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Azmi Bishara's Buddies at the NIF

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Bishara's Ties with the New Israel Fund
Azmi Bishara is the Arab fascist Knesset Member who has made a career out
of running to Syria and Lebanon where he hugs terrorists and calls for
Israel to be annihlated. Those Israeli politicians who let him back in the
country should have been tarred and feathered. Bishara's desire to see
Israel annihilated has never been strong enough though for him to give up
his nice Knesset perqs. Within the past two weeks, Bishara fled Israel
ahead of the subpoenas for treason that were expected to be issued

I think the most fascinating aspect of the new Azmi Bashara Affair is his
intimate connection with the New Israel Fund (NIF). The NIF has long
divided its resources between funding Israeli PC goofiness and funding
Israeli anti-Israel treason.

Bashara is a Knesset Member from one of the Arab Stalinist-Fascist parties
in Israel. Bashara has a long history of calling for escalated terrorist
activity against Jews. That of course is all protected free speech in
post-survivalist Israel. He has never been prosecuted for treason, unlike
Oswald Mosley in Britain during the 1940s. (Mosley was the head of the
pro-Nazi British fascists. Mosley, unlike Bashara, spent the war in
prison. Put there by Churchill. (Of course Israel has been ruled by a
series of Neville Chamberlains.)

When Yitzhak Rabin died, Bashara denounced him as a "mass murderer". The
Attorney General did nothing, preferring instead to throw into jail all
those Jews who said "Got his comeuppance" about Rabin.

Now you may recall that years back the New Israel Fund adopted Bashara as
its official mascot. The New Israel Fund is a leftist Tikkunesque fund in
the US that raises money for politically correct causes in Israel,
including Arab terrorism and treason. It funds gay groups, religious
"pluralism" groups, but its main contribution is to funnel money into the
countless tiny Marxist or communist-front "peace" groups, which would not
exist without the New Israel Fund, and so on. It paid the legal bills for
the defense of arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti.

The "New Israel" that the New Israel Fund seeks to fund is in fact
"Palestine. "

About 10 years back, the New Israel Fund managed to hornswaggle the
Smithsonian Institute into letting IT organize festivities to mark
Israel.s 50th anniversary as an independent state. And who do you think
the NIF decided should represent Israel? None other than Azmi Bashara, of
course!! Just a typical sabra, kova tembel and all, eating felafel and

Of course Bashara is as representative of Israel as the NIF is of US
Jewry. The New Israel Fund in fact planned to invite several others to
stage one of those familiar Jewish-Arab unity events in which Jewish
leftists join Arab fascists in calling for Israel to be destroyed.

At the time, the valiant Americans for a Safe Israel had a word in the ear
of the Smithsonian, which - once it discovered who and what the New Israel
Fund actually was - cancelled the taxpayer-funded jihad. The Tikkunies of
the New Israel Fund then threw a tantrum and screamed about "McCarthyism"
and suppression of free speech.

The Empty Rage of Jewish 'Progressives'
By: Kenneth Levin

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5. April 17, 2007
Hezbollah's German Helpers
April 17, 2007

Hezbollah arrived in the European Union back in the 1980s, along with
refugees from the civil war in Lebanon. Despite its deadly track record
and a 2005 European Parliament resolution recommending the banning of the
Iranian-funded group, it is still legal on the Continent. France, Spain,
Belgium and Sweden prevent the EU from jointly designating Hezbollah as a
terrorist organization.

Holding currently both the E.U. and G-8 presidencies, Berlin would be in a
strong position to head the fight against an organization dedicated to the
destruction of Israel and the replacement of Lebanon's fragile democracy
with a Tehran-backed Islamic state. So far, however, Germany has
squandered this unique opportunity to push for a Hezbollah ban. Berlin's
passivity is consistent with its tolerant approach toward the "Party of
God" over the past two decades.

While under the watchful eye of German law enforcement and intelligence,
Hezbollah enjoys significant operational freedom. In the late 1990s, for
example, it was able to recruit in Germany Steven Smyrek, a German convert
to Islam, and train him in Lebanon as a suicide bomber. He was luckily
arrested at Tel Aviv airport before he could blow up Israeli civilians.

