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Sir Isaac Newton and the SHMA

1. In recent years, one of the most amusing "causes" of the Whacky
Secularist Left has been attacking "intelligent design".

The "intelligent design"
school basically argues that Darwin's theory of evolution is at best
incomplete because it does not explain how events whose likelihood is
infinitesimally small, events that should occur at random only once in
quadrillions of years (while the universe itself is nowhere near that
all), seem to have occurred all the time. That being the case, some
other principle or force must have trumped mere randomness in the process
of creation and development of life, including in evolution. I am no
biologist, Senator, so I wiill not attempt to review all the details of
the debate.

The problem is that the Radical Secularist Left does not see "intelligent
design" as merely an alternative point of view or even as a discredited
(in their opinion) school of thought. Instead, they see it as backdoor
"creationism", anti-science, and an attempt to short-circuit the
Constitution in the US to impose religion in the biology class. And so
they have set up an Inquisition against the heresy. There have been
numerous court petitions to prohibit even the mention of intelligent
design as a minority opinion inside classrooms.

In reality, the hysteria and ad hominem attacks coming from the radical
secularists against intelligent design are what constitute anti-rational
non-science and witchcraft. By insisting
that science is post-modern totalitarianism, they believe that anyone
who believes in anything religious or in beliefs outside the realm of
empiricism is a medieval archaic troglodyte. Never mind that empiricism
is in fact the starting point of the "intelligent design" "heresy." And
heresy is what the radical want the world to regard it. Who are the
real anti-rationalists here?

Now since scientific empiricism is the only legitimate form of inquiry and
thought in the opinion of the radical secularists, those who argue
otherwise, even if they are noted scientists, must be attacked, defamed,

All of which brings me to Sir Isaac Newton. Simply put, I want to see
what the forces of radical secularist intolerance and darkness will have
to say about Sir Isaac NOW.

Sir Isaac of course was the father of modern science and especially
physics. With the possible but not certain exception of Einstein, Newton
contributed more to science and modern thought than any other human.

But the radical secularists are going to have a problem with him.

This article at Haaretz
( describes
an exhibit of the papers and letters of Sir Isaac Newton now on exhibit
at the Hebrew University. Newton was not only a believer in God, but an
avid reader and researcher of the Bible. According to the curator of the
'"During the scientific revolution, religion and science were entwined with
each other," Ben-Menachem explains. "Scientists of the 17th century did
not fight religion; most scientific giants were religious. Newton was also
a very religious man and, as opposed to other learned people of his day,
he even believed in a personal God.'

Accordingly, he would be prohibited from teaching science in many a public

"Newton understood nature as a book that we can decipher, as the Holy
Scriptures are read. He considered himself a kind of prophet of the
natural sciences. In both these areas he looked for the hidden message to
be unraveled."

The papers include quite a few interesting things. In one, Newton had
evidently written in his own hand the phrase in Hebrew: "Barukh Shem Kavod
Malkhuto L'olam Va'ed", the verse repeated after the daily reecitations of
the "SHMA" (among other times). That is correct; Sir Isaac Newton either
wrote or had someone write out for him one of the basic pronouncements of
Jewish theological belief, in his scientific papers.

You can see the phrase in question here: and here
More information about the exhibit appears here:

Newton would scoff at the attempts by the radical secularists to demonize
"intelligent design".

I wonder what he would have to say about the British anti-Semites seeking
to boycott those who recite that same phrase at least twice a day.

2. Meanwhile Israel's own anti-democratic Left has a new jihad against
freedom of speech in Israel. Leftist "human rights organizations", the
sort that believe that Arabs have the human right to murder Jews but Jews
do not have the human right to defend themselves, have filed a court
petition to abolish freedom of speech for those who work in the State
Prosecutor's Office (see

It seems two lawyers for the Prosecutor's Office made comments about the
REAL agenda of several anti-Israel "human rights" groups that the Left did
not like. The two lawyers wrote to the court that "[the Association
for Civil Rights in Israel] and Adalah [an anti-Israel Arab lobby
grouyp] are
comfortable with the possibility of a prime minister, cabinet minister or
MP from Hamas ordering Qassam rockets launched at Sderot, [abducted
Israeli soldier] Gilad Shalit not being released and as many Israeli
citizens as possible killed, in the spirit of the Hamas charter, while at
the same time being entitled to reside permanently in Israel and to enjoy
National Insurance Institute allowances and complete freedom of movement
in the country." For more on the ACRI, see this

Haaretz reports that the comments were made as Hamas members in the
Palestinian parliament appeal against the Interior Ministry's revocation
of their permanent residency status in East Jerusalem.

So in other words, the eight radical groups filing the court petition want
to make it illegal for members of the Prosector's Office to tell the truth
and relay clear facts and unambiguous truths.

The groups filing the petition are all foreign-financed anti-Israel
pro-terror propaganda organizations: The Public Committee Against Torture
in Israel; B'Tselem; Amnesty International, Israel Section; Gisha: Center
for the Legal Protection of Freedom of Movement; HaMoked Center for the
Defense of the Individual; Yesh Din - Volunteers for Human Rights;
Physicians for Human Rights and Rabbis for Human Rights.

You may wish to write the Minister of Justice and urge him to ignore the
"petition" of these people and - instead - to prosecute THEM for insulting
public figures (a crime in Israel):

Ministry Of Justice - Head Office

Tel : 02-6466340/321
Fax : 02-6466357
Address : Salah -a - Din 29 P.O.Box 49029 Jerusalem 91490

3. Boycotters:

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