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On December 8, 1983, a child named Dani Katz walked to the street outside
his parent's home in the Dania neighborhood of Haifa. He was 14. His
parents were Holocaust survivors.

Outside the home, he was kidnapped by a group of Arabs from the Israeli
Galilee town of Sakhnin who held jobs in the Dania neighborhood. They
took him to a cave near Sakhnin. There they tortured him in the most
brutal and horrific way imaginable. They eventually murdered him. After
murdering him they sodomized the corpse. They then left him there to rot.

You can see a photo of the boy here:

Police unraveled the crime and arrested the five murderers, who confessed
and reenacted the crimes. They were tried in Haifa in 1985 and sentenced
to life in prison plus 27 years (this to prevent their being released in
case of bleeding heart shortening of sentence due to good behavior.) At
one point one of the judges, Avraham Beizer (since retired), asked one of
perps sarcastically what it felt like "to bang the boy," and later asked
whether the sandwich had tasted good. (The murderers were caught in part
because they left sandwich remains in the cave.) The perp's lawyer tried
to get a mistrial over that.

The lawyer for the accused was far-leftist Avigdor Feldman. Feldman has
devoted much of his career to defending terrorists, extremists and traitors. He
defended Mordecai Vanunu (nuclear spy), Marcus Klinberg (Soviet spy), Tali
Fahima (was did jail time for helping her Palestinian terrorist boyfriend
plan atrocities), Teddy Katz (Ilan Pappe's student who fabricated the
Tantura massacre), and others.

Feldman claimed the confessions of the five were coerced. The court
investigated the charge thoroughly and found it to be false. After the
conviction, and after a report by two Meretz members of the government
criticizing use of confessions in trials, Feldman eventually lobbied the
judicial system into giving his clients a new trial, at the order of
Aharon Barak, the (now retired) Chief Justice and promoter of
anti-democratic judicial activism in Israel. The new trial was held in
Tel Aviv District Court. The perps were briefly put back on the street.
They were again convicted in the new trial. The new judges noted the long
string of lies and contradictions by the accused. Feldman appealed the
new conviction to the Supreme Court, and the court rejected it

Some have conjectured that the murder was an initiation rite into a terror

Some Israeli leftist groups have been rallying support ever since for the
murderers (see for example in Hebrew only:

see also anti-Zionist journalist Tom Segev's comments:


In 1982 a female soldier named Dafna Carmon was raped and murdered outside
her home Two of the murderers of Dani Katz were also convicted of
murdering her. They were also represented in that trial by Feldman.

Some Arab Knesset members had been lobbying for the release of the
murderers. The "appeals commission" of the Justice Ministry recently
recommended that the five murderers have their sentences "shortened."
Shimon Peres as President made it official, which means that they will be
released from prison within the next few days.

More on this atrocity:
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