German security services believe that about 900 Hezbollah core activists
are in the country and regularly meet in 30 cultural community centers and
mosques. These activists financially support Hezbollah in Lebanon through
fund-raising organizations, such as the "Orphans Project Lebanon
Association." This harmless-sounding charity belongs to the Lebanese
"al-Shahid (the Martyr) Association," which is part of the Hezbollah
network that supports the families of militia fighters and suicide

According to a German government report from February, the attitude of
Hezbollah supporters in Germany "is characterized by a far-reaching,
unlimited acceptance of the ideology and policy (of Hezbollah)." Berlin is
also aware that representatives of Hezbollah's "foreign affairs office" in
Lebanon regularly travel to Germany to give orders to their followers.

* * *
So why does the German government tolerate these activities?

First, the Hezbollah leadership in Beirut recognizes the value of a German
safe haven. It demands that Hezbollah followers carefully obey German law,
which Berlin claims they do "to a large extent." Experience from attacks
in the U.S., Britain and elsewhere suggest, though, that terrorists follow
the law up and until the point they decide to strike.

Second, too many Germany policymakers uncritically accept the idea that
there is supposedly a political Hezbollah -- an Islamist but legitimate
movement independent of those Hezbollah terrorists who have murdered
hundreds of people around the world. To believe that fairy tale, they even
ignore Hezbollah's own words. As Mohammed Fannish, member of the
"political bureau" of Hezbollah and former Lebanese energy minister put it
in 2002: "I can state that there is no separating between Hezbollah's
military and political arms."

Hezbollah's leadership, the Shurah Council, controls the totality of its
activities -- social, political and what it calls "military." Funding for
Hezbollah is fungible: Money collected in Germany supposedly for social
and political causes frees up funds for terrorist attacks.

In ignoring the threat from Hezbollah, the German government puts hope
above experience. While it tries to spare German citizens from the wrath
of Hezbollah, it plays down the danger of a group that seeks to destroy
both Lebanese democracy and the Jewish state. In the end, this approach
also compromises the safety of German citizens. On July 31, 2006, two
Lebanese students, Yussuf Mohammed El Hajdib and Jihad Hamad, placed bombs
hidden in suitcases on two regional trains in Germany, but they failed to
go off. Germany's federal law enforcement agency concluded that a
successful explosion would have resulted in a tragedy on par with the
London subway attacks of July 2005. The two suspects said they wanted to
take revenge for the Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed.

Just four month earlier, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah repeatedly
urged Muslims on Hezbollah's TV-station al-Manar "to take a decisive
stand" in the cartoon controversy. He said that he is certain that,
"...not only millions, but hundreds of millions of Muslims are ready and
willing to sacrifice their lives in order to defend the honor of their
Prophet. And you are among them." The German federal prosecutor is still
investigating the organizational affiliations of the two Lebanese terror

What is well established already is that al-Manar broadcasts into Germany
(and the rest of Europe), the Middle East and North Africa. While eight
out of 10 satellite providers (including four European) have dropped
al-Manar, ARABSAT, majority-owned by the Saudi government, and Nilesat,
owned by the Egyptian government, continue these broadcasts. Hezbollah
TV's deadly mix of racial hatred, anti-Semitism, glorification of
terrorism and incitement to violence are popular among Arabic-speaking
youth in Europe. Young Muslims in Berlin recently asked in a German TV
show to explain their hatred of the U.S. and Jews cited al-Manar as one of
their primary sources of information.

In the past, the German government has shown strong resolve when it saw a
threat to German security. It banned the Hamas "charity" al-Aqsa as well
as the radical Sunni Islamist Hizb-ut Tahrir group. And it joined the EU
in designating the PKK, the radical Kurdish group, as a terrorist

Would branding the "Party of God" a terrorist group make any difference?
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah himself gave the answer in March 2005
when he told Arab media that European blacklisting would "destroy
Hezbollah. The sources of our funding will dry up and the sources of
moral, political and material support will be destroyed."

With so much power comes great responsibility to act.

Mr. Ritzmann, a former member of the Berlin State Parliament, is a senior
fellow at the Brussels-based European Foundation for Democracy. Mr.
Dubowitz is chief operating officer of the Washington-based Foundation for
Defense of Democracies and director of its Coalition Against Terrorist
Media project.

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