from incompetent care, in a
Palestinian Authority medical facility. Corrie had gone to Gaza as part of
a delegation of the pro-terror "International Solidarity Movement," which
supports "armed struggle" against Israel's existence.
Corrie, for all intents and purposes, committed suicide in her efforts to
prevent Israeli anti-terror operations from proceeding. That did not
prevent the American flag-burning Corrie from becoming the patron saint of
antisemites all the way from David Duke on the far right to Alexander
Cockburn on the Stalinist left.

The anti-Israel lobby also decided to revise history with the malicious My
Name is Rachel Corrie piece of propaganda, an Israel-bashing .play. that
lies about what happened to Corrie (not!) and lies about who was really
responsible for her death (her ISM comrades and herself); it has already
polluted the cultural life in many cities. When first proposed for the
Toronto theatre, the Canadian Stage Company wisely decided not to stage
it. It is about as artistic and politically balanced as a 1930s Goebbels
film, and indeed, the two share part of the same political agenda. But
later it was staged in Toronto and recently played there at the Tarragon

The Corrie parents have also been running their own little anti-Israel
jihad. Writing articles for antisemitic magazines and web sites, and doing
the Grand Bash-Israel Speaking Tour, the senior Corries did not even have
second thoughts when they themselves were kidnapped Jan. 5, 2006 by
terrorists while visiting the Gaza Strip, although they were quickly
released. After all, they were of more value to Hamas roaming the world

The Corrie lobby has never had any interest in any of the Rachels, Jewish
women named Rachel, who were victims of the Palestinian terrorists
assisted by Rachel Corrie and her ISM terrorhoid friends. And there have
been quite a few of those.
And while the Corrie lobby and the Corrie parents have spent years
capitalizing on an accidental death in a bulldozer accident caused by the
stupidity of a pro-terror naif in Gaza to make trouble, they have been
thunderously silent about the mass murder this week by a Palestinian
terrorist in Jerusalem, where three people were murdered and dozens
injured by him intentionally after he commandeered a construction

Bat-Sheva Unterman had to undergo long periods of fertility treatment
before she was able to conceive. But at last she and her husband had a
baby. Five months ago, Baby Efrat was born, a healthy little girl. This
past week Baby Efrat.s Mom took her for a checkup in the clinic for babies
in downtown Jerusalem. When they were finished, Mom put Efrat in her
stroller and went out into the street. Mom then strapped Baby Efrat down
in her baby seat in the car and hopped into the driver.s side. The
terrorist inside the bulldozer had stopped the vehicle, but suddenly
started on his rampage again.

The dozer driver who hit Corrie did not see her at all and would have
backed up if he knew she was there. The Jerusalem bulldozer terrorist
intentionally murdered people and tried to murder dozens more. Among those
taking credit for his rampage are groups that the ISM of Rachel Corrie
actively supports. So where are the Corrie apologists today? Where are
those staging the Rachel Corrie propaganda play? Will Corrie's parents
take time off from their campaign of vilification against Israel to speak

There is no play about Bath-Sheva Unterman on Western stages. James
Taranto from the Wall Street Journal claims that the Jerusalem terrorist
got the idea of using the bulldozer for murder from the years of false
claims by the Corrie Lobby that Israel "murdered" Rachel Corrie with a
bulldozer. He wrote this July 3, 2008: 'On March 16, 2003, as we noted the
following day, the Israel Defence Forces were carrying out an operation in
Rafah, Gaza, to fill in tunnels used by Palestinian terror groups to
smuggle weapons in from Egypt. A misguided 23-year-old American named
Rachel Corrie, as a "protest" against Israel's self-defence, interposed
herself between an IDF bulldozer and a tunnel. Tragically, the soldier
driving the bulldozer did not see Corrie, and she was literally crushed.
Anti-Israel activists accused the soldier of deliberately running Corrie
over. They might have thought they were merely slandering the Jewish
state. It is possible that in the process they were giving ideas to future

Meanwhile, since the Corrie Lobby has spent the past few years demanding
that the Caterpiller company join the anti-Israel boycott movement,
perhaps now would be a good time to send out a fax demanding that
Caterpiller stop all sales of equipment to the Palestinian Authority!

Steven Plaut teaches business and finance at the University of Haifa in
Haifa, Israel, where he has lived since 1981. He holds a PhD in economics.

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