Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The RPG Solution

1. Peace Plan:
I would hereby like to propose equipping all soldiers at West Bank
checkpoints with RPGs. The reason? The call by the Israeli ultra-Left
"Yesh Din" for "internationals", meaning anarcho-fascists and other
anti-Semites from abroad running about in the West Bank, to defy the ban
on such people transporting Palestinians about the West Bank. The ban
went into effect because such "internationals" also tranport murderers,
bombers, guns and bombs.

"The order was issued by GOC Central Command Yair Naveh.
Officials from a few organizations, most of them United Nations groups,
told Haaretz that the issue was under legal review. The order, dated
November 19, is scheduled to take effect on January 19, 2007. In a letter
sent to the international organizations, the Israeli human rights group
Yesh Din - whose volunteers help Palestinians file complaints against
settlers - asked the foreign groups to tell Israeli security authorities
they would not comply with the directive, by which they must obtain
permits to drive Palestinians....Several Israeli organizations, including
the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Machsom Watch and Yesh Din,
have already announced their intention to ignore the order and say they
will not apply for permits."

Frankly I think this is all wonderful news, and the criminal behavior and
defiance of the law by these Leftists is a perfect set of grounds for
firing RPG rockets at their vehicles. That will solve one of the peskier
problems in the West Bank once and for all.

2. Neturei Pagans:

3. Isi Leibler proposes:
Winning the battle of ideas
The Foreign Ministry should pull together expertise from around the Jewish
world to help make Israel's case.
The only problem with the idea is that if the Israeli Ministry were really
to run this, it would be devoted to promoring Palestinian statehood, a
return by Israel to its 1949 borders, capitulation to the Hezbollah
demands, and the Saudi "road map".

4. 1993: Shimon Peres: "I am far more worried about the dangers of
infiltration into Israel of cable television than I am about the dangers
of infiltration into Israel of Palestinian terrorists."

2006: Avishai Braverman, Labor Party politician (and past President of Ben
Gurion University, personally responsible for turning BGU into the Bir
Zeit of the Negev), cited in Haaretz Dec 19, 06:
"I am not concerned about the nuclear threat from Iran but rather about
the flight of high-skilled workers from Israel."

(So far, Braverman's main economic plan has been to increase unemployment
in Israel dramatically by raising the minimum wage.)

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