Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Law against Treason?


Ideas for Applying the Law against Terror Accomplices
12 Tammuz 5768, 15 July 08 01:13by "Back to Sanity" - Arutz 7

Is the Israeli political establishment about to act against treason at
long last?

Yesterday the Knesset Committee for Internal Affairs approved a bill that
would allow judges to strip Israeli citizens of their citizenship if they
are involved in espionage, treason, or support for terrorists. It goes to
the full plenum of the Knesset for approval in second and third
parliamentary "readings" in a few days.

Once approved, the test of the pudding will be in how the new law is
applied. It is clearly designed to strip spies and traitors like Azmi
Bishara of their citizenship. But all of the Knesset Members from the
Arab Stalinist and fascist parties are similarly involved with supporting
terrorism against Israel in one form or another. Why should not they be
awarded a one-way free air ticket to the Arab country of their choice?

Frankly, I would like to see Gush Shalom, Physicians for Human Rights,
Taayush, Machsom Watch, the Hookers in Black, Betselem, and other far-Left
anti-Israel political groups also charged with supporting terrorism and
also have their members' citizenship revoked. I am sure their members can
be granted political asylum in Gaza City. The Women in Black might be
asked to wear chador veils there. And what about academics and others who
serve as human shields in solidarity with wanted terrorists and interfere
with IDF anti-terror operations illegally?

The new law also raises some other interesting ideas. A few weeks back
the Jewish-born Neo-Nazi Norman Finkelstein, fired last year by DePaul
University and unemplyed ever since, tried to enter Israel in his capacity
as agent for the Hizballah, but was evicted. He was shipped to Amsterdam,
I guess because of the red lights there. In any case, he has since been
threatening to enter Israel under the Law of Return to engage in his
pro-terror politcal activities here. Well, my suggestion is to let him
in, grant him citizenship, then while still at the airport strip him of
his citizenship under th enew law because he is a Hizballah agent and
accomplice of terror, and then jail him in Kitziot prison.

I am sure the Attorney General would welcome our other suggestions of who
should be stripped of their citizenship under the new law against
accomplices of terror.

And since when are the Oslo folks sitting in the government opposed to
collaboration with terrorists?

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