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The 94% Support Rate for Bombing the Hamas to Smithereens!

1. At long last, a reliable serious public opinion poll has been
published in Israel. As expected, support for attacking the Gaza savages
is enormous, around 94% of Israeli Jews. The other 6% did not understand
the question. Also as expected, 85% of Israeli Arabs oppose it..
Here is the full story:

Overwhelming Israeli support of Gaza op
Jan. 14, 2009
Etgar Lefkovits , THE JERUSALEM POST
The Israeli military operation against Hamas in Gaza enjoys the
overwhelming support of Israeli Jews despite the loss of civilian life in
the Hamas-run territory, a survey released Wednesday showed.
A whopping 94% of the public support or strongly support the operation
while 92% think it benefits Israel's security, according to the Tel Aviv
University survey.
The poll found that 92% of Israeli Jews justify the air force's attacks in
Gaza despite the suffering of the civilian population in the Strip and the
damage they cause to infrastructure.
Nearly 1,000 Palestinians have been killed during the 19-day old
operation, about half of them Hamas terrorists.
Seventy percent of the Israeli public said that the ground operation,
which got under way on January 3, was a necessary move, the survey found.
Despite ongoing international calls for an immediate cease-fire and a
flurry of diplomatic activity to reach a cease-fire by week's end, the
survey found that 90% of Israelis believed that Israel should continue
with the operation until all its objectives were achieved.
The survey found that 70% of the public believe the operation had high or
moderately high chances of achieving all its objectives, with a whopping
93% approving of the IDF's fighting capability.
About 80% of the Israeli public oppose the cease-fire with Hamas unless it
includes the release of IDF soldier Gilad Schalit seized by Hamas in a
cross-border raid two and half years ago, the survey found.
The poll also found that the public was much more supportive of the
country's military leadership than its political leaders.
A total of 85% of respondents voiced confidence in the IDF Chief of Staff
Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, compared to 62% for Defense Minister Ehud Barak
and President Shimon Peres, and 53% for Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and
Likud opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
bottomed out the list with a 44% confidence rating.
The survey also found that Israeli Arabs - who make up 20% of Israel's 7
million residents - have the exact opposite views of Israeli Jews about
the military assault in Gaza.
A total of 85% of Israeli Arabs oppose the operation, the survey finds,
while 80% say Israel should sign a cease-fire agreement even if it does
not entail the freeing of Gilad Schalit.
The telephone poll, which was conducted between January 4-6 in the second
week of the Gaza assault among 593 respondents, has a margin of error of
4.5 percent.
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2. Meanwhile, a parallel poll in Haaretz was formulated differently.
It asked if the Operation has been successful. 78% said yes and less than
10% no. The poll included Arabs. The problem with that poll is that
there are lots of people like me who support the operation but who do not
think it has been successful (yet), and has not killed ENOUGH terrorists.
People who fear that Olmert will shoot until the Hamas is incapable of
firing any rockets any more, and then will agree to a ceasefire so that
they can re-stock. The poll also asked if people think Israel's response
was "disproportionate." 82% said NO!. The rest probably did not know
what the word means.

3. You may recall that just before the US and its allies invaded Iraq
to topple Saddam, a group of more than 500 Israeli "academics"
disseminated a petition all over the world in which they announced that
the moment the first GI stepped foot in Iraq Israel was planning to
conduct Nazi-like genocidal atrocities against Arabs. The GIs arrived
and no mass murders of Arabs took place. Not a single one of those 500+
faculty members then issued an apology. Several explained that Israel
really WAS planning to conduct a genocide but was scared off from doing so
thanks to their petition.

Well, now a smaller number of similar moonbats, including some of the
usual Israeli academics for Hamas, are back, with a new petition. It is
being promoting by a gaggle of treasonous pro-terror leftist groups, led
by Uri Avnery, Israel's Lord Haw-Haw. Here it is:


January 14, 2009

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
Defense Minister Ehud Barak
Chief of Staff Lieut. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi
OC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant
Atty. Gen. Menachem Mazuz

RE: Warning of a clear and present danger to the lives and well-being of
tens of thousands of civilians

Since the beginning of the campaign in Gaza on December 27, a heavy
suspicion has arisen of grave violations of international humanitarian law
by military forces. After the end of the hostilities, the time will come
for the investigation of this matter, and accountability will be demanded
of those responsible for the violations. At this point we call your
attention to the clear and present danger to the lives and well-being of
tens of thousands of civilians.

