Tuesday, April 24, 2007

About that "Apartheid Wall"

About the "Apartheid Wall"
by Steven Plaut
6 Iyar 5767, 4/24/2007

Anti-Semites have been whining about Israel's "Apartheid Wall".

In recent months, instead of screaming "Butcher all Jews," the
anti-Semites have been whining about Israel's "Apartheid Wall". It is an
"Apartheid Wall," because it makes it harder for Arab terrorists to murder
Jewish civilians, and the people who oppose the wall all support mass
murder of Jews. Even seemingly respectable people, like Professor Juan
Cole, an Israel-basher whose attempt to take a job at Yale was blocked
last year by a sudden attack of common sense, these days calls it the
"Apartheid Wall." Juan of a Kind has never bothered to mention on his web
site that the wall was constructed to stop Palestinian mass murderers.
An irrelevant detail.

Basically, anyone who refers to Israel's wall as an "Apartheid Wall"
should be regarded as a pro-terror, pro-murder anti-Semitic slimeball.

Now comes a story about another security wall, one the moonbatocracy is
not labelling a "Apartheid Wall" (yet). Seems that the US is now building
a wall to keep the Sunni and Shiite terrorists in Baghdad from murdering
one another. The Islamofascists are already complaining about it because
if the bloodshed in Baghdad were to drop, how would they organize the
entire Middle East in anti-Americanism. It might even disarm the
anti-American campus Left in the US!

So building gated neighborhoods to keep Sunnis and Shiites from being
murdered seems to be legit. But preventing Jewish children from being
murdered is an act of racism and imperialism.

Here's a thought. How about instead of an "Apartheid Wall" Israel builds
an "Anti-Apartheid Gallows," on which Arab and Jewish traitors may be
hanged with fraternity and egalitarian compassion, and no artificial
barrier separating them?

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