Friday, November 16, 2007

The Fruitnuts and Ron Paul

1. The Left's First Amendment strikes again!
The Left wants to suppress freedom of speech by regulating "talkbacks"
because most talkbacks in Israel are from people who hate the Left:,7340,L-3471837,00.html

2. Let's have a real right of return! Return Jewish property!

3. Daniel Friedman is the only man of integrity in the Israeli

4. Middle East Studies Association suppresses Middle East Studies:

5. Michael Oren:

6. A Clear Perspective on Conflict
"Lessons from the Palestinian .War' against Israel," Policy Focus No. 64,
by Moshe Yaalon, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 2007, 35 pp.
November 2007
Reviewed by Asaf Romirowsky'_against_Israel

7. Ron Paul is running for President. Please read:

Note the gaggle of Neo-Nazis and conspiracy nuts with which he is
associated. One might even say he is the Chamishite candidate for
President. Think that is out of line? Well, note that one of the people
mentioned in the article about Ron Paul, one David Ben Ariel, is cited
there from a posting of his on a malicious Neo-Nazi web site
(Libertypost). David Ben Ariel, despite his name, is a Christian
evangelist and one of the four or five remaining followers of Barry
Chamish! He runs a web site called,

devoted to promoting Chamish's "theories." Another word for a Chamish
theory is - a lie.

8. The al Durah blood libel

Wednesday, 14th November 2007

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