Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nudy Bars for Admirals and Apologies for multiple emailings yesterday - bug in Haifa U computer

1. (a leftist virus seems to have attacked the Haifa U computer -
apologies for multiple emailings arriving yesterday)

2. Why it is very good that the Bashir idiocy lost out on the Oscar:

3. Haaretz and the media are continuing the jihad against the Israeli
Navy admiral who went to the nudy bar. They are demanding his
resignation. They cite unnamed sources that he may have had a lap dance.
Haaretz is the newspaper consisting of "journalists" who whore for the
Hamas. What is worse - an admiral staring at naked dancers or an
admiral staring at the Op Ed articles of Amira Hass and Gideon Levy? Ami
Ayalon, the ultra-leftist now leading the Israelis for Hamas Lobby, used
to be head of the Israeli Navy. How come the media have nothing to say
about HIS foibles?
I will the admiral with the lap dance over Ayalon any day!

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