Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Unborn Victim of the Mumbai Atrocity

1. As a followup on yesterday's note about Isracampus, I attach here again
the leaflet, this time twice, once in English and once in Hebrew. If you
area member of any appropriate chat list or ELECTRONIC bulletin boards, please
post these there. Thanks!

2. Now that the Israeli Labor Party has the electoral strength in Israel
that Louis Farrakhan has in the US, it decided to hold its primaries
yesterday to pick its new leading lemmings. Only problem was that the
computers did not work. SO they had to cancel the primaries and reschedule.

Now Florida and its hanging chads is no longer the biggest electoral joke
around. Calling Letterman and Leno!

3. The Unborn victim of Islamofascist terror: Add one more person to the
Chabad House massacre list:

4. The MO on the terrorists in Mumbai:

5. The main difference between the Rabin assassination conspiracy nuts
and the "911 Truth" conspiracy nuts is that the former are even stupider
than the latter and bigger liars.

Now the main fabricator of the "conspiracy theory" about the Rabin
assassination has a new "discovery." Yes, folks, Barry Chamish has
discovered that Adolf Eichmann is still alive! His execution was staged
and never carried out. So says the fifth Teletubby here . How does
Chamish know? Well, it is from a nameless imaginary news source, of course.
Actually, ALL of Chamish's "discoveries" are always from nameless imaginary
news sources.

You may recall that movie in which Jimmy Stewart had an imaginary bunny
friend? Well, Chamish lives in an entire metropolis of imaginary
non-existent people who rush over to him to whisper the world's greatest
news stories because they have so much confidence in his journalistic
abilities, what with all his nice UFO reports and his articles in Holocaust
Denial web sites and all.

6. PC Book banning:

7. They got it for them wholesale:

8. Leftist anti-Semitism down under:

9. Aw, the poor terrorist was sad, says the court:,7340,L-3632392,00.html

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