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Maariv Editor Denounces Nazareth Judge for Holocaust Revisionism Comments

1. Ben Dror Yemini, the Deputy editor of Maariv, published the following
column this past Friday in the weekend edition of the paper, June 23, 06
(my translation). It concerns the Holocaust revisionist statements by the
Arab woman judge, Reem Naddaf, in the Nazareth court verdict that ruled
that illegal pro-terror activities by an anti-Israel extremist are
protected speech, but criticism of those same illegal pro-terror
activities is "slander". Here is the full text in translation:

Judicial Autism
By Ben-Dror Yemini

"Anyone today who 'dares' to recheck the events of the Holocaust and
its scale, from any point of view, whether it be human, historic,
scientific, political, or otherwise, immediately is turned into the target
for attacks and accusations of being an anti-Semite and Holocaust Denier,
worthy of being dubbed Judenrat or a Jew for Hitler.

"This phenomenon becomes buttressed even more when factual statistics,
data, or opinions and theories about the Holocaust are presented that
differ from the statistics about the Holocaust published to date or that
deviate from the known consensus.

"This phenomenon is in opposition to the principles of democracy,
which are supposed to stand firm especially in those cases where stormy
public debate arises about such sensitive and painful subjects."

That sums up, albeit in a somewhat palliated manner, the position of
the President of Iran, Ahmed Ahmadinejad, about to hold an assembly of
Holocaust Deniers in Teheran. He is, as is well known, a stout defender
of academic freedom of expression. Therefore groups of Holocaust Deniers,
who "deviate from the known consensus", together with some others, will be
assembling in Iran, and the 'truth' of the Holocaust Deniers will be
published for all to see.

Except that it was not Ahmadinejad who made those statements cited
above! These were all statements that were written by a woman judge in
Israel (Reem Naddaf of Nazareth court . SP), in her ruling in a libel suit
between two academics. The rhetoric that justifies and enables hooligans
and bigots to use "freedom of expression" and "academic freedom" in order
to promote their agenda has arrived in Israel as well. It matters not at
all which side is in the right in the specific court case. There was no
justification for these pronouncements about "departures from the
consensus" regarding the Holocaust, in which Holocaust Deniers wash their
filthy laundry, to make a determination. And lest we err, the woman judge
adds for us that she is simply not aware that David Irving himself is a
Holocaust Denier. She does not know that Irving was judged in Britain
and was declared a Holocaust Denier and a liar. She does not know that
this same Irving is now sitting in prison in Vienna for Holocaust Denial.

This woman judge is traveling down the familiar path of phony "rights
discourse". This is where automatic judgment is always relativistic,
where it denies there is any reality at all, only "theories". Actually,
most liberal freedoms are misused by fringe elements. In the USA, these
include the Neo-Nazis marching through neighborhoods of Holocaust
survivors in Skokie, and in Israel they include Kahanists who want to
march through Umm al-Fahm, as well as extremist fanatics like Azmi Bishara
who endorse "resistance" . meaning terror. All this in the name of
freedom of expression.

In Europe, unlike Israel, a red line is being drawn. Hence political
parties who oppose basic rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom to
organize, are denied constitutional protections for their own rights,
because these are rights that these groups would revoke if they were to
take power in those countries. This is called "democracy defending
itself". This is a worthy model for implementation in Israel. When it is
so implemented, instead of liberal rights being the captives of people
like Azmi Bishara and Baruch Marzel, those rights will be restored to
their proper position.

*** (To here, the article by Ben-Dror Yemini. All the above is HIS
statement and opinion.)

2. Pink Fraud:

3. Saint Ann:

4. An older NY Times piece on some members of the Academic Fifth Column
Eager to Place the Blame for a Never-Ending Conflict

Published: January 28, 2005

The attacks and counterattacks in and around Israel leave so many wounds
to heal and lives to rebuild that one task seems beside the point,
impossible even: assigning blame. Still, some bloodshed rises to the level
of war crimes in the eyes of various international observers, and a new
80-minute pro-Palestinian documentary presents a condensed argument in
favor of prosecuting Israeli leaders in the court of American public

The film, "Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: U.S. Media and the
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict," makes a relentless case against what it
sees as bigoted, brutal Israeli soldiers who demand papers and permits
from Palestinians who are merely trying to live ordinary lives. The film
casts Ariel Sharon, Israel's prime minister, as the decisive destabilizer
who has thrown the region seriously, murderously out of balance. Mr.
Sharon, the filmmakers assert, has crossed military and symbolic
boundaries in a way that seemed destined and perhaps intended to ignite
hostility. The film also finds fault with American broadcast networks for,
it says, minimizing protests against such actions and, in effect,
condoning increased violence.

The documentary was written and directed by Bathsheba Ratzkoff and Sut
Jhally. Mr. Jhally is a professor of communications at the University of
Massachusetts, from which Ms. Ratzkoff graduated in 1999. The two worked
together on a 2004 documentary, "Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear and the
Selling of American Empire," which explored similar themes of war and
media manipulation.

