Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Israeli Leftists in Conference on Annihilating Israel

Subject: Israeli Leftists in Conference on Annihilating Israel

(The Post-Zionists' One-State Solution, photo)

For years the "one state solution" has been the preferred solution among the
Far Left to the "problem" of Israel's very existence. No, by "one state
solution" they do NOT mean that the Land of Israel will be under Israeli
control while the "Palestinians" can at best expect limited autonomy after
undergoing full denazification. When Lefties say "One-State Solution," they
mean Israel will be obliterated and it will be replaced with a single
Palestinian state with an Arab majority, at best allowing the Jews some sort of
dhimmi status, and at worst shoving the Jews into cattle cars.

Oxford University recently wanted to run a "debate" between Israel haters who
want to annihilate Israel via the "One-State Solution" and Israel haters who
want to annihilate Israel via the "Two-State Solution," meaning an Israel
inside the 1967 borders granting "Palestinians" a right of right to Israel plus
a Palestinian state west of the Jordan river. No one would be allowed to
defend the 23 state solution, meaning the existing 22 Arab states remain plus a
single Jewish state in control of Eretz Yisrael. Planned for October, 23 2007
the debate was to be over the proposition as follows: .This house believes
that One State is the Only Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict.. Some
Israeli anti-Semites were to be on the side for the One State Solution, while a
notorious American Jewish Neo-Nazi, Norman Finkelstein, was supposed to be on
the other "pro-Israel" side! All particpants were actually to agree that
Israel must be destroyed, although they could debate just how! Alan
Dershowitz blasted Oxford for planning to hold such a conference. After
turning Oxford into an international disgrace, in the end the "debate" was
cancelled. Similar one-sided anti-Israel debates among Israel hating leftists
are common on campuses all over the world, including regularly at Israeli

But the Moonbrits who want to destroy Israel have not abandoned all hope. Now a
new "Let's Annihilate Dem Joos" conference is to be held on November 17 and 18
at the The Brunei Gallery, hosted by the London Middle East Institute (LMEI),
sponsored by the University of London, the "London One State Group," and the
notorious pro-terror SOAS Palestine Society. I guess Nuremberg was already
booked up for their torchlight parade.

Entitled "Challenging the Boundaries: A Single State in Palestine/Israel," the
event will be a one-sided advocacy of Israel's destruction, much like the
cancelled Oxford event. Among those who will be advocating Israel's
extermination (and also that of its population?) will be Ilan Pappe, until
recently on the faculty of the University of Haifa, Joseph Massad, the
notorious anti-Semitic professor from Columbia University, Haim Bresheeth, an
anti-Israel Israeli on the faculty of the University of East London, As'ad
Ghanem, a faculty member in political science at the University of Haifa, Amnon
Raz-Krakotzkin, a faculty member at Ben-Gurion University who has long
advocated Israel's annihilation (and he is not even the most radical Israel
hater at Ben Gurion University), and Eyal Sivan, an anti-Semitic Israeli

For the full program, see here.

Want to let the heads of the University of Haifa and Ben Gurion University know
what you think of their faculty members participating in such an event? For
University of Haifa, go here and here. For BGU write Professor Rivka Carmi,
President, P.O. Box 653, Beer-Sheva, 84105, Israel, e-mail = and

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