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Israel's University of Treason

1. The Anti-Israel Genie at Ben Gurion University is Out

By A. Ben Shaul

Dr. Neve Gordon has turned David Ben Gurion in his grave one more time,
but who is really to blame for the fiasco in Beer-Sheba? The answer is
obvious. The University president who helped to create in her midst the
mafia that is called "the department of Politics and Government.. For the
last few years Prof. Carmi ignored all the writing on the wall, but now
she is panicking as American Jewish donors refuse to take her telephone

By A. Ben Shaul

The head of Ben Gurion University's politics department had a sudden
vision. He was watching his two boys playing in the yard and zoomed out
all the way to the American west coast to publish an article in LA Times.
His enlightenment by the sight in the yard made him reach the original
conclusion that only an international boycott would save Israel from
itself. The reason is simple: In his learned opinion Israel is an
apartheid state.

But it was a typical manipulative and hypocritical argument. Time and
again, Gordon has voiced these opinions. Our records are full of them. The
white minority rule in South Africa was always his favorite equation and
boycott was always his mantra. The only difference this time is that his
preferred choice of publication was not an obscured loony leftist website,
or an Iranian governmental newspaper, but a respectable American newspaper
that happens to be read by many Californian Jews, some of them regular
donors to that same university in Beer-Sheba.

The written rant, titled simply "Boycott Israel,. triggered a huge
protest, so much so that the president of BGU was shaking in her
stockings. It was left to Israel's Consul-General in Los Angeles, Yaakov
Dayan, to express the community's outrage in a letter to Professor Rivka
Carmi: "Since the article was published I have been contacted by people
who care for Israel; some of them are benefactors of Ben-Gurion
University. They were unanimous in threatening to withhold their donations
to your institution. My attempt to explain that one bad apple would affect
hundreds of researchers turned out to be futile..

Ironically, Dayan was borrowing a term that titled an article published on
this website last year when it became known that Gordon has been chosen by
his colleagues to lead the politics department. Under the headline "The
Negev's Rotten Apple,. we alerted the university to his past activities
and statements described by the eminent Professor Alan Dershowitz as
"anti-Israeli propaganda designed to 'prove' that the Jewish state is
fascist''. The Harvard's law scholar went on to say that "Gordon has
gotten into bed with neo-Nazis, Holocaust justice deniers and
anti-Semites,. or in short "a despicable example of a self-hating Jew and
self-hating Israeli..

Carmi or Kermit?

Gordon elevation to his present job is not accidental. He is the toast of
other post- and anti-Zionist lecturers, who saw nothing wrong in his C.V.
That includes embracing and hugging Yassar Arafat at his compound in
Ramallah in the height of the suicide bombing wave against Israeli
citizens. Gordon proudly clasped his hands with his mentor and even had
the audacity to clear his beloved "old man" of any responsibility to the
terrorist attacks that gripped the nation during the first years of the
present decade. Lamenting Arafat's death he even Accused Israel of his
demise by destroying "his persona" and creating the "false myth" that he
was not a partner for peace.

Professor Carmi was certainly aware of this Gordon-terrorism encounter,
which was splashed on many Israeli newspapers, and yet she did not
register any "outrage" at the time, nor protest, needless to say, in the
name of "academic freedom.. But if the horror show in the Mukata'a might
have been dismissed by her as a one-off display of collaboration with
Arafat, she could have taken a note of more of Gordon.s other recent
"misdemeanors" that made similar headlines. Not in the very distant past
Gordon campaigned for and endorsed the views of the notorious anti-Semite
Norman Finkelstein. He also published articles on Holocaust denials
website, declared that Israel is not a democracy, celebrated Palestinian
bulldozer-murders, defended Azmi Bishara, the fugitive former MK and
Hezbollah agent, labeled IDF officers as war criminals, called on his
students to .resists. military service and - maybe worst of all - tried to
gag his critics by taking them to court demanding financial compensation.

But hang on. The list is not ended here. While on a sabbatical year at the
University of Michigan, before returning to BGU to be at the helm of his
department, he participated in "Palestinian Awareness Week" and delivered
a public talk titled ''From Colonization to Occupation''. In that talk he
expressed support for a ''one state solution'' since a ''two state
solution'' will supposedly perpetuate Israel as an apartheid state. So
branding Israel as an Apartheid state was always Gordon's agenda. He did
not have to wait for his children to play in his yard to do so.

But neither in Michigan, while visiting at Berkeley, nor in Beer Sheba,
did this catalogue of defamations and lies activate the alarm bells at the
Ben Gurion University president's office. She preferred to turn a blind
eye, while defending Gordon.s scholarly credentials and his propagandizing
as his .right to academic freedom.. There are many reasons to suspect that
she actually endorses the opinions of Gordon and the hordes of other Ben
Gurion University anti-Israel leftist extremists about the future of the
Middle East.

California's patience runs out

So why Ms. Carmi is suddenly horrified now, to the point of suggesting
that Gordon may be better off finding employment elsewhere? Because at
long last the Jewish American community sent her a loud and clear message
of "enough is enough.. Carmi's university is about to be hit in its
pockets, and its president can not afford such a luxury in a time of
financial crisis, unable as yet to recover from the Madoff ripples. The
L.A. Times article was a wake-up call for her and she was caught napping.
The genie is out of the bottle. The monster she helped to create is
pulling his mistress all the way down with him.

