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Syrian Regime fights Syrian Regime Terror

1. Syrian Regime fights Syrian Regime Terror

So let us see if we have this straight. The Syrian Baath regime fights
and prevents a terror attack on the US Embassy in Syriaa that was launched
by terrorists from the Syrian Baath regime, and now of course expects
perqs from the US.

And who was on the spot to watch the whole thing? Meeting face to face
with Asad just as the terror attack on the Embassy was going down?
Why, none other than Knesset Member Azmi Bishara, head of the fascist
BALAD party of Arab jihadniki. Bishara, who has a long record of calling
for Israel's annihilation and endorsing terror attacks, was in Syria once
again illegally.

Yes, this is the same Bishara that the leftist Israeli Attorney General
has repeatedly decline dto prosecute for treason.

2. Please open the following web page and look at the heading at the top
of the page:

Yes, that is right. Norman Finkelstein, the mentor of Ben Gurion
University lecturer Neve Gordon, is claiming that photos of Jews
murdered at Auschwitz were in fact forgeries by Jews!!!

Neve Gordon compared Finkelstein ethically to the Prophets from the Bible!

3. Important piece - see original URL for photos:
The ISM-Terror Connection
By Lee Kaplan and September 13, 2006

As a front group for Palestinian terrorists, the International Solidarity
Movement (ISM) sends young people from all over the world to the training
fields of the West Bank and Gaza to learn from terrorists and to aid them
logistically. Stop the ISM has now obtained photographs of ISM leaders and
organizers holding AK-47 assault rifles. The images show some of the ISM
women disguised as Jews living in the West Bank and in the company of an
Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorist.

One of our volunteers in the United Kingdom for Stop the ISM managed to
infiltrate the ISM late last June in the Holy Land where the ISM operates
in direct support of terrorists. Our volunteer (who prefers to remain
anonymous to avoid retaliatory attacks) has had prior experience going
undercover for the police in the UK. The photos and intelligence he
brought back are proving invaluable to intelligence agencies watching the
ISM and have been in official hands for over a month prior to this

Unfortunately, neither U.S. Homeland Security nor the Israeli security
agencies have to date regarded the ISM as a serious threat. Some of these
ISM people in these photos managed to escape; nevertheless, arrests have
been made, and more are forthcoming.

In April 2003, Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that "ISM
members take an active part in illegal and violent actions against IDF
soldiers. At times, their activity in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip is
under the auspices of Palestinian terrorist organizations." The ISM always
tries to maintain the veneer of a .peace group.; however, ISM founders
Adam Shapiro and his wife, Huwaida Arraf, and Norcal ISM.s leader Paul
LaRudee, a man who Stop the ISM recently succeeded in getting deported
from Israel as a security threat, began revealing their true colors
recently by going to Lebanon to act as .human shields. for the Hezbollah.

Up to now, the ISM has been permitted to use our colleges and universities
to find recruits to send to the Middle East to interfere with Israeli
soldiers and border police. For example, every Friday, the ISM organizes
riots in the West Bank. ISM members openly boast about having been
arrested for vandalizing and destroying Israeli security fences and
equipment. In March 2003, fugitive Islamic Jihad terrorist Shadi Sukiya
was arrested in a house the ISM rented in Jenin. Two suicide bombers from
the UK met with the ISM in Gaza before blowing up Mike.s Place, a bar in
Tel Aviv, killing three people and wounding more than fifty in the

Here at home, ISM appears to blatantly violate 18 USC Code 2339a, a
statute banning going overseas to aid terrorist groups. The government has
also failed to enforce felony passport laws that are continually being
violated by ISM activists. This allows the ISM to function across
international boundaries. Rico Statutes in the US are routinely violated
too through a campus network. Emiliano, an American ISM activist in these
photos, was sent to the West Bank with money given to him by New York ISM
as a .grant.. That means a conspiratorial subversive group is paying to
send subversives to riot in an allied country in this War on Terror. When
I called the San Francisco office of the FBI three times to alert them
about information in this article, I was disconnected twice and the third
time given a voice recorder for the duty agent. Nobody called back.

