Monday, October 22, 2007

Der Spiegel Reports Israeli Hostages have been Murdered

1. In the past the Israeli government rewarded Islamofascist terrorists
in Lebanon for murdering captured Israeli soldiers in cold blood. Israel
never avenged the murders, and released hundreds of live terrorists in
order to recover the corpses of the murdered soldiers.

If the report in Der Spiegel this week is true (see ), that the two
Israeli soldiers held in Lebanon by the Hezbollah have been murdered, then
the government of Israel is itself completely responsible for the murders!

The most important lesson that the Israeli political elite and chattering
classes have failed to learn: Appeasement produces murder, not peace.

2. The Left is confusing Itself:

3. Males cheating risk early death:
What are the implications for Bill Clinton?

4. Avoda Zara - Paganism among the Jews:

5. Bless you!

6. Thou shall not Kiss! (in Iran):,7340,L-3462586,00.html

7. Beilin as partner of the Islamic Jihad:,7340,L-3462429,00.html

8. Neo-Nazi Norman Finkelstein spreading hatred of Jews in Poland:

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