Monday, March 14, 2011

The Itamar Massacre a la the "ALEF" List that Operates out of the University of Haifa

One of the worst anti-Semitic "chat lists" in the world operates under
the auspices of the University of Haifa and from the University of
Haifa computer. It includes Neo-Nazis among its members.

We thought you would like to see the latest posting on this list
concerning the Itamar massacre:

"Alef Members on the Mass Murder of Children in Itamar:

Mon, March 14, 2011 [alef] a murder_a new colony_Alistair Cooke on
Permanet Temporariness
From: Mark Marshall <>
To: ALEF <>

As Dorothy says, we do not know who carried out the attack in Itamar.
But if it turns out that a Palestinian did it, whoever is unsure about
how to respond to the attack should ask him/herself how he/she would
react if this incident involved not Israel and Palestine, but two
other countries. Imagine if - just by way of example - Haiti occupied
the Dominican Republic and colonized it with Haitian citizens, and one
day 43 years after the Haitian invasion of the Dominican Republic a
Dominican entered the home of a Haitian family in a Haitian settlement
in the Dominican Republic and killed a family of five - a man and a
woman and three of their children, including a baby. How should
decent, principled people respond to that? The answer to that question
provides us with the correct response to the attack in Itamar."


The anti-Israel and anti-Semitic forum "ALEF," supposedly short for
"Academic Left," operates under the auspices of the University of
Haifa and using the University of Haifa computer. It is managed and
controlled by Prof. Avraham Oz, an extremist associate professor of
theater at the University of Haifa.

Here are a few other postings from the ALEF list:

Heading of Latest message to ALEF Members from Canadian Anti-Semite Ed
Corrigan (, who claims the Jews were behind
the 9-11 attack on the US, posted on ALEF on 12 March 2011
From: ed corrigan <>
To: Academic Left <>
Sat, March 12, 2011 3:16:37 AM
[alef] Zionist controlled media funds Islamophobia to create fear and
boost security contracts,

Marlene Newesri ( posted on ALEF on 28
December 2010
This is why I feel so adamant about Holocaust remembrance not being
observed. How on earth can anyone observe such a thing while
supporting Israel as a racist state and what it does to the
Palestinians? Just a few weeks ago, there was an article in Ha'aretz.
I cannot even find a word suitable that describes the disgust I felt
when I read it. It was regarding a top U.S. Rabbi who condemned Hamas
for attempting to ban a trip to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in
Washington to a group of Palestinian students I believe from Gaza.
No conscience, no shame, no ethics, no principles. Just completely
devoid of anything that would be remotely connected to humanity.

Tony Greenstein (, British communist
anti-Semite and convicted shoplifter, gives a bible lesson on ALEF on
17 January 2011
Before Israel attacked Gaza in December 2008 the Military Rabbinate
under its Chief Military Rabbi Rontski distributed a pamphlet to
soldiers encouraging them to be cruel. It compared the Palestinians to
the Philistines. I don't claim to be an expert in Biblical history but
as far as I'm aware, the Philistines and Amalekites were pretty much
considered the same and for whom the same fate awaited.
Tony Greenstein
[Isracampus: Hmmmm. Tony the Stalinist Shoplifter gets his facts wrong
for a change. Amalek and Philistines had nothing in common -
religiously, linguistically nor ethnically.]

Peter Attwood (, the anti-Semitic preacher,
joins the debate whether Israel was really behind the assassination of
John F. Kennedy. Posted on ALEF on 23 November 2010
Subject: Re: [alef] "Israel killed JFK: Vanunu,", July 26, 2004
The USS Liberty demonstrated that Israel certainly would have had no
compunction about knocking off Kennedy.


You can learn more about the activities of the ALEF list here:

I repeat that all of the above is being disseminated by the University
of Haifa.
Please take a moment and let the heads of the University of Haifa know
what you think of all this:

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