Monday, January 10, 2011

The Israeli Leftist Media find some New "Incitement"

1. A lot of people challenged me on my claim that Giffords, the
injured Congresswoman, is not Jewish. Well, I was right and she is

(Unless you count all liberals as being Jewish)

The leftist media is going berserk, insisting that the map on a Sarah
Palin web site with marks in some states was actually a call to murder
Giffords because it showed states where the tea party people thought
their group should operate and challenge.

You may recall that some Rap group issued a disk with a photo of the
WTC collapsing two years before 911. So obviously that Rap group is
responsible for the 911 attacks in the "minds" of the Left. And then
Gerald Ford is also responsible for the 911 attacks because he said
"Drop Dead New York." Never mind that he never said that at all, but
then again Sarah Palin never called for violence against liberals.
And all the whiny lefties claiming Palin is secretly behind the
shooting have never had anything to say about leftist calls for Palin
to be murdered - such as here:

Meanwhile the Rabin-ization of the event is running amok, especially
in Israel. Yediot Ahronot today outdid even Haaretz in proclaiming
that right-wing and conservative rhetoric in the US caused the perp to
shoot Giffords, exactly like those nameless mysterious rabbis - whom
no one has ever been able to name or find – causing Yigal Amir to
murder Rabin because of their "incitement." As you know, non-leftists
exercising freedom of speech cause murder and so they must be
suppressed and incarcerated.

2. This photo should make your day:

3. I loved this headline on Ynet: "MK Livni blasts decision to
investigate left-wing groups, who say they 'have nothing to hide' "

So if they have nothing to hide, why are they wetting themselves over
the Knesset demand for transparency in their funding?

4. How dare Lieberman tell the truth!,7340,L-4011610,00.html

Lieberman: Leftist organizations support terror

Before probe has even begun, foreign minister already knows what
outcome will be. At party factions meeting Lieberman defends decision
to investigate leftist organizations, attacks right wing MKs who voted
against decision: Some people are bleeding hearts, betraying national
Attila Somfalvi

Last week the Knesset approved the Yisrael Beiteinu proposal to
establish an inquiry committee which would examine the activity and
funding of left wing organizations, but it seems that Party Chairman
Avigdor Lieberman doesn't need an inquiry.

During a faction meeting Monday, Lieberman said, "These organizations
are terror supporters whose only goal is to weaken the IDF, weaken its
resolve to defend the citizens of Israel."

Lieberman attacked those criticizing the inquiry committee decision
and said that there was "a lot of mudslinging and disinformation
spread around in an attempt to shut people's mouths. People tried to
make a false and fact-less presentation in the most aggressive and
blatant way."

According to Lieberman, the inquiry committee wouldn't focus on
leftist organizations like the Geneva Initiative or Peace Now, who
"have a political opinion that is entirely legitimate even if I don't
accept it." Rather, he said, it would focus on organizations whose
goal was to deter the IDF."

The FM went on to name the organizations he believes should be
investigated. "I'll begin with Ittijah - Union of Arab Community Based
Associations. It was founded in 1995, and its director was Ameer
Makhoul. The New Profile movement does not have a proper management
license from the Registrar of Companies, and its financial report on
donations it received this past year was not submitted."

Lieberman said Adalah - The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in
Israel – last submitted a financial report in 2007 and also does not
hold a proper management license. "In that report, the organization
said it received donations from abroad, including from the Swiss
government, but a letter written by its director states that the
organization did not receive any donations from foreign elements," he

Next on Lieberman's list was the Public Committee Against torture in
Israel. The FM noted that following Operation Cast Lead, when the
Goldstone committee was blaming Israel for carrying out war crimes in
the Gaza strip, its members were appealed to by some of the
organizations he had already listed and wrote "of the bombings aimed
at mosques, schools and homes, claiming that they were used to store

"The Goldstone report mentioned B'Tselem 56 times and Adalah 48 times.
According to Im Tirtzu, 92% of the quotes against Israel come from
organizations supported by the New Israel Fund."

Addressing leftist allegations of McCarthyism Lieberman said that
"some people are bleeding hearts and harm the national camp". "Some
leaders in the Right have become leftist proxies. They would do
anything to serve the Left, and are betraying the national camp," he

See also,7340,L-4009642,00.html

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