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Israel Campus Treason du jour:

1. Today's Campus Treason, from Israel:

An Arab lecturer in the Sapir College expels reserve soldier from class
he came in the military uniform:,7340,L-3473006,00.html

Arab lecturer refuses to teach reservist

Student wearing IDF uniform arrives at Sapir College following long army
reserve service, ordered to leave classroom. Students say lecturer told
reservist, 'I don.t teach soldiers, policemen and officers in uniform'
Shmulik Hadad

A cinematography student at the Sapir College, who entered his classroom
wearing an IDF uniform, was ordered to leave by the lecturer.

First Lieutenant (res.) Eyal Cohen, an intelligence officer, arrived at
his college in southern Israel this week following a long and exhausting
army reserve service. He did not expect the welcome he got.
"He entered the classroom and was stopped by the Arab lecturer, who
refused to let him in," a student at the college recalled. "The lecturer
told him, 'I do not teach soldiers, policemen and officers in uniform.' He
was pretty shocked."

Cohen refused to leave the classroom and tried to protest the order, but
the lecturer did not let him talk. "Eyal sat down and refused to leave the
classroom," the soldier's friends said.

"The lecturer was unhappy with Cohen's presence at the lesson and kept on
making remarks like 'yes, commander' and talking negatively about the IDF,
while staring at him."

According to the other students, when Cohen tried to say something, the
lecturer interrupted him and said, "I told you I do not teach officers and
soldiers. Next time, come to class in civil clothes and I will give you 10
minutes to talk."

Cohen was angered both by the lecturer's remarks and by the fact that the
other students kept silent and failed to protest or leave the classroom.

"I thought that in such a situation the students should have left. I was
quite surprised when no one said anything or did anything about it," the
soldier told his friends after the lesson. According to the friends, Cohen
was agitated and said that he would not ignore the incident.
Cohen's friends said that they were not surprised by the lecturer's
"This is a lecturer who expresses similar opinions during the classes. He
has referred to the IDF as the army of occupation and does not speak
positively about the IDF. This time, however, is seems that a red line has
been crossed and the college must deal with it."

According to the friends, Cohen sought to file a complaint but did not
want to have the lecturer fired. "He only wants the lecturer to understand
the norms in a place where quite a few reserve soldiers study."
The Sapir College said in response that the management had received an
anonymous letter against the lecturer. "The lecturer is out of the country
at the moment. When he returns we will clarify the details of the incident
and issue an official response," a college official said.
The head of Sapir College is Prof. Zev Tzahor, whose fax is
His email is

2. An interesting legal case:
Man cleared of causing suicide of prof who wrote of 'Jewish conspiracy'
By Yossi Melman, Haaretz Correspondent

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg Thursday acquitted an
Austrian journalist of "causing the suicide" of a German professor who
claimed that the Jews declared war on Germany in 1933. The ruling was
handed down in a complicated case involving freedom of speech, libel and

The court found in favor of veteran journalist Karl Pfeifer, ruling that
Austrian courts failed to protect Pfeifer's good name. The court ordered
the Austrian government to pay Pfeifer 5,000 euros in damages and 10,000
euros in court costs.

The verdict states that the Austrian courts violated article 8 of the
European Convention on Human Rights - the right to a private life. The
court was not convinced that the reasons put forward by the lower Austrian
courts concerning freedom of expression outweighed the right of the
applicant to have his reputation safeguarded.
In 1995, a German professor, Dr. Werner Pfeifenberger, published an
article about the "Jewish conspiracy," beginning with the 1789 French
Revolution. He claimed that the Jews declared war on Germany in 1933.
Pfeifer, who edited the Austrian Jewish community newspaper, responded
with an article in which he accused the German professor of underrating
the crimes of the Nazi regime.

Pfeifenberger sued Pfeifer for libel. Two lower appeals courts and a high
appeals court rejected Pfeifenberger's lawsuit in 1997 and 1998, ruling
that Pfeifer expressed an important opinion, based on facts. Five years
later, in 2000, the Austrian attorney general decided to charge
Pfeifenberger whose article, the indictment alleged, violated the law
prohibiting Nazi activity. Shortly thereafter, Pfeifenberger committed

In June 2000, right-wing weekly Zur Zeit - which receives hundreds of
thousands of euros in aid from the Austrian government - published an
article condemning the "Jewish journalist Karl Pfeifer" for conducting a
"manhunt" and accusing him of causing the suicide of the "Catholic
professor Pfeifenberger."

Editor Andreas Moelzer also sent a letter to subscribers accusing a gang
of "anti-fascists" of conducting a campaign against the newspaper and
again stating that the "Jewish journalist" Pfeiffer was part of the
"hunt". Moelzer is a member of the European parliament and active in a
pro-fascist party.

In 2001 and 2002, Pfeifer sued Zur Zeit for libel and its editor for
slander and defamation of character. A Viennese court ruled in Pfeifer's
favor. However, the weekly and its editor appealed the verdict and a
higher court overturned that ruling in 2002. A judge at Austria's highest
appeals court, Doris Trieb, ruled that Pfeifer had "moral" responsibility
for Pfeifenberger's suicide. In 2003, Pfeifer appealed to the European
court against the Austrian courts and government.

Pfeifer told Haaretz Thursday after his victory that "it was hard enough
to stand three years in Austrian courts because I did not believe that
'the Jews declared war in 1933 on Germany.' But then to see Dr. Trieb
point her finger at me and accuse me of being responsible 'only morally'
for a man's suicide was even harder.

"Of course, this was also absurd. How could I have 'hunted' a man to his
death five years after a review I published in 1995? I am happy that I am
not at the mercy of Austrian justice. The fact remains that the
anti-Semitic rag Zur Zeit is subsidized by the Austrian government and the
subsidy continues.
Afterword . the same Pfeifer was one of the people who helped expose the
libel and lies invented by Ilan Pappe and his student Teddy Katz at the
Univeristy of Haifa, about an imaginary "massacre" of Arabs at Tantura by
the Hagana. Had the same case been filed in the Nazareth court with an
anti-Semitic jihadite judge, the result of the trial would have been
different. -- SP

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