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About the supposed "racism" of Avigdor Lieberman....

Well it is now official. Israel has an Arab cabinet minister. The Left
of course dismisses it as tokenism. Some on the Right were unhappy with
the idea. In particular, Avigdor Lieberman's party was opposed. The
appointment passed the cabinet unanimously except for Lieberman's single
vote against. The new minister is Ghaleb Majadele (Labor Party), who will
serve as minister without portfolio (meaning he does nothing), although
he wants to become Minister of science, culture, and sport, which would
still mean he would do nothing.

Now, the Israeli Left and the media have been having a field day attacking
Lieberman and his party as "racists" for opposing the appointmet of
Majadele. Amir Peretz, commissar of the Labor Party, has repeatedly
denounced Lieberman as a "racist". You would be almost forgiven if you
have been reading the Israeli press and were given the impression that
Lieberman and his entire party are little better than Russian-born

Well, almost forgiven. To understand the truth, you would have to read
the small print in Haaretz in a minor inside story.

Several years ago Israel was subjected to the Ehud Barak 2000 capitulation
to the Hizbollah in Lebanon, which as everyone knows created no danger at
all of Israel being hit with katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon.

As part of that capitulation to terror, quite a few Lebanese Shiites and
Christians who had cooperated with Israel in its erstwhile "Southern
Lebanon Security Zone" were granted asylum inside Israel, because it was
clear that their lives and the lives of their families were in danger once
the Hizbollah took control with Ehud Barak's assistance. Other Arabs from
the West Bank and Gaza who had assisted Israel in its war against
terrorism were similarly granted asylum, since the PLO militias like to
murder them. These were placed in homes in Israeli Arab towns where
their kids could attend Arabic schools. Until such generosity became the
focus of hatred.

In the early years of the 21st century, a series of demonstrations against
these Arab "collaborators" were held in Israel, by radical Arabs and by
anti-Israel leftist Jews. Some of these demonstrations were quite
violent. The protesters denounced those "collaborators" as traitors and
"enemies of their own people" because they were "guilty" of the "crime" of
having tried to help Israel fight terrorism. Haaretz at the time
was filled with denunciations of these people as "traitors".

At the time, I compared the
behavior of the protesters to an imaginary set of demonstrations held in
1945 against German and Japanese informants granted residency privileged
in the US as reward for helping the Allies against the Axis powers in
World War II, where the demonstrators denounce these people as traitors
and "enemies of their own people." Of course, no such demonstrations
were held in 1946 because there were no Americans so clearly traitorous
as to dare to behave in that way.

One of the organizers of the violent demonstrations against these
"collaborators" was allegedly none other than the new Arab cabinet
minister himself (see
A number of innocent Arabs were beaten by the pro-terror
"anti-collaborator" protesters and at least one was murdered. There have
been a number of calls to block the appointment of Majadele due to his
role in inciting the violence and a court petition against the
appointment was filed by a lawyer, Shmuel Zang.

Majadele also has a long track record of denouncing Israel for supposed
"discrimination" against Arabs (see

2. A story that has been making the news in the Israeli media concerns a
Jewish farmer in the Negev who shot and killed an Arab Bedouin thief who
had broken into his property. The farmer, a religious Jew named Shay
Dromi, raises sheep and shot the thief while the latter and three
business associates were trying to steal some sheep. The Israeli leftist
Prosecutor's Office
ordered that the Jewish farmer be prosecuted for manslaugter and jailed
for many years, as many as 20 years. The Prosecutor at first considered
indicting the farmer for murder. Had the thief been a Jew or the
farmer an Arab (or both), it would have been open and shut justifiable
manslaughter and self-defense. Dromi also wounded a second thief. A
group of 4 thieves in all were trying to break into his property.

In a poll taken this week, 81% of the Israeli public (which is about 20%
Arab) indicated they think Dromi was entirely justified in shooting the
thief. But Israel's Prosecutor cares not a fig for either natural rights
nor for public opinion. 87% of those polled said the cops cannot be
relied upon to stop thieves.

Israel's Left is also aghast. How dare a Jew fire at a group of four
Arab criminals? After all, Arabs are oppressed so it is their right to
steal, right? The Jews owe it to them.

For an excellent legal analysis of this (alas, only in Hebrew), see,7340,L-3355718,00.html
Roy Bean, where are you when we really need you east of the Pecos?

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Friday, January 26, 2007

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