Sunday, April 29, 2007

Judge Posner on Justice Barak

1. Richard Posner is one of the most distinguished law professors and
judges in America and arguably in the world. He long served as professor
at the University of Chicago, is
considered one of the fathers of the "law and economics" school of
thought, was the chief justice of U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh
Circuit. His name has sometimes been raised as a possible US Supreme
Court judge. He has written numerous books and academic articles
( ). And he thinks Judge
Aharon Barak, who recently retired as Chief Justice of Israel's Supreme
Court, was one of the worst senior judges in the world. He is not shy
about saying so.

Haaretz today (Hebrew only)

) reports at length on Posner's attack on Judge Aharon Barak. Posner
calls Barak a legal buccaneer, reports Haaretz. Posner claims that he
agrees with Robert Bork when the latter characterized Barak as breaking
all records for judicial hubris. Posner's comments also appear in a
review of Barak's new book in the New Republic

Posner attacks Barak for his anti-democratic "judicial activism" and
claims Barak invented out of thin air and with no legal basis a right of
"judicial review" of laws in Israel by its judges. He compares Barak's
invention of judicial powers to Napoleon crowning himself emperor. He
accuses Barak of seeking to grab rule away from legislators for judges.
He warns American courts not to rely on foreign legal opinions such as
those written by Barak, because they are not based on proper respect for
democracy and the role of judges.

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