The level of harm to the civilian population is unprecedented. According
to the testimony of residents of the Gaza Strip and media reports,
military forces are making wanton use of lethal force which has to date
caused the deaths of hundreds of uninvolved civilians and destroyed
infrastructure and property on an enormous scale. In addition, Israel is
also hitting civilian objects, having defined them as "legitimate military
targets" solely by virtue of their being "symbols of government."

Caught in the middle are 1.5 million civilians in extreme humanitarian
distress, whose needs are not being adequately met by the limited measures
taken by the army. That distress is detailed in the Appendix to this
letter. Its main points are as follows:

1. The fighting is taking place throughout the Gaza Strip, whose
border crossings are closed, so that residents have nowhere to flee,
neither inside the Gaza Strip nor by leaving it. Many are unable to escape
from the battle zone to protect themselves. They are forced to live in
fear and terror. The army's demand that they evacuate their homes so as to
avoid injury has no basis. Some people who did escape are living as
refugees, stripped of all resources.
2. The health system has collapsed. Hospitals are unable to provide
adequate treatment to the injured, nor can patients be evacuated to
medical centers outside of the Gaza Strip. This state of affairs is
causing the death of injured persons who could have been saved. Nor are
chronic patients receiving the treatment they need. Their health is
deteriorating, and some have already died.
3. Areas that were subject to intensive attacks are completely
isolated. It is impossible to know the condition of the people who are
there, whether they are injured and need treatment and whether they have
food, water and medicine. The army is preventing local and international
rescue teams from accessing those places and is also refraining from
helping them itself, even though it is required to do so by law.
4. Many of the residents do not have access to electricity or running
water, and in many populated areas sewage water is running in the streets.
That combination creates severe sanitation problems and increases the risk
of an outbreak of epidemics.

This kind of fighting constitutes a blatant violation of the laws of
warfare and raises the suspicion, which we ask be investigated, of the
commission of war crimes.

The responsibility of the State of Israel in this matter is clear and
beyond doubt. The army's complete control of the battle zones and the
access roads to them does not allow Israel to transfer that responsibility
to other countries. Therefore we call on you to act immediately as

1. Stop the disproportionate harm to civilians, and stop targeting
civilian objects that do not serve any military purpose, even if they meet
the definition of "symbols of government."
2. Open a route for civilians to escape the battle zone, while
guaranteeing their ability to return home at the end of the fighting.
3. Provide appropriate and immediate medical care to all of the
injured and ill of the Gaza Strip, either by evacuating them to medical
centers outside of the Gaza Strip or by reaching another solution inside
the Gaza Strip.
4. Allow rescue and medical teams to reach battle-torn zones to
evacuate the injured and bring supplies to those who remain there.
Alternatively, the army must carry out those activities itself.
5. Secure the proper operation of the electricity, water and sewage
systems so that they meet the needs of the population.


Among the signers are:
Dr. Haim Yaakoby, Ben Gurion University, Department of Political Science
Bimkom -- Planners for Planning Rights
Yaakoby is one of the most openly anti-Israel extremists at Ben Gurion
University. For more on him and his little cadre of jihadniks, see this:

Prof. Zvi Bentwich
Physicians for Human Rights . Israel (an anti-Israel anti-Semitic
propaganda group once run by Neve Gordon)

Atty. Michael Sfard, attorney for the anti-Israel Association for Civil
Rights in Israel and
Yesh Din -- Volunteers for Human Rights (except Jews do not count as

Meet the other Jews for a Second Holocaust . Israel branch:

4. It is not news when a dog bites a postman but it sure is news when the
UN denounces the Hamas for using civilians as human shields. Those may
be the bells of the Messiah that you hear but yesterday the UN did just

5.Meanwhile, a lot of Arab municipalities in Israel are refusing to all
anti-Israel pro-Hamas demonstrations to take place on their turfs. Not
that the municipal leaders suddenly turned into pro-Israel people. It is
just that they know the Jews are united and on the warpath and have zero
tolerance now for treason and so those Arabs prefer to keep a low profile.

