Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The New Israel Fund and Courtroom Corruption in Israel

1. For many years I have been posting comments on Israel's dual
justice system, where one system operates for leftists and the other
for everyone else. But this week one of the most blatant
illustrations of the dual system was reported in a scoop in Maariv.
The case involves a judge named Ruth Ronen.

Ronen this week approved the petition by the far-leftist anti-Israel
NGO named "Gisha," which ordered the State of Israel to release
classified documents related to the siege of Gaza and the people
involved in it. The petition demanded that the names of individual
army officers involved in enforcing the siege of Gaza be revealed, so
that these officers could be individually targeted. The judge ruled
in FAVOR of the petition. The documents in question, demanded by
Gisha, were clearly covered by the exceptions in Israel's Freedom of
Information Act, which reserves the right of the State to keep
information classified when it is releated to the country's foreign
policy, public safety, or national security.

The goal of "Gisha" in its petition was end Israel's siege of the Gaza
Strip WITHOUT the Palestinians releasing Gilad Shalit or ending their
rocket attacks against the Israeli civilians of the Negev.

The judge who issued the ruling against the state and in defiance of
the Israeli Freedom of Information Law just happens to be wife of one
Zeev Bergman, a leftist businessman. And Zeev Bergman just happens to
sit on the board of the New Israel Fund, which is the main funding
source for "Gisha." The NIF also finances "Gisha" through Shatil,
the NIF's operative arm.

In other words, Judge Ruth Ronen ruled on a petition that her own
husband was behind! She was obligated to recuse herself from ruling
in this case, yet she refused to do so. The ruling she made was a
political pronouncement, not a judicial statement. Maariv describes
the ruling as "judicial activism gone berserk."

Michael Ben-Ari, a Knesset Member from the National Union Party, wrote
a letter to the Minister of Justice and Supreme Court President Dorit
Beinisch, demanding Ronen's immediate suspension.

But firing Ronen is unlikely. It is almost impossible to fire a judge
in Israel, no matter how corrupt or incompetent or biased. Even the
Arab woman judge in Nazarath Court who endorsed Holocaust Revisionism
in one of her verdicts and pronounced there that all of Israel sits on
land stolen from another people – even SHE is still sitting on the
bench in Israel.

More on the case: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/143506

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