Our Stop the ISM volunteer arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv two
months ago where he was immediately recruited by an ISM activist named
Emiliano, who was there from the United States. A young man like our
volunteer, Emiliano approached our man on arrival at the airport and asked
where he was going. When our volunteer replied, .Jerusalem,. Emiliano
joined him on a bus and struck up a conversation with him, recommending a
youth hostel in the Israeli capital near the Damascus Gate. Destination:
The Faisal Youth Hostel in East Jerusalem.

ISM activist Joseph Smith, alias Joseph Carr, has called the Faisal Youth
Hostel .ISM headquarters. in Jerusalem. Carr was involved in the death of
Rachel Corrie. Smith/Carr tours US colleges to drum up new ISM recruits.
Two of his acolytes with the ISM from St. Louis, Missouri -- Magan Wiles
and Jennifer Presson -- are also under scrutiny by the Israeli security

Wiles and Presson were both recruited in a Social Justice Studies class by
St. Louis University professor Mark Chmiel. Chmiel encourages his students
as part of his courses to conduct what he calls .insertions. to aid
Palestinian irredentists. (He also has a previous arrest record.)

Magan Wiles Joseph Smith a.k.a. Joe Carr Mark Chmiel

The FBI knowingly fails to act in the United States when the ISM breaks US
anti-terrorism laws by fundraising for organizations linked to terrorism
and even commits passport violations by teaching its members to create
false identities to elude the Israeli border control. Many ISM activists
deported from Israel have simply changed their identity to get back into
the country illegally and to try to wreak havoc. Yearly conferences are
held on American campuses to recruit and train new ISM members. ISM
recruits even within Israel.s borders.

Changing identities and countries of origin on passports are normal
procedures for the most hardcore ISM .activists.. This is something taught
at training sessions even at American universities despite US passport
laws making such actions a felony, such as 18 USC 1542. The Diplomatic
Security Service in the U.S., responsible for enforcing this law, has done
nothing about it.

The Faisal Youth Hostel, meanwhile, is managed by the main lead trainer
for many ISM .volunteers,. Hisham Jam Joun, a .former. PFLP terrorist
wounded while fighting Israelis in Lebanon over a decade ago. While
Israel.s Interior Ministry is responsible for closing down such a place,
including another youth hostel next door frequented by the ISM called the
Hebron Youth Hostel, it has taken no action against this hostel.

Once he arrived at the Faisal Youth Hostel, our volunteer was greeted and
brought upstairs immediately to meet some friendly faces -- leaders of the
ISM in the West Bank. These people included Gabi and Dave, both from
Ireland. Gabi is Swedish with an Irish passport and her husband Dave is an
Irish national. ISM activists use Irish passports frequently to enter
Israel, sometimes under assumed names. Patrick O.Connor, an Irishman and
an ISM-New York leader and organizer, has also used a U.S. passport with
the name Patrick Connors. Brian Malovany, an acolyte of Paul LaRudee.s, is
a US citizen and ISM trainer who uses an Irish passport obtained by using
his grandmother.s Irish ancestry.

Also properly introduced to our infiltrator were Camille, a Danish
volunteer, and Alan, from Scotland. All were affiliated with the ISM and
have passed back and forth from the West Bank to Israel. Miliano made
clear he is an American of Mexican heritage. Two other Americans joined
this entourage. One was an African-American named Jonathon M. K. Amayo
from the Los Angeles area in California and his girlfriend from Los
Angeles. Gabi was clearly in charge of the group our infiltrator attended.
Alan is from Scotland and entered Israel through Jordan, a tactic the ISM
is using more frequently since border checks used at Ben Gurion airport in
Tel Aviv tend to be strict. Only recently did the Israeli border control
begin noting in computers if someone had already been turned away

ISMers relaxing in a Jerusalem bar. The individual (far left) with his
face cut off was from Italy. To the right is Emiliano from the U.S. and
then (in the middle) an unknown ISM activist from Sweden. All boasted of
taking part in weekly riots in Bi.lin in the West Bank -- orchestrated in
the mosques every Friday by ISM anarchist activists and their Palestinian
handlers. Emiliano traveled to the West Bank on a .grant. from ISM-New

On his second day at the Faisal Youth Hostel, our infiltrator was invited
to accompany the ISM members to the Jericho Prison in the West Bank. The
Jericho Prison was involved in a recent military incursion conducted by
the Israeli army to arrest the murderers of Israel.s tourism minister,
Rab.aam Zevi, who was murdered by members of the PFLP.

