Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wakeup Call

Rightist wakeup call

Left has stuck to false agenda for many years; new rightist party aims to
counter flawed policy
Haim Misgav

I wanted to write a few words in support of the establishment of .HaTikva.
(the hope), a Zionist national party, and respond to all the critics who
argue against another apparent split in the .National Camp.. There is no
such thing. Forget about these mantras.

Leftists have an agenda. An erroneous, false, and deceptive one. But they
have been pursuing it for many years. At first they were marginal, and
only very few of them dared as much as mention the phrase .Palestinian
state.. However, today, unfortunately or regrettably, they managed to
bequeath their theory to American government institutions as well.

The National Camp, as it is being referred to erroneously, lacks the
determination of the leftist public. All we see there are a bunch of
pompous, egotistical politicians overcome by baseless self-importance and
lacking any clear ideology. They have already proved that a government
seat means more than anything to them.

This is how Benjamin Netanyahu and Limor Livnat and Silvan Shalom
conducted themselves when Ariel Sharon led the process of expulsion from
Gush Katif and northern Samaria, and this is how the members of Rabbi
Ovadia Yosef.s court conducted themselves. Today, this is how Israel Our
Home leader Avigdor Lieberman conducts himself.

Therefore, when something bad is threatening the Jewish people.s national
home, we must speak out with full force, without thinking about all sorts
of considerations . and serve as a mouthpiece to the hundreds of thousands
of secular Israelis residing in large cities who did not hit the polls in
the last elections, or to those who expressed their disgust with the
corruption that has taken over the Likud Central Committee by voting for
the Pensioners. Party, for example.

David Ben-Gurion declared the establishment of the State of Israel, which
was defined as a Jewish state (a phrase that appears several times in the
Declaration of Independence) almost 60 years ago. When we heard Shimon
Peres, his loyal and trusted student, delivering a speech in his memory at
his gravesite, it was difficult not to feel that something fundamental,
irreversible, went wrong with us.

Perhaps this is not a complete or cohesive explanation, but this is the
reason why many members of the National Camp feel .homeless.. They do not
hear the politicians raising an outcry and heading to the town square in
order to tear their clothes in mourning. They also remember how Benjamin
Netanyahu, the current head of opposition, conducted himself when he was
prime minister. Indeed, Ehud Olmert can calmly travel to a God forsaken
town on the Eastern Coast of the US and trade in Israeli land.

Nobody believes in land-for-peace formula
It.s apparently difficult to draw the masses sitting in their bubbles and
feeling secure, with Qassam rockets only landing in Sderot and the
outskirts of Ashkelon, for the time being. Yet the big explosion shall
come. The residents of Kfar Saba, for example, should imagine what will
happen in their town once the West Bank town of Qalqiliya is handed over
to the Palestinians, or what will happen to airplanes at Ben Gurion
International Airport after the hills to the east of it will be populated
by rocket launchers.
After all, nobody really believes that handing over additional
.territories. would bring the long-awaited peace.
I, a native of Tel Aviv, a secular Israeli scared of what.s to come, am
offering my support to the establishment of the new party in order to try
and wake up the people and convey the anxiety that I.m feeling at this

The Oslo agreements were put into action, and we know how that ended. I
cried out against Yasser Arafat.s arrival to the Gaza Strip, and I failed.
I sought to prevent the escape from southern Lebanon, and failed there
too. I cried out against the .disengagement. . and again nobody listened.
How long will we keep on being right? Until there is no longer a way back?

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