Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Shlomo Avineri takes on the Post-Zionists

1. When Prof. Shlomo Avineri
( ) takes
on the Post-Zionists, there may yet be hope that Israel will survive.

Avineri is the dean of Israeli political science. Basically a Labor Party
loyalist and a longtime sympathizer with Marxism (see
), he is left-of-center and has long been pro-Oslo. But he seems to be
coming to his senses slowly.

Avineri has a guest Op-Ed in Haaretz today in which he trashes the
"Post-Zionists." Titled "The Lie of Post-Zionism," it is available only
in Hebrew online (gosh, I wonder why Haaretz does not run it in English)

Basically Avineri argues that "Post-Zionists" are simply anti-Zionists and
anti-Semites, people who not only deny the right of Israel to exist but
also deny that there exists a Jewish people at all. They are obsessed
with the gibberish of post-modernism, and declare that Jewish nationhood
is merely a Zionist "narrative". In postmodernist Newspeak, "narrative"
is the term used to analyze everything even though it does not mean
anything. "Palestinian" nationhood of course is an unchallengeable fact!

Avineri says that Post-Zionists are simply recycling the old arguments of
the communists and the socialist Bund, the latter's leaders were by and
large annihilated by the Bolsheviks. (Actually most Israeli post-Zionists
are themselves communists.) The Post-Zionists wage a semantics war,
declares Avineri, trying to discredit Israel by constantly referring to
its land as "Palestine" and describing Israelis as colonists. They simply
promote the Arab "narrative," meaning the Arab lies about history.
Avineri says that little is left of communism (he himself was one of the
last analysts of the Soviet Union to realize communism was collapsing)
besides Post-Zionism.

All well and good.

But Avineri stops short of drawing the logical conclusions and applying
his logic to his own and to other universities in Israel. The simple fact
is that the Israeli universities today are in large part sewers of
Post-Zionism, with entire departments and schools under the hegemony of
the Post-Zionists, people who turn their classrooms into North Korean
style indoctrination camps in hatred of Israel and of Jews. The academic
Post-Zionists have managed to corrupt academic hiring and promotion
processes in the universities, so that Post-Zionist leftists with the most
embarrassing academic records get recruited and tenured, where academic
standards are trashed for the sake of promoting "politically correct"
comrades and intellectual fads and leftist agitprop. Avineri's own
department at the Hebrew University (Avineri is actually retired) contains
quite a few of these extremists and moonbats. Avineri proposes nothing in
his article to correct the situation in Israel's universities, nor to deal
with Israel's academic fifth column.

2. The Moonbatocracy in Israel is aghast. It seems some "rightists" are
calling for the release of Jewish murderers, including Yigal Amir
(assassin of Rabin), as part of the impending summer sale on Arab
murderers in which hundreds of Arab terrorists will be set free by the
Olmert government. See,7340,L-3420640,00.html

Leftists love setting murderers free but not if they are Jews.
Speaking of their love of releasing murderers:

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