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The New Dreyfus Trial

1. Bringing a Blood Libel to Trial

A New Dreyfus Affair

By Joanna Chandler | 8/29/2007


On September 12, 2007, Philippe Karsenty of Paris will present his appeal
of a judgment for defamation rendered in favor of Charles Enderlin,
Jerusalem Bureau Chief for France 2, the television station responsible
for airing the Mohamed Al Durah hoax which was adopted, at birth, as
official informatiom in nearly every corner of the world. Karsenty, editor
of Media-Ratings,, an internet service that monitors the French
media, questioned Enderlin.s veracity and challenged him to explain
obvious defects and inconsistencies in the Al Durah story. Initially, the
Israeli government had taken responsibility for the boy.s death, but later
concluded that it had reliable evidence that the case was a fraud. Daniel
Seaman, Director of Israel.s Government Press Office, openly calls the
alleged .murder. of Al Durah a hoax. France 2 is holding 27 minutes of raw
footage of the incident, which could resolve the controversy once and for
all. But it refuses to release the tapes. The trial court, finding in
favor of Enderlin, disregarded the evidence Karsenty presented. Instead,
the judge relied on a two-year old letter from former French President,
Jacques Chirac, that did not refer to the Al Durah incident at all, but
simply complimented Enderlin as a journalist. Politics aside, the evidence
stands on its own. Reminiscent of the Dreyfus Affair that occurred more
than 100 years earlier, few have stepped forward to assist Karsenty in
rebutting this lie.a lie with sufficient currency to defame every Jew
alive in the world today. It is not really Karsenty, the individual, who
is on trial, but the State of Israel and the Jewish people.for a staged
.murder. that the world chose to accept as true. Seven years after the
supposed .crime,. the lie persists as if it had a life of its own. But,
the real crime, the crime that did, in fact, occur and for which no one
has been charged, nor punished, is the crime of defaming Israel and the
Jews.a crime that has unleashed murder and terrorism in its wake and that
has compromised the integrity of every journalist and public servant who
has ever chosen to report the hoax as true. Some did so, deliberately, and
without shame. Some disobeyed their conscience and chose convenience over
honor. Still others went along with the hoax out of slothfulness, simply
failing to exercise the diligence required of their profession. None can
be excused for acting in good faith because the evidence was, and is,
clear and unambiguous.impossible to ignore. Moreover, the evidence is
substantive and overwhelming. The fact that the Al Dura story is a hoax is
apparent to anyone who cares to cast a critical eye on the unedited, raw
footage of the incident that has so far become available.

The Hoax and its Ramifications

On September 30, 2000, at the Netzarim Junction in the Gaza strip, Talal
Abu Rahmeh, a stringer working for France 2 and CNN, filmed an Arab
Palestinian boy, Mohamed al Durah, and his father, Jamal al Durah,
crouching behind a concrete barrel, and cowering from a hail of bullets
until the boy .dies. and the father is grievously .wounded.. France 2
Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Charles Enderlin, who was also the vice president
of Israel.s Foreign Press Association, hand delivered copies of a 55
second excerpt of Talal.s footage to all of the major foreign news
agencies at the Jerusalem Studio House. Within hours, the 55 second
abbreviated film clip was broadcast on France 2 Television, a French
government controlled and financed station, and subsequently picked up by
virtually every media outlet in the world. IDF soldiers were depicted as
the willful perpetrators of the atrocity. However, they are never seen on
film shooting at the pair. Strangely, they were accused of shooting at the
boy and his father for an astounding 45 minutes.

In reality, Mohamed al Durah.s .death. was a staged media event aimed at
tarnishing the reputation of the State of Israel, and demonizing her in
the eyes of the world community by depicting IDF soldiers as heartless
killers who deliberately target children.

The Al Durah hoax is a weapon in the hands of Israel.s enemies. It has not
been dispelled and continues to cause her harm. As recently as August 21,
2007, the French Daily, Le Monde interviewed Hazem Sharawi, the creator of
.The Pioneers of Tomorrow,. a Hamas television program for children that
typically incites hatred and violence against Israel and Jews. One of
Sharawi.s young viewers explains how The Pioneers of Tomorrow advises
children to .photograph the Jews when they kill children.. Despite his
diploma in education, Sharawi has no problem teaching Palestinian Arab
children to believe in lies. He says, .What we do only reflects reality.
Look what happened to Mohamed Al Durah (a young boy killed by Israeli fire
at the very beginning of the Intifiada) and Hoda Ghalia (a small girl
killed with six other members of her family in a bombing on a Gaza beach
in June of 2006).. The Ghalia family killing is yet another hoax spawned
in the wake of Al Durah. But the parentheses inside the quotation marks
are Le Monde.s. This internationally acclaimed French newspaper
mechanically passes on the two lies to its readers without question,
comment or criticism. In the hands of Le Monde, the path from hoax to
reality is a one-way street.