So the public outrage should not be really directed only at .Dr. Gordon..
He simply published what he had been saying all along to a chorus of
approval by his fellow self-hating anti-Israel BGU academics. Carmi might
think that by pretending to be trying to nudge him out, she can restore
calm on her campus, but she is wrong. Almost the entire department of
Politics and Government at BGU consists of extreme leftists who make their
colleagues in Tel-Aviv look like ardent Likudniks. That department is
infested by die-hard anti Zionists who made a profession out of putting
the onus on Israel come what may. It maintains a policy under which
neither Zionists nor non-leftists may teach in the department.

Yet, it should be noted that by writing this article Gordon also makes a
mockery of himself, thus raising questions not only about his integrity,
but also about his wisdom. In his opinion, "the only way to encounter the
apartheid trend in Israel is through massive international pressure" in
the shape of a comprehensive boycott. And why? Because the democratically
elected government of Israel is ignored American and European pleas to
freeze settlements in the territories, and did not end the occupation
under terms Gordon demands.

But now the current government has agreed to such a freeze, so will Gordon
retract his claims? Of course not. After all, he and his ilk never
admitted they had been wrong when they insisted, at the time, that Ariel
Sharon's Gaza disengagement plan was nothing but a ploy. Similarly, these
leftists never apologized for writing that Israel had a secret plan to
expel the Palestinians once the war against Iraq were to break out.

Instead, Gordon is trying to draw sympathy by writing that "it is not a
simple matter for me as an Israeli citizen" to call on the international
community to outcast Israel. Poor baby. Not simple, but he has been doing
it nonstop for decades.

L.A. Times readers learn from Gordon that this .apartheid state. keeps the
poor fellow with the PhD from Notre Dame up at night, "both as a parent
and a citizen.. And what does he offer his "two boys"? A so-called .one
state solution,. in which Israel will be eliminated altogether, a "right
of return" to Israeli lands for anyone pretending to be a Palestinian, and
a massive boycott that may bring Israelis to submission. Only then, he
maintains, by bringing Israel to her knees, will the country start to
behave itself according to Gordon.s high ethical standards.

Mind you, to show how much he cares for the future of his family, one
should point out here that in the past he even justified Iran's nuclear
program. Maybe we should ask him to have another look at his own back
yard and think of his children's wellbeing once the Ayatollahs lay their
hands on the bomb.

How to Defeat the Left
By: David Horowitz

: Round Three
By: Phyllis Chesler | Friday, September 04, 2009

3. Israel's Treasonous Left has a new cause:
'Female bomber' exhibit sparks fury

Sep. 4, 2009
An art exhibit depicting various female Palestinian suicide bombers as the
Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus, which opened at the Sokolov House press
center in Tel Aviv on Thursday, was quickly taken down following an outcry
from the families of those killed or wounded in the attacks, as well as by
organizations that represent terror victims.

The exhibit, which featured the work of artists Galina Bleich and Liliah
Check, consisted of a series of paintings of the women - some with halos
around their heads - rendered to look like Renaissance-era portraits of
Catholic saints.

Sokolov House agreed to take the portraits down on Thursday afternoon, but
another section of the exhibit - sand and dirt that had been taken from
the scenes of the bombings and spread out across canvas - remained on the
gallery's walls.

The artists defended their work on Thursday, but the victims' families
expressed outrage over both the content of the exhibition and the fact
that Sokolov House, the headquarters of the Israeli Journalists
Association, had agreed to show it.

Dalit Levy, whose 17-year-old stepdaughter Rachel was killed in a suicide
bombing as she shopped at the Supersol supermarket in Jerusalem's Kiryat
Hayovel neighborhood on March 29, 2002, along with the store's security
guard, Haim Smadar, 55, arrived outside Sokolov House on Thursday
afternoon with an Israeli flag draped over her shoulders, and placed
plastic sheeting on the sidewalk.

"You want art?" she asked a group of reporters who had gathered around
her. "Here's art!" she said, before spilling a can of red paint next to a
photograph of her stepdaughter and two memorial candles. "This is the
blood of our children!"

Almagor, The Association for Terror Victims in Israel, also issued a stern
response to the exhibit, and threatened to take legal action if the
portraits were not taken down.

"Nahum Sokolov [for whom Sokolov House is named] is rolling in his grave
today," said Almagor's chairman, Meir Indor.

"We've contacted the attorney-general and asked him to take legal action
against the exhibition's representatives," he added. "Any action that
strengthens or praises the murderous acts of terrorism is violating the
law and hurting the general public by legitimizing the murders."

Indor said his group was worried the artists would try to show the exhibit

"We've been in contact with the artists, and made it clear that we want
them to add information to the material so that people will understand
that this is not promoting terrorism, but against it," he said.

"But at this point it's unclear if they are willing to agree to that. As
it stands, if they continue to show the work the way it is now, we will
obviously continue our struggle against it."

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