From left to right, Alan, the ISMer from Scotland (in baseball cap), an
unknown Arab man, Camille, the ISMer from Denmark, David, an ISM leader
from Ireland and ISM pack leader, Gabi, a Swede who resides in Cork,
Ireland. The women are disguised as Orthodox Jewish women, even though
neither are Jewish. Later joined by Emiliano, they encouraged our
infiltrator to join the ISM at the Faisal Youth Hostel. Behind Alan
wrapped in white cloth is an arms cache containing deadly Ak-47 assault

Israel had an agreement allowing the Palestinian Authority to imprison the
killers. However, with the Hamas election win, the PA administration made
it clear it would not keep the killers jailed. Israeli troops in a combat
operation took the killers into custody for incarceration in Israel. A
special side note here is the fact that Neta Golan, one of the founders of
the ISM, actually went to the battle scene and interfered with the Israeli
soldiers. Golan, an Israeli anarchist, was arrested for approximately the
20th time by Israeli security forces on that occasion, yet she has never
been prosecuted or jailed long-term. She resides most of the time in
Ramallah among PLO terrorists. This is just another example of the
incompetence of Israel.s Interior Ministry in protecting the soldiers,
border policemen and ultimately the civilian population of Israel.

According to our volunteer.s report, he was greeted warmly at the prison
entrance by a guard and some other Arabs who took him and his ISM pals on
a tour of the prison.

In the middle is Stop the ISM.s volunteer whose face is hidden for
security reasons. To his left is a PA policeman or guard at the prison. To
the right is a man who has identified himself as a member of the al Aksa
Martyrs Brigade. Since a known terrorist is giving tours of a Palestinian
government .prison. in the West Bank, the link between the PA and
terrorists become obvious.

Our volunteer was escorted around the prison after by a man who stated he
was a member of the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade. During the visit, this man
also showed our volunteer a bullet wound on his left wrist and leg (from
the same bullet), the result of a battle with IDF forces.

David (far left) and Camille (far right) both sport AK-47.s as a
Palestinian police official looks on laughing. Our volunteer (seated,
center) was asked to pose with them.

According to our volunteer, .Knowing the situation I was in, I wanted a
picture of me with them, so I asked for a picture next to a Palestinian
policeman who was present. I sat next to him, and the next thing I knew
there were between four to six AK-47 assault rifles in the room being
passed about for us to have photographs with. The guns were on the bed
under the white cover behind Alan..

Our volunteer was encouraged to join the other ISM activists as they all
posed with the AK-47 machine guns next to the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade

Lest the ISM try to claim the individuals with guns and other ISMers in
these photos are not with the ISM, its own website features Dave from
Ireland and Julie Presson (alias Anna), mentioning they were .wounded. by
rubber bullets fired by Israeli Border Police during the weekly Bi.lin
village riot last August 25th. Magan Wiles was also .wounded. at the riot.
Besides the photo plainly showing Dave and .Anna,. the ISM web page
describes in detail all of their wounds and arrests:

Under Injuries and Arrests:

Dave from Ireland suffered beatings and a rubber bullet wound to the back.
Anna from US suffered injuries on her hand as well as 2 rubber bullets,
one in the back and hip.
Magan from US suffered harsh beatings with the baton, including one to her
head, resulting in a concussion.
(Emiliano was also listed among ISM injured in Bi.lin at a more recent
demo, though not on the ISM website).

