Monday, January 10, 2011


(sorry for the saturaion of postings)

1. As you know, the Israeli caring Left has been all up in arms over
some calls to Jewish young women from a Rabbi's wife and from some
others not to date Arabs. This is "racism" they moo in unison. Avrum
Burg responded by calling for massive intermarriage between Israeli
Jews and non-Jews from all around the world (as we reported in an
earlier post).

Well, the best response to all this appears in Yediot's print edition
today (Jan 10) in an Op-Ed that is not on the web. The writer there
writes: No problem. You all want Arab young men to be able to freely
date Jewish women? No problem. I just insist that when they come to
the discos and clubs where they pick up Jewish women they should bring
their sisters with them to meet Jewish men.

2. An afterthought on the Gifford story. The liberal media are all
shouting that this will be the end of the Republicans and that a wave
of sympathy for liberal Dems will result from the shootings by the
Neo-Nazi deranged shooter. But what is actually far MORE likely to
happen is that the country will be swept with a wave of sympathy for
and identification with Arizona, including its having been the target
of a legal jihad by the Obama team.

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