Friday, July 13, 2007

Odds and Ends for Weekend

You may remember the Labor Party's leading hooligan in the Knesset . Yoram
Marciano. He was in the news a few weeks back for assaulting and
battering some security guards at a night club wall Marciano was stone
drunk. Well, he is back in the news today
(,7340,L-3424942,00.html), this time for
illegally shaving while driving and then trying to run away from the cops
attempting to ticket him.

Ehud Barak provide the Hizbollah with the Equipment used to Kidnap

France Goes Vichy:
(France is not a country)

Baba Streisand Does Deutschland Uber Alles:

About those "militants":

Another Jewish Bimbette for a Second Holocaust

Haaretz running articles calling for boycotts of Israel:

Write to St Xavier about its Nazi Professor:

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