Friday, June 04, 2010

Some Comments on the Politics and Religion of Israelis


Sorry to be sending so much stuff the past few days.


I did want to draw your attention to something buried within that public opinion survey I posted earlier, something I myself had overlooked in the first reading.


I mentioned that so far, there have been no public opinion surveys yet (as far as I know) asking Israelis about the Flotilla attack against Israel, but I expect the first ones out to show support for the use of force by well over 90% of Israeli Jews.


In the survey that I DID post, there were these two questions:


What do you consider yourself

15%Very right

34% Moderate right

31% Center

13% Moderate left

01% Very Left

06 % Other



48% Secular

24% traditional

13% National religious

15% Ultra orthodox/National religious-ultra orthodox


Now, I imagine other surveys might find slightly different rates.  But let me draw your attention to this:  The Israeli Left (and this clearly includes the Labor Party supporters) today consists of about 14% of the population.  That is one in seven Israeli Jews.  Of those, 13 out of 14 are "moderate leftists"  - which I assume means they vote Labor.  Only 1% are leftists more than moderately. 


That residual 1% exercise complete control over the Israeli electronic media and over large parts of the country's universities (and courts).  It exercises hegemony over two of the four mainstream print Hebrew newspapers (in the case of Haaretz, virtually no dissenting non-leftist opinion is permitted).   By the way, I argued in the past that I think that at least half of the 6-7% market share of Haaretz consists of people who buy it for its business section and in spite of its politics, and the above table is consistent with that.  The other paper under leftist hegemony is Yediot.  The remaining two have more balance, although leftist opinion there runs above 50% of the total.  The Jerusalem Post in English is a separate discussion and read by few Israelis.


Note also that Israeli Jews today break themselves down about half and half between secularists and people who are religious or one degree or another.  "Secularists" of course often are people who keep kosher and light candles on Sabbath and hold a Passover seder.  "Religious" sometimes attend soccer games on Saturday.  Secularists also must be predominantly non-leftist in order for the numbers to work!!



Maagar Mochot Poll of Israeli Jews Inside Green Line: Palestinians don't

want peace 74%:7%

Dr. Aaron Lerner                   Date: 3 June 2010


Telephone poll of a representative sample of 513 adult Israeli Jews living

within the Green Line, by Maagar Mohot Survey Institute (headed

by Professor Yitzchak Katz) carried out 23-28 May 2010 for the Ariel

University Center of Samaria.  Survey error +/- 4.5 percentage points


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