Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cinemateque Sedition

1. We have had occasion in past to comment on the anti-Israel seditious
activities of the Cinemateques in Israel. These are far-leftist
"alternative" movie theaters that are funded partly by the municipality
taxpayers, and screen things like the Goebbels-style blood libel film
"Jenin Jenin," and similar works of "art".

This week, the Tel Aviv Cinemateque is screening a film about Leila
Khaled, the notorious woman plane hijacker who was part of the early
plague of plane hijackings in the 1970s, organized by the communist PFLP
terror group. Take a look at this:
It is the film poster from the Enemateque-er-I-mean-Cinemateque. Note
how it sings the praises of the hijacker who "put the Palestinian nation
on the map" and calls her a heroine.

It is probably a waste of time, but the director of the Enemateque is Alon
Garbouz at aloncin@cinema.co.il
You could send him a cyber-moon if you sit on a xerox machine and scan the

2. A must read:

3. A blog worth reading:

4. Lighter side - Mensch in Tights (NY Post):
June 19, 2006 -- HE'S the ultimate American icon - tall, built, brave. And

But now, as Superman is set to fly onto the big screen next week, bringing
truth, justice and rippling muscles to a new generation of moviegoers,
there comes word that the Man of Steel has a secret.

The man behind the red cape is a Yeshiva boy.

Superman - Jewish?

"Only a Jew would think of a name like Clark Kent," says Brooklyn Rabbi
Simcha Weinstein.

"He's the bumbling, nebbish, Jewish stereotype. He's Woody Allen. Can't
get the girl. Can't get the job - at the same time, he has this tremendous
heritage he can't express."

Weinstein has just published "Up, Up, and Oy Vey!" (Leviathan Press), a
work that concludes, with scholarly authority and voluminous footnotes,
that beneath Supe's form-fitting tights, there lurks a circumcision.

In the book, and on his Web site, www.rabbisimcha.com, he outs the Jewish
roots of other superheroes who conceal their true identities - an
undoubtedly Jewish trait - such as Batman, the Hulk and Spider-Man.

Weinstein grew up in England as Simon, a boy who worshipped the
pop-culture gods of Indiana Jones and James Bond.

6. The Latest word from Israel's Cheerleaders for IslamoFascism:

The Coalition of Women for Peace
Invites everyone to an evening about

Wednesday, July 5, 2006
From 18:30 to 21:00*
In the Leonardo Hall at Kibbutz Ha'artzi House
13 Leonardo da Vinci St. Tel Aviv
Professor Moshe Zuckerman, Tel Aviv University: The characteristics and
history of Fascism
The writer Mohammed Nafah, Lessons from the struggle against Fascism in
the 1930s and 1940s
Dr. Shira Ohayon, Feminist and multi-cultural education as a way out of
Fascism in Israel
Tamar Gozansky, ex-MK Communist Party, Fascism in Israel today - Is there
any danger?

7. Comedy moment: A different sort of Plaut news (note who the writer

8. Israeli Left celebrates the kidnapping of the soldier:

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