Saturday, August 26, 2006

Shocking Likud Discoveries

Opinion polls in Israel are showing Kadima's strength falling dramtically,
with the Likud now polling well ahead of Kadima, and Netanyahu well ahead
of Olmert.

Well, let me tell you why the Likud should not be considered a reliable
and credible alternative to Kadima. No, not only because Netanyahu
behaved as the Wye's Man of Chelm while Prime Minister in the 90s, trying
to out-Oslo Shimon Peres.

The clearest sign that the Likud should not to be trusted with the reins
of power is the new initiative by the Haifa chapter of the Likud.

Let me explain.

A few weeks back you heard it for the first time here that the Hebollah's
heaviest katuyusha attack on Haifa had devastated a building owned by the
(predominantly Arab) HADASH communist party (which has quite a few Haifa
University Jewish profs as members), and was used as the editorial offices
for the Arab communist party newspaper. HADASH has never renounced
Stalinism. Many of the katyushas that fell landed in Arab areas and

The Haifa branch of the Likud is the fiefdom of one Itzhak Regev, who
currently serves as the commissar of the Haifa Municipality's
"Infrastructure Company", a city-owned enterprise. Regev has just ordered
the communist party building rebuilt and repaired at taxpayer expense as a
"gesture of affirmative action" (his term).

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