It is also an endless chain. Respected human rights organizations such as
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International eagerly pick up the baton to
accuse Israel of human rights abuse on the basis of groundless charges,
such as these, that are endlessly broadcast over the media. Arab
Palestinian violence is implicitly blamed on Israel, and measures that
Israel takes in her own legitimate defense are condemned as unprovoked
aggression against Arab civilians. The innumerable worldwide divestment
campaigns against Israel, academic and economic boycotts and other indicia
of pariah-hood are, in no small measure, due to her underserved reputation
as a major human rights violator.

The Al Durah hoax has spawned countless other staged or faked atrocities
that amount to nothing more, nor less, than authentic blood libels against
the Jewish people. The world media, by and large, accept them without
analytical scrutiny, indifferent to the falsity of their claims. Israel
stood accused of massacring 5,000 Arab Palestinians during operation
Defensive Shield in Jenin in the spring of 2002. The operation was
launched to neutralize terrorist cells responsible for a series of ongoing
attacks against Israelis, including the suicide bombing of the Park Hotel
in Netanya that killed and severely wounded dozens of people. Eventually,
the truth came out about Jenin. The Arab Palestinians finally admitted
that only 56 people had died, most of whom were armed combatants.
Furthermore, aerial photographs of the Jenin battle attest to the pinpoint
accuracy of the Israeli operation. It only targeted areas in which
terrorists were believed to be hiding. To further reduce the risk to
civilians, the IDF did not bomb the terrorists from the air. Instead, it
conducted house to house searches for the terrorists, thus greatly
increasing the danger to Israel.s own soldiers. Israel lost more than a
dozen soldiers in Jenin, soldiers who deliberately placed themselves in
harm.s way out of concern for Arab Palestinian life. Nevertheless, the
original charge of massacre, though false, went round the world countless
times, thanks to journalists and their media outlets who should have known
better, but cared little about the lies they told. The harm to Israel.s
reputation was irrevocable.

Moreover, the stigma attached to Israel as a major human rights violator,
even surpassing such nations as China and Sudan, arouses world
condemnation when she exercises her legitimate right and obligation to
defend herself against the unrelenting terrorist attacks perpetrated by
her Arab Palestinian neighbors.attacks implicitly justified by phony
atrocities, not unlike the Al Durah .murder..

Two weeks after the Al Durah hoax was publicized as fact, garnering
worldwide condemnation of Israel in diplomatic, media, religious and human
rights circles, two IDF soldiers made a wrong turn and inadvertently
wandered into Ramallah, an Arab enclave under the control of the
Palestinian Authority. The consequences of their fatal error are well
known: they were tortured and beaten to death in the Palestinian Authority
police station, and their lifeless bodies thrown out of the station.s
second story window to a throng of men howling, Allahu-Akbar.God is great!
They commenced to dismember and disembowel the soldiers. corpses, and then
passed the entrails on a platter to a hysterical mob numbering in the
thousands who rejoiced as they literally chewed and swallowed the remains
of their hated Jews. What is lesser known is that while eating the flesh
and blood of their victims, in satisfaction and triumph, the good citizens
of Ramallah chanted, not only, Allah hu-Akbar.but the name of Mohamed al
Durah! The supposed .death. of the child had become a pretext for revenge.

Shockingly, former President Clinton, writing in his autobiography, My
Life, referred to the carnage in the following terms: .As the violence
persisted, two vivid images of its pain and futility emerged. A twelve
year old Palestinian boy shot in the crossfire and dying in his father.s
arms, and two Israeli soldiers pulled from a building and beaten to death,
with their lifeless bodies dragged through the streets and one of their
assailants proudly showing his bloodstained hands to the world on

Evidently, the lie of Al Durah.s death had been repeated often enough to
be accepted as true by a former president of the United States of America.
Clinton equates the Al Durah lie, with the real torture, mutilation,
murder and even cannibalization of two young men whose horrific fate was
meant to avenge a killing.but a killing that had not occurred.

