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President of Tel Aviv University rallies to Defend Terrorist Cheerleader Anti-Semite Quack

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Without a doubt the most amusing news item this week is the decision by
Omar Barghouti to relieve his bladder all over Tel Aviv University as
reward for the President of Tel Aviv University, Professor Zvi Galil,
coming out in support of Barghouti.

Just to bring you up to speed, Omar Barghouti is a non-Palestinian Arab
pretending to be a Palestinian, who has organized campaigns for boycotts
and divestment against Israel and against Israeli universities. Barghouti
claims Israel carried out genocide against Arabs. The same Barghouti was
admitted to Tel Aviv University's Department of Philosophy as a PhD
student in "ethics." The fact that Barghouti falsely claims that Israel
carried out genocide should be enough to convince anyone that he is no
scholar and no researcher and does not belong in any university. But the
Department of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University is one of the school's
departments of wall-to-wall anti-Israel leftist extremism. If there is a
single non-leftist in that department it is news to me. Department
faculty members are leaders in the campaign to end the existence of the
Jewish state.

When news got out, petitions calling for TAU to expel Barghouti garnered
tens of thousands of signatures. But meanwhile, the Leftists for a Second
Holocaust started a campaign to support Barghouti and defend his "right"
to get into TAU. In other words, Barghouti has the right to promote a
boycott of TAU but TAU does not have the right to boycott Barghouti.

Then, the President of TAU, Prof. Zvi Galil, responded to the atrocity
perpetrated by the "philosophers" in his university by DEFENDING the
decision to admit Barghouti in a public pronouncement (see below). This
is the same Galil who recently defended Stalinism Day at Tel Aviv
University as a serious academic conference, and generally can be counted
on to defend other instances of TAU leftist indoctrination, including
inside the classroom. Galil said that Barghouti's politics were not at
issue in his admission to studies, only his academic credentials. But the
truth is exactly the opposite. Barghouti should have been barred thanks
to his lack of any serious academic credentials and the proof that he is a
charlatan is his claims about "genocide." In truth, Barghouti was
admitted ONLY thanks to his anti-Israel agitprop and anti-Semitism,
because being anti-Israel seems to be both a necessary and a sufficient
condition to get into the TAU Department of Philosophy!

Meanwhile, Barghouti has issued his own response to Galil's pusillanimous
statement defending the idiocy of the Department of Philosophy in
admitting this pro-terrorist clown as a scholar and researcher. It
appears here:
I bring it to you unedited, so you can draw your own conclusions:

Dear all,
As widely expected, TAU has issued an official statement confirming that
they "cannot and will not" expel me based on my political views and
The anti-boycott lobby will now jump to use this as a weapon in their
increasingly desperate attempts to fend off the growing threat of academic
boycott of Israeli academic institutions, arguing that these institutions
respect the academic freedom "even" of boycott advocates.
Other than the evident trivialization of academic freedom implied in such
a claim (ignoring all the arguments about suppression of real academic
freedom in doing academic work on "problematic" topics, as Oren Ben-Dor,
Ilan Pappe, Tanya Reinhart and many others have argued), it misses the
point completely on why PACBI, BRICUP, USACBI, among many other small
academic boycott groups in France, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Australia,
South Africa, etc., have called for a boycott of Israeli academic
institutions. The well documented complicity of Israel's academic
institutions in the state's colonial and racist policies remains THE main
factor standing behind the boycott call. Whether TAU expels me or not,
this compelling factor remains true. Expelling me would have added just a
bit more fuel to an already blazing fire!
For one of the earliest refutation of the "academic freedom" argument
against the boycott, see:

The official position of TAU is that whenever Barghouti relieves his
bladder on the school, it must really just be raining.

Here is Comrade Galil's earlier statement on this matter:
May 3, 2009
Dear Governors and Friends,
I am writing to you to clarify the University.s standing on the recent
debate regarding Omar Barghouti, a Tel Aviv University master.s student of
philosophy. Mr. Barghouti is leading an international campaign to boycott
Israeli universities, despite being a student at one of those
A university campus should be a place that encourages and tolerates free
speech, no matter how offensive the expressed opinions may be to the
majority of students and Our university has adopted a faculty at that
institution, or indeed to the public at large.
similar policy also in previous occasions.
Moreover, if legal issues are involved, a university does not have the
authority to prosecute individuals. Rather, such a matter should be
pursued by the State through legal channels.
In response, therefore, to the petition calling for the expulsion of Mr.
Barghouti that will be submitted to us in the near future, the University
cannot and will not expel this student based on his political views or
actions. He will be assessed only on the basis of his academic
achievements and excellence.
I thank you for your time, and look forward to seeing many of you in May
at the annual
Board of Governors meeting.
Yours faithfully,
Zvi Galil

We remind you of the attempt by the tenured Left on the faculty at TAU to
block the appointment to the law school of an Israeli woman army colonel
because she believes Israel has the right to defend itself.
Well, now Tel Aviv University has accepted Omar Barghouti as a PhD student
in "philosophy" (he is now actually completing his MA thesis before he
officially starts his PhD thesis) Barghouti identifies himself as a
despite the fact that he was born in Qatar and grew up in Egypt.
(Reminds us of Edward Said the Egyptian pretending to be Palestinian.)
Barghouti is an Arab cheerleader for terrorism who runs one of the larger
groups promoting an international boycott of Israel, the so-called
Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel,
PACBI ( That is correct, Tel Aviv University evidently
Palestinian anti-Semitism and terrorism "ethical." He is also a militant
supporter of Israel's extermination under what the anti-Semitic Left these
days calls the "one-state solution." His group has made headlines for
demanding that Israeli universities themselves be targeted for boycott
He is on record as claiming that Israel is conducting genocide against
Arabs (see ). Anyone who thinks
Tel Aviv University has retained any academic standards at all will now
have to think again.
Naomi Ragen has done an expose of Omar Barghouti here:
Omar refuses to answer questions about his family connections to
arch-terrorist and mass murderer Marwan Barghouti.
This is the most idiotic idea to emerge from an Israeli institute of
higher learning since the Open University accepted Samir Kuntar, the baby
murderer released from Israeli prison to buy back corpses of IDF soldiers
murdered by the Hezbollah, as a student.
A petition is being collected that demands that TAU expel their resident
doctoral student of terrorism. Go here:
To tell the heads of Terrorism Aviv University what you think of their
admission of Barghouti, contact
President, Professor Zvi Galil
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
Fax: 972-3-6422379 and 972-3-642-2752
Rector: Prof. Dany Leviatan
Tel Aviv University
P.O. Box 39040
Tel Aviv 69978
American Friends Offices of Tel Aviv University: and
Other "Friends of" Groups:

2. You will all be happy to hear that Israeli academic Stalinists
will be participating in yet another Stalinism Day conference, hoping to
turn Israel into a large Gulag. This one is being held in Tel Aviv by the
MAKI Communist Party and featured speakers include the Hebrew University
math professors Immanuel Farjoun, Ben Gurion University sociologist Uri
Ram, ex-prisoner Udi Adiv, who sat in prison for organizing a terrorist
espionage wing and now teaches at Israel's Open University, and some other

3. Mideast Scapegoat:

4. Making up excuses for Hamas Islamofascism:

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