Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There is Madness in the Methodist

1. What are the chances that this would be used against Arab fascists
or Jewish radical leftists?


Haaretz, Last update - 01:33 18/02/2008

Knesset passes draft bill outlawing membership of racist organizations

2. The Hizbollah's "Rabbis":
"We are all people of the book. For example, I was the first one to
bring five rabbis from outside Lebanon into the country; three of
them came from New York, and two from Manchester. They visited Beirut
in 2005. I have many Jewish friends around the world, such as Stanley
Cohen and Seymour Hersh."

- Ibraham Mousawi, editor of Hezbollah's Alintiqad weekly newspaper


3. Balint on Israel's Fence:


4. Dersh on Hezbollah:


5. There is madness in the Methodist:


6. The "Good" Suicide Bomber:


7. The Wahhabis of Georgetown:


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