6. PR and Gaza:

7. The Hamas' Peanut Man:

8. The Jewish Press exposes the treason at Haaretz:

9. Speaking of Disproportionate:,7340,L-3656420,00.html

10. Nuremberg in Venezuela:

11. 11. You know how the moonbats have been whining about Israel
firing "phosphorus shells"? Well, - take a look at this:

. 12. The Bush Legacy vs the Carter Legacy:
. JANUARY 15, 2009
Bush Destroyed a Dictator. Clinton Installed One.
Which of our last two presidents made the world safer?
As President George W. Bush prepares to leave office amid a media chorus
of reproach and derision, there is at least one comparison with his
predecessor that speaks greatly in his favor. Mr. Bush removed the most
ruthless dictator of his day, Saddam Hussein, thereby offering Iraqi
citizens the possibility of self-rule. Bill Clinton's analogous
achievement in the Middle East was to help install Yasser Arafat, the
greatest terrorist of his day, as head of a proto-Palestinian state.
This is not how these events are generally perceived. The image that still
looms in the public mind is that of President Clinton, peacemaker,
standing between Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin in the Rose Garden on Sept. 13,
1993. With the best intentions, Mr. Clinton had worked hard for this peace
agreement and would continue to strive for its success, hosting the head
of the Palestine Liberation Organization at the White House more than any
other foreign leader.
But the "peace process" almost immediately reversed its stated
expectations. Emboldened by his diplomatic victory, Arafat adopted
Islamist terminology and openly preached jihad. The casualties suffered by
Israel in the years following the Oslo Accords exceeded those of previous
decades, and dangers to Israel and the world have increased exponentially
ever since. This so-called peace agreement rewarded terrorist methods as
fail-safe instruments of modern warfare, and accelerated terrorist attacks
on other democratic countries. Though Mr. Clinton did not foresee these
consequences, his speech at the signing ceremony betrayed the
self-deception on which the agreement was based.
Throughout the speech, Mr. Clinton invoked the significance of the "sliver
of land between the river Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea" to "Jews,
Christians, and Muslims throughout the world." He repeatedly linked the
"descendants of Isaac and Ishmael," and the "shared future shaped by the
values of the Torah, the Koran, and the Bible," as though their "memories
and dreams" were all equivalent. But Judaism is quite unlike Islam. The
Jews claim solely that "sliver of land" and accept their minority status
among the nations. By contrast, Islam seeks religious and territorial
hegemony, most especially in the Middle East.
Hence 21 countries descendant from Ishmael have denied the descendants of
Isaac their ancestral home. This difference of political visions is
precisely what propels the Arab war against Israel.
To be sure, the signing ceremony at the White House may not have been the
best time to recall Arafat's complete record as the "father of modern
terrorism," a title accorded him by the press for masterminding such acts
as the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, the murder of
a schoolroom of children in northern Israel, and the establishment of a
PLO missile base in Lebanon. But some mention of his profession was surely
in order.
The PLO was founded, and funded, by Arab leaders as a terrorist proxy
before 1967 -- that is, before Israel gained the disputed territory of the
West Bank that retroactively served as a Palestinian casus belli. Arafat
had never been anything other than a terrorist. He had threatened Arab
rulers in Jordan and Lebanon no less than the Jews of Israel. Mr.
Clinton's speech contained no hint of these facts, concealing the
realities it purported to be changing.
To be fair, Israel's role in this self-deception was, if anything, even
greater. The Oslo Accords made Israel the first country in history ever to
arm its enemy with the expectation of gaining security. The burden of
soldiering in a defensive war for the "right to exist" -- which ought to
have been theirs from the outset -- understandably saps the morale of
Israelis. In this case, it also undermined their common sense.
The Oslo "peace accord" made the world more dangerous and subjected
Palestinian Arabs to a rule of violence, corruption and intimidation.
Arafat's dictatorship has since been outmatched by an even more brutal
Hamas regime that serves as the terrorist outpost of Iran. President
Bush's military intervention, by contrast, destroyed a terrorist state and
made the world safer for its citizens.
Ms. Wisse, a professor of Yiddish and comparative literature at Harvard,
is the author of "Jews and Power" (Schocken, 2007).

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