Moreover, the Al Durah scam, successful as it is, has set the pattern for
other famous pretended revenge atrocities. Daniel Pearl.s murderers
invoked Mohamed.s .death. as they beheaded their victim. Osama bin Laden
invoked the .dead. child.s name in recruitment videos before and in
celebratory fashion after 911. More recently, in June of 2005, a 21
year-old Arab Palestinian woman, Wafa Samir al-Bis, was stopped on her way
to blow herself up and kill as many Israeli children as possible at the
Soroka Medical Center in Sheva. She had been receiving treatment
there for burns arising out of an accident at home. When asked why she
specifically wanted to kill children, she replied that she was seeking
revenge for the death of Mohamed al Durah.

On September 30, 2000, two hours after the boy.s death was broadcast, by
France 2, A French viewer, Mr. Redoine T. posted hate messages to numerous
websites urging Muslims to kill Jews, any time, any place and in any
manner, in order to avenge the killing of innocent Palestinian children.
He was brought before a French tribunal the following year which cited
messages such as: .Muslims of France, support the Palestinian resistance,
French people, do not be an accomplice of the cowardly, Jewish assassins
and thieves who kill innocent children [emphasis added]. He says that
killing Jews by any means is good and he lists suicide bombing as a
legitimate instrument of death.

The mythical .martyr. has now been immortalized as an icon to be emulated.
Postage stamps bearing his crouched image have been issued in Jordan,
Egypt and Tunisia. A street in Bagdad and a square in Morocco bear his
name. Countless schools throughout the Arab world are named after him. His
image was depicted on a designer dress in Saudi Arabia. Arab television
programs in the Palestinian Authority and elsewhere portray him on his way
to heaven and exhort children to seek .martyrdom. with all its attendant
obligations and rewards: namely, the killing of Jews and the quid pro quo
of 72 black-eyed virgins.

On September 28, 2000, Ariel Sharon ascended the Temple Mount in
Jerusalem. According to pundits, journalists and statesmen, this is the
undisputed event that triggered what is known as the Second Intifada.
However, the world ignores the fact that the phony Mohamed al Durah
.murder. occurred only two days later. It was only after the Al Durah
incident was broadcast the world over, day and night, ad infinitum, with
sympathetic commentary from nearly all governments, that the violence
exploded in earnest.

Furious Arab Palestinian mobs attacked Israeli soldiers who were condemned
for coming to the defense of their country and its citizens. The Al Durah
hoax also inspired murderous rampages throughout the Arab/Muslim world
which directed blame for the supposed .atrocity. not only at Israel but,
also, against the United States. Al Durah.s name was invoked in hateful
demonstrations in Europe and the United States whose participants openly
called for the killing of Jews and the destruction of Israel and the
United States. Arson and vandalism against Jewish institutions worldwide
skyrocketed, as did physical assaults, murder and terrorism. Attacks
against Jews were regarded as .spill-over. from the Sharon visit to the
Temple Mount. But, the name invoked by the rioters was less often Sharon,
than, Al Durah.

The last few years have amply demonstrated that Jews and Israel are no
longer terrorism.s principle target of choice. Islamic terror justified by
imaginary victim-hood is laying waste to a substantial portion of the
globe, and its reach is growing. If the Al Durah hoax is bad for Israel
and Jews, it is no less toxic for the free world. The specter of raging
mobs whipped into murderous frenzy on the basis of false charges
propagated by government leaders and media institutions does not bode well
for the rule of law, the keystone of constitutional democracy. However,
the Al Durah scam lends itself perfectly to the model of government
practiced ubiquitously in the Arab/Muslim world: namely, corrupt,
authoritarian and ruthless dictatorships who posit an imaginary foe on
which to channel the public rage that would otherwise be directed against
themselves. We jeopardize our own freedoms by imbibing the unvarnished
propaganda on which such dictatorial regimes rely in order to maintain
their power.

Even so, Muslim rage is not only about politics. It is also religiously
based. Just as Islamic terrorists justify their atrocities on the basis of
religion, the raging, murderous, amorphous, Muslim mob gathers its forces
in defense of Islam.and against the infidel. One only needs to recall a
few instances in which Muslims rose up in defense of their religion: the
publication of 12 Danish cartoons; Pope Benedict.s criticism of Islam; the
false charge that a Koran had been desecrated at Gitmo. In fact, the list
of events that have triggered Muslim rage, even in recent years, is
endless. However, suffice it to say that Muslim rage is never limited to
words alone.or even to fighting words. It is always accompanied by
violence, murder, arson and terrorism.

Proof of the Hoax

Despite nearly unanimous declarations from media worldwide, it is clear
from viewing the film of the .shooting. that Mohamed al Durah did not die,
as alleged, nor did he nor his father receive a single bullet wound during
the time in which he was being .killed. and allegedly died.

