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Rabbi Melamed takes on the Academic Fifth Column

1. An interesting New Ally against the Academic Fifth Column in

One segment of the Israeli population is generally unaware of the
mischief and dangers related to Israel's academic fifth column . namely,
the Orthodox. By and large these folks do not take advanced university
degrees, and when they do it is usually at Bar Ilan University, which is a
relatively minor arena of Post-Zionist agitation. Over the weekend a
major article was published that may signal a change in this.

"Besheva" is a free weekly distributed mainly through synagogues over
Shabbat in Israel, dealing partly with religious issues and partly with
politics, in Hebrew only. It is nominally connected with the Israel
National News (Arutz 7) web site but seems to be produced independently.

This past weekend, May 17, it carried a full page article by Rabbi
Eliezer Melamed about Israeli universities. Rabbi Melamed is one of the
best known and most respected Rabbis among the Orthodox religious Zionist
movement. He is a respected "posek" or issuer of Rabbinic rulings
regarding religious questions (see ). He sometimes
also speaks about politics (as an example, see ). He heads
a yeshiva at Har Bracha in the West Bank. (Here is a short bio: )

In the weekend column, part of his article was devoted to questions
regarding college tuition and the ongoing current student strike in
Israel, which has lasted now for about 2 months. Melamed denounced the
strike and the strike leaders, and declared it unjust and immoral. But
then he went on to write a broadside attack on the leftwing "Post-Zionist"
faculty members at Israeli universities, who devote their energies to
demonizing Israel and denouncing Israel's legitimacy. He notes that these
are a particularly common plague in the Schools of Social Sciences and the

He writes (page 40): "We cannot support Israeli academia without
reservation. Too many things going on there are not in accordance with
our values. From the schools of social sciences and the humanities there
are emerging numerous voices that abhor Jewish tradition and values and
are the worst anti-Zionists, people who denounce Israel for almost every
conceivable and imaginary evil.
"The academic establishment does nothing to rein these people in. To
the contrary, these people enjoy every defense in the name of academic
freedom. But these are the very schools and departments from which we
should expect efforts to strengthen the Israeli spirit rather than vicious
attacks against it. Why should Israeli citizens finance the salaries of
such people?! To the contrary . let's have some REAL freedom of choice.
Those who wish to study with such people should pay for this out of their
own pockets, while those who don't wish to - will not. Why should these
people earn the same salaries as those in the natural sciences who
actually make contributions of priceless value to Israel?
"It will be entirely unsurprising if it turns out that forces from the
Radical Left are actually behind the long ongoing student strike, the same
Radical Left whose power base is in the departments of social sciences and
humanities at the universities. Have the students even investigated for
whom these people are working? Which hostile or foreign interests are
they serving? Perhaps tuition is nothing more than a misleading banner to
recruit students for their real agenda. For all these reasons, the
students should not participate in the strike."

From out of Jerusalem shall Torah Go Forth, but from out of Israel
Academia Monitor ( ) is going the news
about the mischief of Israel's academic fifth column, and it is reaching
important new audiences!

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10. Baruch Kimmerling, who just died, was one of the worst members of
Israel's academic Fifth Column. A far leftist anti-Zionist, an
activist in the Stalinist HADASH party, Kimmerling
wrote a series of books in which he literally invented "Palestinian"
nationalism and history.
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