Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Three new victims of Olso Stupidity

Emi Elmaliah and Michael Ben Sa'adon decided to open a small neighborhood
bakery when they were released from the Israeli army. Young, married,
with children, they had a modest dream, to make a living selling bread in
a quiet residential neighborhood in Eilat. They and their only employee,
Israel Zamalloa, a Jew from Peru, were murdered when a Palestinian peace
partner of Ehud Olmert blew up their bakery. Naturally, the mother of the
murderer was ecstatic that her son had died murdering Jewish civilians
(see ). The three
victims became the latest victims of the Oslo "peace process".

A completely unexpected attack, the media are telling us. Who could have
possibly known that such a killer could simply walk into Israel across its
border with Egypt? How could anyone possibly have known it was so easier
to walk across the border?

How indeed. Well, for one, 300 Sudanese knew, as did anyone in Israel who
had read a newspaper or watched TV over the past few months. Sudanese
refugees from Darfur who entered Egypt simply walked to the border with
Israel and then walked across, entering Israel with not so much as a
challenge by a border patrolman to show their papers. No doubt the
Sudanese chose the wide-open Egyptian-Israel border because infiltrating
Libya from Egypt can be a real problem you see, what with the guarded
border THERE and all. The Israeli media have been filled with stories
about those Sudanese, with public debates as to what to do with them. But
after those news stories of the Sudanese simply walking into Israel across
the undefended border with Egypt, it seems that the only people left in
the entire country who were NOT aware that the border with Egypt was
unsecured were Israel's Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and army chief
of staff.

Who else knew of the unsecured porous border? Well, every drug smuggler
in the country and every prostitute who entered Israel in the past few
decades. The latter "working girls" are mostly Eastern Europeans who fly
to Egypt and then stroll across the border to practice their "profession".
The bomber of Eilat had exited the Gaza Strip into Sinai via one of those
countless tunnels that Olmert is too cowardly to demolish because one
would have to knock down a few houses of "Palestinians" to get at them.
The murderer was driven down the Sinai to a nice place for a winter stroll
into Israel.

SO after the atrocity in Eilat (the murderer, by the way, was actually
trying to get to Haifa to blow himself up), all the politicians are
whining about how expensive it would have been to secure the border with
Egypt. You know, barbed wire and "nanny cameras" really cost...

2. Polls here are showing that more Israelis believe President Moshe
Katsav about the charges of "rape" and hanky-panky being filed against him
by the Prosecutor's Office than the number who believe the Prosecutor's
charges. This, despite a year's long media campaign leaking stories about
what President Katsav is supposed to have done.

Now Katsav is innocent until proven guilty and here is not the place to
state my own subjective take on what he may have done. But the fact that
more Israelis disbelieve the leftist Prosecutor's Offices than believe
them might just have something to do with the naked leftist bias
manifesting itself every day in the behavior of the Attorney General,
including the prosecution for manslaughter of farmer Shay Dromi for
defending his property from Arab thieves and the long track record of
indicting and jailing anti-Oslo protesters under a variety of charges,
including teenage girls.

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