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The Creepy Rachel Corrie Crowd

1.  Letters to the editor
   Editor's Note: Steven Plaut's March 5 front-page essay ("Welcome to Haifa, Mr. and Mrs. Corrie"), on the lawsuit being brought against Israel by the parents of Rachel Corrie, a pro-Palestinian activist killed when she put herself in the path of an Israeli bulldozer, drew a flood of responses.
   Rather than address the substance of Professor Plaut's article, the respondents almost without exception contented themselves with hurling all manner of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic invective. We posted a number of the letters on our website so that readers might get an idea of whom we're dealing with. The next time a voracious critic of Israel insists he or she is merely anti-Zionist or trying to be impartial, remember the tone of the letters featured below (and the many others that appear on our website) and take those protestations of good faith with a gargantuan grain of salt.

   Professor Plaut's response follows the letters.


'Israeli Fascists'

   I am an American Jew who is utterly sick of the lies and deceptions of Israeli fascists like yourself. Haifa is your "beautiful city," Mr. Plaut? You mean the place you stole from its rightful inhabitants at gunpoint. When you and your kind are eventually seen for what you are - the mirror image of the German Nazis - Rachel Corrie will be enshrined along with other heroines in the historical honor roll of those who have cared about all human beings, not just some arrogant, self-centered tribe that thinks it is justified in preempting the rights of others to live in peace.

   Being a righteous Jew starts with being ashamed of what is being done in our name. Justice will finally be done when "Israel" is wiped off the map.

Roger Tucker


'Zionist Crimes'

Steven, were you cheering on 9/11 too? We know that Mossad agents in New York were cheering and celebrating knowing that American wrath would now be more easily aimed to do their bidding again.
And 34 American sailors died and 174 were injured in June 1967 when the U.S.S. Liberty - flying a very large American flag - was attacked in international waters by Israeli air and sea forces who tried to sink the ship and put the blame on Egypt. Were you cheering then?
The world is gaining truth and seeing through Zionist lies and crimes. It won't be long.
'Demented' Israel
   Mr. Plaut is a very disturbed individual who further exposes the dysfunctional anomalies of the Talmudic structure and those who have been brainwashed by its fantastical perversions of the human soul.
    Israel should be dismantled; it is a safe haven for the Zionist oligarchic master criminals who seek refuge behind its facade. Israel is not a country - it is an enclave for the depraved and the demented.


'Out-Of-Control Savagery'

   One day I hope you discover what it is to be really Jewish. People like you, filled with viciousness and hatred, are the reason Israel is falling on its own sword. It's not the Arabs that are destroying Israel. It's own out-of-control savagery and the behavior of its armchair supporters in the U.S. that are hastening its demise. Tikkun olam, anybody?


'War Criminals'

   [Rachel Corrie] should not have expected anything beyond indifference from a member of invading/occupying war criminals, particularly from one among those who espouse the Babylonian Talmudic view of all non-Jews as subhuman.

Dismantle Israel

The U.S. was instrumental in setting up the illegitimate "state" of "Israel," thus creating many of the world's current problems - problems that seem insolvable. But there is one solution. Only the U.S. is capable of solving those problems by enforcing the dismantlement of the pirate state.
The U.S. must also disenfranchise and deport all "dual citizens" as well. Or perhaps they should be convicted of treason and imprisoned. It's sad that the Zionists' refusal to behave themselves in a civilized manner makes such distasteful work necessary.
Lief Oldhart

Holocaust 'Myth'

You strive to give the impression that the Palestinians are interlopers on Israeli soil, but of course the opposite is true. You say the reason for the destruction of the Palestinian house in question is that it served as the entrance to a tunnel through which Gazans attempted to bring food from Egypt, but neglect to mention that the need for such tunnels arose from the Israeli-imposed blockade.
To you, everyone who opposes Israeli wrongdoing is a "terrorist." So what do you call the Mossad, which has assassinated many worthy, innocent people and the IDF, which has slaughtered and maimed for life tens of thousands, including thousands of Christian and Muslim children shot for sport during the intifada?
   It is only a matter of time before Israel will have to abandon its imperialistic ambitions, fully compensate the dispossessed Palestinians and its many other victims, and hope it will be permitted to continue to exist - hardly a foregone conclusion given the fate of Nazi Germany, which was a much lesser threat to world peace than the aggressive, capricious, avaricious, nuclear-armed, fanatical, vengeful, goy-hating State of Israel.

   One last point: you refer in your essay to the "Holocaust of Six Million Jews." You must know that you are mouthing a long-discredited canard that does not survive even the most cursory forensic or demographic analysis. It has been repudiated by reputable Holocaust scholars and many Jewish authorities as well. It is no longer used in good faith, except as an example of mendacious Zionist chutzpah.

