Sunday, January 21, 2007

Et tu, Bar Ilan?

1. In-classroom indoctrination at Bar-Ilan?

Bar-Ilan University is usually not high up on anyone's list of centers
for academic sedition and radicalism in Israel. A bit like the plagues of
Egypt passing over the Land of Goshen, leftwing academic extremism is
unusual at Bar-Ilan. Nevertheless, there are some far-leftist
anti-Zionist crackpots on the faculty there.

One Bar Ilan course is the focus of a news item that appeared in the
weekly "Besheva" on Jan 18, 07.

A number of students taking a course on "Social Deviation" in the
School of Social Work at Bar Ilan complained when the examination they
were given contained anti-Zionist political content, in a shallow attempt
at in-classroom indoctrination. One question on the exam required the
students to comment on the writings of one "Dr. Merton", evidently the
extremist anti-Israel leftist Ruhama Merton, who co-authors political
screeds with Neve Gordon accusing Israel of being a terrorist state. The
question on the exam tested whether the students knew why "Dr. Merton"
says that Jewish settlers uproot and vandalize the olive trees of po'
Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, given several multiple choice
options written in post-modern gibberish. The exam was prepared by the
lecturer in the course, one Dr. Alan (Aharon) York, not usually on the
radar screen that shows up radicals. Students in the course claim that at
Bar-Ilan, rightwing opinion is political, while leftwing opinion is simply
professional and academic insight. York later apologized.

York's email address is

2. You will be happy to hear that this past week Israel transferred 100
million dollars to the Hamas-controlled "Palestinian Authority". These
funds will be used to murder Jews.
It is nice to know that Israeli schools and hospitals have a surplus of
funding and so the government decided to dump the extra funds on the

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4. Brandeis jihadniks cave in:

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6. Why can't Israeli politicians understand this?

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