Western audiences viewed a 55 second video of the supposed .killing,. at
the end of which news commentators dolefully announce the .death. of the
boy. The 55 seconds shown on television is actually 7 segments of film
pieced together. At the end of the 7th segment, two fingers appear in the
viewfinder, indicating that this last segment was a second .take.. The two
fingers are only visible if the tape is played in slow motion. An
additional 3 seconds of film exists.three seconds that television viewers
were deprived of observing. In this segment, the .dead. boy and his father
reappear. Then, something extraordinary occurs: The boy raises his elbow
and right leg, turns his head and furtively looks around, replaces his
head and elbow in the .dead. position, but appears to have forgotten about
his leg. He leaves it suspended in the air for the duration of the clip.

The two fingers after the boy is pronounced dead, plus the clip of the
boy.s movements after he supposedly .dies,. is widely available on the
internet for all the world to see. Strangely, there has been little
forensic, let alone, scientific and journalistic, curiosity about this
novel phenomenon. Evidently, the fervent belief in life after death
explains the absence of even a single collective guffaw.let alone any
critical analysis of why a .corpse. would behave in so untoward a manner.
Nor did the fact that Mohamed al Durah.s .death. required two .takes.
arouse any journalistic, or even theatrical curiosity.

France 2 retains 27 minutes of original footage which it has refused to
release. It claims that it did not reveal the footage of the boy.s
movements after he supposedly .dies. because it did not want to subject
its audience to the .agony of the child.. In fact, no such footage of the
child.s supposed .agony. exists.

Although, the boy.s posthumous movements should have pronounced the Al
Durah Hoax dead on arrival, there is no shortage of further evidence of
the deception. The Israeli soldiers are alleged to have continuously shot
the boy and his father from their guard post for a duration of 45 minutes,
with the intention of killing them. In the film, the Al Durahs are
crouched against a wall. Immediately to the right of the screen is a
cement barrel, topped by a concrete cinder block, also located against the
wall. The Al Durahs, the wall, and the barrel are in plain view of the
camera, and the Al Durahs appear to be using the barrel as a shield
against fire coming from an unseen location on the other side of it. The
unseen location is assumed to be the guard post from which, unseen
assailants, presumably, Israeli soldiers, are, allegedly, .firing..
However, the Al Durahs are concealed by the barrel and are, therefore, not
visible to the soldiers in the guard post.

Because the Israeli soldiers could not see the pair, they could not have
fired on them deliberately. Furthermore, even if Mohamed al Durah were
shot by bullets coming from an unseen location on the other side of the
barrel, by unseen assailants, presumably, Israeli, there should be bullet
holes on the section of the barrel that directly faces him. In fact, not a
single bullet exited the barrel from the supposed Israeli direction to
reach the boy. There are no bullet holes on the side of the barrel behind
which Mohamed al Durah is .hiding..

On the contrary, seven bullet holes were found in the wall against which
the Al Durahs were crouched. The bullets that created these holes appeared
to have been fired from the same direction from which the pair were being
filmed, that is, from a Palestinian position located behind the camera,
and not from the direction of the Israeli position, as alleged.

The boy.s father claimed that he had been shot in the hand, arm, elbow and
leg and that he suffered a crushed pelvis. He also said that Mohamed
received a bullet to his stomach that exited from the back. According to
the cameraman, Abu Rahmeh, Mohamed bled for 20 minutes. But, in the film
clip broadcast the world over, and in the additional 3 seconds not
commonly seen by television viewers, there are no signs of blood on the Al
Durahs, on the wall behind them, nor on the ground.

Three hours of raw footage from Reuters and AP, taken in the vicinity of
the Netzarim junction in Gaza, on September 30, 2000.the very same day as
the supposed .killing. of the dozens of Palestinian Arab children
attacking the Israeli guard post, not only from the ground, but from
adjacent buildings that looked down upon it, with Molotov cocktails, heavy
objects, including appliances, stones, and other projectiles. Many of
these landed on the roof directly over the heads of the approximately 20
soldiers inside. Surely, if they had desired to kill children, those in
plain view, lobbing their Molotov cocktails, would have been easy
targets.unlike the Al Durahs, who were not threatening the soldiers, were
not attacking the soldiers, were not visible to the soldiers, were not in
the line of fire of the soldiers, but were, in fact, impossible targets
for the soldiers.