Ian Macdonald


Steven Plaut Responds: There is a weakness on the part of so many Israeli and American Jewish leftists who like to delude themselves that vicious anti-Semitism has something to do with Israeli settlements and "occupation."
It is always refreshing to read what the anti-Semites themselves have to say in the letters they crayon for themselves.
I think Israelis should be required to read these letters, such as the crank mail The Jewish Press has been receiving following my article on the Rachel Corrie affair. (And the letters included here are really the least vulgar and obscene that came in.) Obviously, these letter writers are not people who simply prefer one set of Israeli policies over another.
I wonder how the Corrie parents and their boosters feel about being the focus of support from such gutter anti-Semites, drooling over their keyboards while they try to sound out the spellings for their bleatings.
Among those sending us infantile yammerings are Roger Tucker, who claims he's Jewish and writes articles on hard-left websites about how Israel should be exterminated and how Zionism is a form of Nazism.
Then there is the conspiracist neo-Nazi from the 911 "truth" cult," the first "anonymous"; meanwhile "anonymous" number two feels all the world's problems stem from the Talmud. Lief Oldhart thinks Israel is a pirate state that should be dismantled, but does not volunteer to show Israel the way to go by packing up and leaving the occupied Indian lands on which he lives as an American settler and going back to Scandinavia.
And of course the requisite notorious Canadian Holocaust Denier (Ian Macdonald) rounds out the selection, leaving no doubt as to the origins of his anti-Israel mindset.

So here we have the Rachel Corrie lobby, mixing together far-left cheerleaders for terrorism from Corrie's International Solidarity Movement with the neo-Nazi stormtroopers and Holocaust Deniers of the crackpot Right. And the deluded, self-righteous Jewish Left will still blame all this Amalekite hatred on Israel's building some settlements in its own backyard and homeland.




2.  Noam Abu Chomsky and the Johad agaionst the Jews:


Noam Chomsky's Visceral Hatreds

By: Richard L. Cravatts, Ph.D.

Date: Thursday, April 08 2010

Noam Chomsky, who spoke at Boston University's Jacob Sleeper Auditorium on March 2 as part of the noxious Israel Apartheid Week and a guest of Students for Justice in Palestine, clearly lives in an academic netherworld of political fantasies, conspiracies, and intellectually imbecilic distortions of history and fact. As a result, the MIT professor emeritus of linguistics has become a widely known, eagerly followed superstar of the Israel-hating, America-hating Left.
The explosive power of Chomsky's animus for the imperialist West - Israel and the U.S. in particular - is only matched by his slavish affection and apologetics for the murderous despots of the Soviet Union, Khmer Rouge, and Viet Cong, whose barbarous excesses were in his mind predicated by the oppression and exploitation of the tyranny of Western democratic states.
If Chomsky's animosity toward America has been a defining theme in his intellectual jihad, an obsessive, apoplectic hatred for Israel has more completely dominated his screeds and spurious scholarship. Like other anti-Zionists in the West and in the Arab world, Chomsky does not even recognize the legitimacy of Israel, believing that its very existence was, and is, a moral transgression against an indigenous people, and that the creation of Israel was "wrong and disastrous . There is not now and never will be democracy in Israel."
Jewish power is a repellant notion for Chomsky, just as the hegemonic might he ascribes to the terror states of Israel and America is the scourge of peace - not, of course, the destabilizing barbarism of Islamism. The existence of Israel not only subjugates the long-suffering Arabs but is driving the entire globe toward annihilation, Chomsky suggested, using the image of Israel having succumbed into a kind of moral madness. Its very psychosis had become a source of power, and the exercise of that power would bring about global genocide.
"Israel's 'secret weapon,' " Chomsky wrote, evoking an apocalyptic vision, "is that it may behave in the manner of what have sometimes been called 'crazy states' in the international affairs literature eventuating in a final solution from which few will escape."
Chomsky denounces Israel's identity as a Jewish state as being essentially racist on its face, and decries the very notion of its Jewishness as necessarily violating the concept of social equity by being exclusionary and elite.
While he is happy to, and regularly does, ignore the murder of Jews by Palestinians, Chomsky never hesitates to point to what he sees as the perfidy of Israel and its barbarous assaults on its Arab neighbors who, in his socialist fantasies, wish for nothing more than to live in peace. He draws the perverse parallel between Israelis and Nazis so frequently in his writings that, to paraphrase the wry Professor Edward Alexander, he would be rendered nearly speechless if he were unable to use the epithet of Nazi against Israel in every sentence he utters.
If imperialism itself can be classified as a type of state-sponsored "terror," as it regularly is in the morally-incoherent universe where Chomsky and other anti-Western thinkers reside, then it is quite simple to suggest, as Chomsky regularly does, an equivalence between the murderous acts of Hamas and Hizbullah who attempt to address perceived grievances and the legitimate self-defense of democracies whose citizens are under attack by murderous, non-state actors. Once someone has equated the rogue terror of one party with the legitimate acts of self-defense by sovereign nations, it is possible, and indeed inevitable, that he or she will start investing both actors with the same moral, and legal, standing.
Chomsky's optimism concerning the political aspirations of Hizbullah is equally as ludicrous. In 2006, when he traveled to Beirut to Hizbullah's headquarters to meet with its secretary general, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Chomsky was naturally impressed with the terrorist's "reasoned argument and persuasive argument that [arms] should be in the hands of Hizbullah as a deterrent to potential aggression...."
As for Chomsky's friend Nasrallah, his lovely opinions concerning Israel and the Jews are widely known, including his view that Jews "are a cancer which is liable to spread again at any moment," but "if they all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide."

And in keeping with Chomsky's own pathological obsession, Nasrallah has suggested that, since the Zionist regime is nothing but a blot on mankind, "there is no solution to the conflict in this region except with the disappearance of Israel." That would seemingly make for a perfect world in Professor Chomsky's view, but what would he then write about so fervently and with so much venomous enthusiasm?




Richard L. Cravatts, Ph.D., is director of Boston University's Program in Publishing and has just finished a book about the worldwide assault on Israel taking place on college campuses, "Genocidal Liberalism: The University's Jihad Against Israel."


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