Friday, August 24, 2007


For those outraged that I suggested there is nothing wrong with using the
name Allah for God, I was not ADVOCATING its use, just saying there is
nothing inherently wrong with using it.

We also use "God" which comes from the German "Gott" and originally
referred to pagan deities before it was transformed and adopted for use by
monotheists living in German and Anglo-Saxon society. "Allah" in some
ways has a less problematic linguistic history than "God" as a name for
Hashem/Shaddai/YHV"H/Elokim/El. I have heard rabbis use the term "Allah"
in speech (not in prayer, but in prayer in Hebrew we also do not say

Yes, it is a problem when someone uses "Allah" to refer to an imaginary
evil deity but the same problem exists for uses of the name "God".

Hope that clarifies.

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