Friday, January 19, 2007

Ehud's Eyelid Job

1. The missiles were falling on the Negev, fired from Gaza. The very
top officials in the Israeli Tax Authority were under arrest for
corruption. The Hezbollah was re-arming on Israel's northern border and
Iran was openly threatening genocide. Israel's army chief of staff
resigned in disgrace for the fiasco of the war this past summer.

And what was Prime Minister Ehud Olmert up to in the midst of all

Why, he was getting himself an "eyelid job". In order to change his
image from one of a crooked, beady-eyed political hack, Olmert just
underwent eyelid surgery, to make him look nicer. And who paid for this
cosmetic surgery? The press was not telling. Perhaps it was the same
group of business cronies who were involved in Olmert's shady dealings in
real estate or in the "bank privatization affair," for which Israel's
Attorney General has now decided to indict Olmert.

And just as it looked like Olmert could not mess things up any worse
than he already had, the media broke the story that he and his mates had
been secretly negotiating a deal with Syria. Under the proposed deal
Israel would reward Syria for 70 years of aggression and so would return
to its pre-1967 borders, those same borders once described by Abba Eban as
"Auschwitz borders". Will Olmert now blink his new lids when it comes to
the Golan?

A "deal" for a "return" of the Golan Heights to Syria was almost
signed by Ehud Barak in 2000, in large part the initiative of Israeli
capitulationist diplomat Itamar Rabinovich (currently serving as President
of Tel Aviv University). Had it been concluded, that deal would have
moved Syrian armed forces right up to the shores of the Sea of Galilee,
the Syrian military would have taken up new positions threatening Israel,
and Israel's very existence could have been endangered if a new all-out
war were to break out.

Instead of striking a poorly-conceived deal with Syria to take
attention away from his sleaze, perhaps it would be better if Mr. Olmert
were to stay home and work some more on his eyelids.....

(More to follow)

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