Despite the attempted arson and other violent aggression against the guard
post, at no time are Israeli soldiers filmed firing upon the Arab
Palestinian children. The dozens of reporters and cameramen observing the
evil mischief of these .innocents. were waiting for them to provoke a
shooting incident. If the Israeli soldiers had fired even a single shot at
the children, it is impossible that the cameras would have missed it.
Indeed, they were waiting for nothing else! In fact, other than the phony
Al Durah .killing,. not a single Arab Palestinian child was reported
killed or injured by Israelis at the Netzarim Junction that day. It is
beyond the realm of possibility that the Israeli soldiers in the guard
post would have ignored these children in favor of shooting at Mohamed al
Durah and his father who were not violent, not present and not even
visible to them.

This raw footage, in other sequences, is rich with evidence of typically
staged atrocities and is widely available on the internet.

One can see a phony ambulance evacuation and a pretend battle in which
Arab Palestinians are firing into what turns out to be an empty building.
There are scenes in which men dressed in civilian clothing are instructing
others dressed in military uniform in the staging of heroic battle scenes
with nonexistent Israeli soldiers. There are faked injuries. Phony
.victims. are handled roughly and stuffed into ambulances while bystanders
smile and give each other .high fives.. The Al Durahs are seen crouching
behind their barrel while a panicked crowd runs away. In another faked
scene, a hoard of Arab Palestinians appears to be fleeing and scrambling
to get out of the line of Israeli fire while other Arab Palestinians
calmly stroll the streets, and go about their business with their children
and families. If all the others are panicking, why aren.t they? The
answer: They know the scene is staged.

Staging atrocities is a matter of common knowledge in the Palestinian
Authority. But, if ordinary Arab Palestinians know it, why do so many
journalists appear not to know it? Of course, the question is rhetorical.
Arab Palestinians can witness staged atrocities just by walking down the
street in their neighborhood. Ditto for the journalists who are there to
report on them. But, reporting a lie does not make it true. If the media
are willing to accept the implausible lie of Al Durah, any amount of
fakery can be concocted as true.

Recalling the words of a character in Leon Uris., The Haj, .there is
nothing like the beauty of a well-placed lie.. To the enemies of Israel
and the Jewish people, the Al Durah lie is well placed and very beautiful,
indeed. It has afforded them great satisfaction in the dishonor that has
accrued to the State of Israel, in the hatred that has been directed at
Jews worldwide, and in the terrorism and murder that has followed in its


Philippe Karsenty has been sued in France under a criminal statute for
questioning the veracity of a news story that has caused extensive damage
to the honor and dignity of the State of Israel, and has unleashed
gratuitous violence and terrorism against Jews, not just in Israel, but
the world over who are seen as representatives of an evil entity that must
be targeted and punished. Though questions about the case are troubling
and abundant, few journalists have elected to grapple with it. France 2.s
case against Karsenty is an obvious attempt to silence and punish him for
his determination to expose the Al Durah hoax to the light of reason and

The Al Durah hoax is reminiscent of the Dreyfus Affair that occurred more
than 100 years ago in France. A Jewish army captain was falsely accused
and condemned for treason. Many years later, due to the intervention of
writer and journalist, Emile Zola, the verdict was overturned and he was
released from incarceration at the notorious Devil.s Island. But, the day
Dreyfus was publicly relieved of his office, his honors ripped from his
uniform, and his sword broken in two, thousands upon thousands of
Frenchmen gathered to chant and cry hysterically in the lovely boulevards
of Paris, .Death to the Jews!. A young Austrian journalist was there to
report the story. At that moment, he knew that the Jews of Europe were
doomed and that it was imperative that they leave the continent. His name
was Theodore Herzl and the year was 1894. Less than 50 years later, his
words proved prophetic. Seventy-five thousand French Jews perished at the
hands of the Nazis and their French collaborators, and more than 6 million
Jews died in Europe as a whole. It is a sad footnote to the Dreyfus Affair
that France is the country that breathed life into the Al Durah hoax.

Though he is the one on trial, Philippe Karsenty is not Dreyfus. It is the
State of Israel and the Jewish people who are Dreyfus today. Nor is
Karsenty Zola. Why? Zola enjoyed wide acclaim as an important writer and
was, thus, capable of stirring public opinion in support of Dreyfus. It
was the storm of public outrage that finally won Dreyfus. freedom. But,
that outrage was the product of a journalist who was willing to publicly
question the lies on which Dreyfus. conviction was based. Karsenty is
merely an ordinary citizen who, standing almost without allies, has
elected to pit himself against yet another terrible lie. But, alas, there
is not even one Emile Zola today. Nevertheless, the hope still remains
that, even at this late hour, a new Zola will come forward to speak out,
to demand justice, and to stake his honor and reputation on the truth.

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