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Why Idiotic Conspiracism may Keep the Left in Power in Israel

1. Oy-bama

2. Remember that old Woody Allen movie with the futuristic Yiddish
speaking computer tailor who says, "Oy ok so vee take it in a bit"?


3. The Los Angeles Slimes:

4. Hamas in the Noah Story
Isn't it cool when the weekly Torah portion provides current political

The story of Noah is a case in point. No, not just about how all those
environmentalist extremists are wrong about the planet being about to be
destroyed by deoderants, SUV's, and refrigerator gases....

Take the reason for why the earth was destroyed in the flood in the story
of Noah. It is all because of Hamas. The Torah says so. The world was
destroyed because of Hamas, where humans did not stop the Hamas. That is
the word used.

Now "Hamas" in Biblical Hebrew is usually translated as "evil" or
"violence." (Rashi translates it as "theft.")

But the Onkelus translation of the Torah into Aramaic, perhaps the very
first translation into any language, clearly translates the word "Hamas"
as kidnapped hostages or "chatufin" in Aramaic.

Perhaps it is a warning of what happens when Hamas is appeased rather than

5. More Oslo Cowardice:

6. Why Idiotic Conspiracism may Keep the Left in Power in Israel

This is the time of year when infantile conspiracism regarding the
Rabin assassination makes its seasonal appearance in Israel and in the
Jewish world. Nov 4 was the anniversary or the killing of Rabin in the
secular calendar and Nov 10 will be by the Jewish calendar. The pursuit
of idiotic conspiracism by parts of the Israeli Right explains better than
any other single factor why the Right in Israel has been so ineffective in
reversing national policies imposed upon the country by the Left. By
promoting a "theory" that is even stupider than that invented by the "911
Truth" conspiracy nuts, many of whom are Neo-Nazis, the ones who claim
that bombs placed inside the WTC and not the hijacked planes really
brought them down, these Israeli Rightist conspiracists have convinced
large segments of the general Israeli electorate and public that the
"Right" is nothing more than a gang of kooks, certainly not to be trusted
with the reins of power.

By now, I suppose most people have come across the Rabin conspiracy
"theory" in one form or another. It is largely a fictional invention by
Barry Chamish, a chronically unemployed ranting liar, whose career has
been spent mainly in "documenting" space abductions by UFOs, and who
publishes hundreds of his rants with Holocaust Denial and Neo-Nazi web
sites. Chamish is an official columnist for the Rense.Com Neo-Nazi web
site, which runs articles about how there were no gas chambers at
Auschwitz and how the Holocaust was a Zionist hoax. Chamish is generally
incapable of writing a full sentence without lying.

Nevertheless, Chamish's fabrications about the Rabin assassination
have been adopted by conspiracists, including . somewhat amazingly . a
handful of professors. The simple fact of the matter is that there is not
a shred of real evidence that the assassination of Rabin took place any
differently from the official report about it prepared by the Israeli
state commission of inquiry led by the ex-Chief Justice Meir Shamgar.
Yigal Amir pled guilty and continues to insist that he murdered Rabin,
including in a TV interview that was scheduled to be aired last week but
was pulled at the last minute due to public protest. So do his family

This is not to say that the Israeli Left's version of the politics
behind the assassination or its campaign against freedom of speech are
anything other than anti-democratic and anti-Zionist. No, the exercise of
freedom of speech by anti-Oslo dissidents did not cause the assassination.
No, the Israeli Right is not congenitally violent, and actually is
involved in far less violence than the Left (just witness the Left's
behavior at checkpoints and at the security wall in the West Bank!!).
Yes, the police agent Raviv who served as a mole in the "AYAL" fringe
group to which Amir belonged, did engage in some dubious activities, such
as initiating provocations that served to discredit the Right. (In
contrast with the claims of the conspiracist nuts, it is pretty clear that
he did so to firm up his own cover and not as some sort of grand
anti-Right conspiracy by the police. And no Amir did not kill Rabin
because he was "ordered" to do so by Raviv.) Yes, the Left did lead a
wave of McCarthyism after the assassination, which in some ways still
operates, a campaign against freed of speech for non-leftists, in which
all non-leftists are painted as murderers and criminals. Yes, the Left
did invent a new pseudo-crime, "incitement," which means nothing more than
the exercise of freedom of speech by those who disagree with the Left.
Yes, the Left and its captive media did invent the Big Lie, repeated
countless times, that nameless Rabbis encouraged and inspired Amir to
murder Rabin.

But none of that changes the fundamental fact that Rabin was indeed
murdered by Yigal Amir. Amir was religious, although not a settler, and
was a law student. The same media that blame the Orthodox for inspiring
Amir have never blamed the law schools, although the latter accusation is
no less absurd than the former. Amir was a political fanatic and his
attack on Rabin was also an attack on Israeli democracy. No, Rabin's
murder did not change the fact that Rabin's Oslo initiative was foolish
and harmful to Israel, nor that Rabin and Peres launched it in direct
opposition to the campaign platform upon which they were elected.

The great irony is that most Israelis who claim to believe that Amir
was part of some sort of larger conspiracy do not have in mind the lunatic
"theory" invented by Chamish and his IQ-challenged followers that the
Shin-Bet and Shimon Peres ordered Rabin to be murdered while setting up
Yigal Amir as a "patsy" to take the blame. Instead they believe the
"theory" that the Israeli Left has been chanting for 14 years that a
conspiracy of Rightists and settlers supposedly inspired Amir. They
allegedly did so by saying things like "Rabin is a Traitor" and otherwise
"inciting," thus legitimizing the violence. When the conspiracy nuts
claim that the Rabin family members themselves believe conspiracy
theories, what they forget to mention is that the "theories" believed by
them are the ones that hold that the Likud and the Right were really
responsible for the assassination.

As for the conspiracy "theory" coming form the lunatic fringes of the
Israeli Right, it is by and large based on outright lies, and on
"questions" about supposed "inconsistencies" in the official report that
have long ago been laid to rest. (Actually, questions are themselves
never evidence of anything; they are merely questions.) No, it did not
take 20 minutes for the car to take Rabin to the emergency room; it took 3
or 4 minutes. No, Rabin's spine was not sliced by the bullet. No, there
was no third bullet nor any bullet wound from the front. No, there was no
mysterious extra bullet hole in Rabin's clothing. No, there were no
suspicious items in the medical reports from the hospital nor in the
postmortem inquest. No, Amir did not fire blank bullets. If someone
really yelled "blanks" at the scene it was because they incorrectly
thought blanks were being fired, something not uncommon at shooting
scenes. No, there were no collaborators with Amir at the scene nor among
the bodyguards. The Rabin bodyguards may have been lax, but that was
because no one expected a religious Yemenite Jew in the vicinity to be an
assassin. No, there were no mysterious additional people inside the car
that sped Rabin away. No, there is nothing in the amateur video taping of
the shooting to suggest that anyone other than Amir shot Rabin nor that
anything other than what the Shamgar Commission claims happened did in
fact happen.

And while we are at it, nom Baruch Goldstein was not innocent and,
no, there were no Yemenite babies kidnapped and turned over for illicit
adoptions. Such scenarios might make entertaining Oliver Stone movie
scripts but are all fiction.

More generally, obsessive conspiracism is little more than a form of
mental illness, and the conspiracism about the Rabin assassination is just
is inane as the conspiracism about everything popular in the Arab world or
the "911 Truth" cult conspiracism.

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