In their current film, on-camera interviews with academics and advocates -
like Noam Chomsky and Michael Lerner, the editor of the magazine Tikkun -
add to the Palestinian outcry that Arabs in the region are largely
ignored, mischaracterized and even demonized in the American news media.
This perceived lack of sympathy is described in conspiratorial terms as
the masterstroke of Israeli image-makers and message massagers.

Excerpts from American news reports are shown in which the word
"retaliate" is often assigned to Israeli military operations, while
"attack" is used in the case of Palestinian actions, when, the film says,
the opposite is often true. A former Palestinian spokeswoman, Hanan
Ashrawi, laments the honors bestowed on the Israeli dead after a skirmish,
while the Arab losses are barely noted. "You get the fullness of his
humanity," she says, noting American news reports of one Israeli victim.
"You learn a lot: his name, his hopes, his dreams." American audiences, we
are told, are also manipulated into grouping Arab suicide bombers in this
conflict with those adding to the chaos in Iraq.

Robert Jensen, a journalism professor at the University of Texas, takes
the blame game further, implying that American broadcasters are pliant and
reductionist. "In addition to the military occupation of the West Bank and
Gaza, Israel is also involved in an attempt to ideologically occupy the
American media," Mr. Jensen says.

As eager as the film is to measure American journalists' shortcomings, the
documentarians make little effort to detail diplomatic failures by the
Palestinian leadership. The conflict is known for many broken vows and
broken hearts on both sides. This one-sided account brings some
lesser-known offenses to light and advances a scenario that is bold and
detailed. But it is hardly dispassionate.

'Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: 'U.S. Media and the
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict'

Opens today in Manhattan.

Written (in English) and directed by Bathsheba Ratzkoff and Sut Jhally;
director of photography, Kelly Garner; edited by Kenyon King and Ms.
Ratzkoff; music by Thom Monahan; produced by Ms. Ratzkoff; released by
Arab Film Distribution. At the Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street,
Greenwich Village. Running time: 80 minutes. This film is not rated.

WITH: Loretta Alper (Narrator) and Seth Ackerman, Maj. Stav Adivi, Rabbi
Arik Ascherman, Hanan Ashrawi, Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Neve Gordon,
Toufic Haddad, Sam Husseini, Hussein Ibish, Robert Jensen, Michael Lerner,
Karen Pfeifer, Alisa Solomon and Gila Svirsky

5. The Israeli "Academics" Behind the Canadian Boycott Resolution Last
Israeli "Academics" Endorse the Canadian Boycott of Israel:

"As Israelis we express our support of the CUPE boycott of Israel, honor
your courageous initiative, and fervently hope that it will set an example
for many others to follow..."

-Jeff Halper, (A retired professor at Ben Gurion University)
-Ofer Neiman, (The Institute of Computer Science, The Hebrew U)
-Sergeiy Sandler, (University Instructor, Beer-Sheva)
-Tanya Reinhart, (recently forced to resign from Linguistics, Media and
cultural studies, Tel Aviv U)
-Elat Benda, (The Department of Philosophy ,Tel Aviv U)
-Yehuda Kupferman, (Department of French, Tel-Aviv U)
-Haggai Katriel, (Mathematics Department, The Hebrew U)
-Zvi Cohen, (Institute for Desert Research, Ben Gurion U)
-Roman Vater, (Tel Aviv University)
-Rachel Giora, (Department of Linguistics Tel Aviv U)
-Michal Peled Ginsburg,(French and Comparative Literatures, Northwestern
-Kobi Snitz, (Postdoc at Ben Gurion U, Mathematics Department, visitor at
U of Maryland, active in "anarchists" against Israel)
-Moshe Machover, (Philosophy Department, U of London) behind th eattempts
in London to indict Israeli army officers
-Amos Goldberg, (The Institute of Contemporary Jewry, the Hebrew U)
-Michal Schwartz, (Neuroimmunology, Weizmann Institute)
-Nomi Shir, (Foreign Literatures and Linguistics, Ben Gurion U)
-Uri Katz, (Department of biology, Technion)
-Anat Matar (Philosophy Department, Tel Aviv University)
-Amir Orian, (Visiting scientist from Technion at Fred Hutchinson Cancer
Research Center)
-Veronika Cohen, (Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance)
-Victoria Buch, (The Fritz Haber Center & Department of Physical
Chemistry, Hebrew U)
-Ruchama Marton, (Tel Aviv U, Medical School, Institute for
Psychotherapy), Neve Gordon's sidekick
-Diana Dolev, (Teaches at two schools of design. Her PhD dissertation
analyzed the militarization of Mt. Scopus campus)[id]=178&userid=3112&cookie_lang=en&the_session_id=b253a3762bd5969d2a75f86c40b1c5f2

6. For more information on the Israeli Academic Fifth Column, go to

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