According to Stop the ISM.s volunteer, .The ISM are sending young people
from all over the world to the training fields of the West Bank and Gaza
to learn from terrorists. In my view that makes the ISM and its leadership
a supporter of terrorism...President Bush said .either you are with us or
with the terrorists.. What better proof is there than what can be seen in
these photos?.

Gabi laughs it up while Alan, the other ISM volunteer who works at the
Faisal Youth Hostel, smiles with his machine gun. To the far right is the
al Aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorist overseeing the festivities. Real .peace
activists. don.t pose with machine guns in the company of terrorists, but
the ISM does. The above photo was shot at the Jericho Prison in the West

He continued, .After posing with the machine guns and terrorists, we were
given a tour of the prison to see what it was like. I spied on one wall a
photo of Osama bin Laden, where one might see a pinup picture of a movie
star in the West. We than left the prison and went into Jericho and then
got a taxi and bus back to the Faisal Youth Hostel. On the way to the
prison in the taxi I had to take everyone.s passports to show the Israeli
border guards at the checkpoint for leaving Israel. I noticed Gabi.s
passport was a photocopy..

ISM activists are instructed to photocopy their passports because if
detained by police they can try to escape in the confusion generated
during .direct action. demonstrations. Sadly, the Israeli Interior
Ministry is even too lazy to insist that original passports must be
presented to police. Magan Wiles was arrested at the Bi.lin riot and
released despite the fact she did not have even a photocopied passport on

He continued, .When I got back to the Hostel I got washed up and changed
and went with Alan, Milliano, the Italian guy and the Swedish guy to watch
the England football game against Portugal as photographed in the bar

.After the game we went back to the Hostel. I was showing a few people my
photos of the day and I showed the Swedish guy some, who then told a
red-haired woman who had just arrived about the photos. Apparently this
woman was a bigger fish in the ISM, because they went out of the room and
I know they where talking about us the photos to Hisham Jam Joun. I went
and took the memory chip out of my camera just in case they tried forcing
me to give them my pictures.. He continued, .They then sat us down and
told us we had to delete the pictures. Alan and Dave deleted theirs in
front of them and I just sat there with my arms folded..

The next day our infiltrator and an Italian from the hostel went to
Hebron, when our reporter .bumped into an Israeli-Arab Christian who
invited me to stay with him and his family in the north of the country for
a few days.. He accepted the offer and left the hostel -- and the ISM --
behind him.

The revelations of this article should serve as a wakeup call to the
Interior Ministry in Israel and the Department of Homeland Security here
in the United States. Our volunteer told me that guns were brought out of
the cache by the Palestinians present and that the ISM .peace activists.
were laughing and anxious to hold them. Do the hardcore ISM activists in
the West Bank undergo weapons training by the PLO and Hamas? One e-mail
sent to our volunteer by Dave from the West Bank contained an ominous
sentence in it: .Palestinians are growing tired of nonviolent resistance..
Non-violent resistance? Israel has experienced over 25,000 terrorist
attacks on its civilians since year 2000. Is the next intifada soon to
commence? If so, what will be the ISM's role in it?

Due to the bureaucratic delays of Israel.s intelligence services, Gabi and
Camille managed to get

out of Israel before being apprehended. Both are no doubt recruiting other
ISM activists back home in Ireland and Denmark, respectively. However,
thanks to our volunteer and Stop the ISM.s team efforts, Dave from Ireland
and Alan from Scotland are both currently in Israeli custody.

Huwaida Arraf, an ISM founder was recorded at two national conferences on
two occasions admitting the ISM works with terrorist groups like Islamic
Jihad, the PFLP and Hamas. She even wrote to the Washington Post admitting
as much. Paul LaRudee was deported after it was determined he changed his
name to defraud Israeli border authorities to meet and work with groups
that even he says might be affiliated with Hamas, he just .doesn.t ask
these things..

All these groups should be investigated -- perhaps even by Congress -- and
every college administrator in the country should read this article before
allowing the ISM to stage another conference on a US campus. Spread the

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