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When the Hebrew University Employed one of the Worst Neo-Nazis on Earth (must read - from

The Legacy of Israel Shahak
By Paul Bogdanor

.And then they come, 80 million worthy Germans, and each one has his
decent Jew. Of course the others are vermin, but this one is an A-1 Jew..

- Henrich Himmler

.My book is dedicated to Israel Shahak, who is in fact a Jewish person..

- David Duke

In the late Israel Shahak, the political heirs of Heinrich Himmler
discovered their very own A-1 Jew. They elevated him to that status over
three decades, while he served on the faculty of the Hebrew University of

Israel Shahak was a professor of organic chemistry. In his spare time he
was a disseminator of antisemitic lies. Almost every falsehood invoked by
the Nazis to justify the Holocaust was eventually ratified by this tenured
academic at one of Israel.s most prestigious institutions.

According to Shahak, the Jews think of nothing but making money for the
benefit of the Jewish state (.The force of Jewish devotion in assembling
money is thought to be infinite.). According to Shahak, the Jews plan to
dominate much of the world through an Israeli empire (.extending from
.Algeria or Morocco. from the west to China in the east, and from Kenya or
even South Africa in the south to the USSR in the north.). According to
Shahak, the Jews facilitate the spread of vice in order to enslave the
masses (.Part of the motivation. must be .encouraging drug addiction and
thus promoting political apathy.).

Shahak openly collaborated with the Israeli Communist Party and its
Frankenstein product, Matzpen. The Communist Party was, of course, a tool
of the genocidal Soviet dictatorship, while Matzpen was even more

If the Israeli Jewish masses are not split from Zionism. then there will
be another Holocaust. Eventually, the Arab revolution is going to win; if
the masses of the Israeli Jews are not incorporated in it, they will
necessarily be consumed by it.

Shahak not only raised no objection to this Hitlerian outburst; he joined
its author in usurping control of the once-respectable Israeli League for
Human and Civil Rights.

Shahak was the first Israeli Jew to be published by an organ of the PLO.
He was a constant contributor to the PLO.s main English-language journal.
There he disgorged a stream of antisemitic poison. He claimed that all
Zionists believe in .the rightness of biblically justified genocide,.
which he called .the other Holocaust.. He vilified Jewish
.Holocaust-mongers. who believe that .killing many children is just if it
is done for Jewish benefit.. He announced that .Israeli Jews, and with
them most Jews throughout the world, are undergoing a process of
Nazification.. He asserted that the Nuremberg Laws .are infinitely more
moderate than the .Gentile. regulations in Talmudic Law.. And he defamed
.the Jewish establishment in the USA and its intellectual slaves,. adding
that .Jewish terror is very kosher in the USA!.

Throughout his second career as an antisemitic propagandist for the
would-be destroyers of his country, Israel Shahak was protected by
officials at the Hebrew University. The excuses continued in the face of
mounting public outrage. Yediot Ahronot asked why .someone like Israel
Shahak is employed by our national university. when his conduct was
.tantamount to treason.. In Ha.aretz, the Dean of Tel Aviv University.s
Law School, Amnon Rubinstein, found .plenty of evidence. for treason
charges. He noted that Shahak .does not even support those who want a
simple war against Israel, but rather those who want the annihilation of
its people..

Rubinstein stressed that Shahak.s employers were also his accomplices:

In my mind, the most serious aspect in the Shahak affair concerns his
high-ranking position at the Hebrew University. A tenured job at the
university does not mean that it is possible to join with murderers while
retaining one.s job.

The Hebrew University does not act as one should expect of an academic
institution. Worse still: it promoted Shahak to the rank of associate
professor at the beginning of this year in the midst of his hate campaign.

But the campus bureaucrats were unmoved. The sole issue was .freedom of
speech,. declared the Rector of the University. Academics could not be
disciplined for inciting ethnic hatred and the destruction of their
country. As for Shahak.s recent promotion, this merely reflected the
merits of his chemistry classes.

Shahak delivered his own response in the newspaper of the Communist
Party: .The majority of the Jewish public in Israel (and also out of it)
believes that only Jews are human beings. according to Jewish Talmudic
law, legally valid in Israel today, any Gentile woman is considered as
impure, slave, Gentile and whore..

As this example illustrates, Shahak saw no need to pretend, for the
benefit of Western audiences, that the target of his hatred was .Zionism..
He always insisted that Israel was evil because it was Jewish. In his
scurrilous tract Jewish History, Jewish Religion, he warned that Israel.s
Jewish character was a danger to .all other peoples and states in the
Middle East and beyond.. Judaism was the focus of evil on earth: not only
had it created .one of the most totalitarian societies in the whole
history of mankind,. even its beliefs were .motivated by the spirit of
profit.. So malevolent are the Jews, wrote Shahak, that they secretly
worship the Devil:

both before and after a meal, a pious Jew ritually washes his hands,
uttering a special blessing. On one of these two occasions he is
worshipping God, by promoting the divine union of Son and Daughter; but on
the other he is worshipping Satan.

Shahak also found excuses for the near-genocidal Chmielnicki pogroms,
which he classified as a .revolt of the oppressed.. According to Shahak,
when the typical pogromist decided to murder Jews, it was because .Jews
profited from his state of slavery and exploitation..

Needless to say, Jewish History, Jewish Religion was endorsed by
Jew-haters everywhere. .I urge all of you to forego a movie or a dinner
and treat yourself to this book. (Ingrid Rimland). .It is a volume which
belongs in the library of every informed student of the world.s affairs.
(Russ Granata). But it would be wrong to assume that admirers of the Third
Reich have only just discovered Shahak. His services to these Nazis began
decades ago.

Ernst Zundel is the author of The Hitler We Loved and Why. He has been
described as one of the largest distributors of Nazi literature on the
planet. After deportation from Canada to his native Germany, he is now
serving a prison sentence on multiple counts of incitement to racial
hatred. Ernst Zundel proclaims that Israel Shahak was one of his idols
from the late 1960s. Meetings with Shahak and other anti-Zionist Jews
.opened up an entirely new world for me, the young German immigrant to
Canada.. At a public lecture in the late 1970s, .Ernst and his friends
demonstrated with signs outside the hall in support of Shahak.. According
to Zundel, .We had a personal chat before the meeting.. On Shahak.s death
his affection was undiminished:

Israel Shahak was quietly heroic. Decent people owe him a debt of
gratitude. He was a voice of reason and decency in a country where .the
people of the lie. live and hold sway . and, sadly, also govern. We will
sorely miss him and his honesty.

Shahak is applauded scores of times on the hatemongering Zundelsite. To my
knowledge, the Hebrew University never investigated the links between one
of its most prominent professors and one of the world.s most notorious

The story is by no means unique. .Dr. Israel Shahak risked all to bring
what he calls .decent humanity. to Judaism and the Zionist State,.
declaimed the American racist David Duke, paying tribute to his hero for
unmasking .hateful Judaic laws. that permit Jews to cheat, to steal, to
rob, to kill, to rape, to lie, even to enslave Christians.. Shahak
received pride of place, alongside Chomsky and Finkelstein, in Duke.s
pantheon of Jews who .expose the truth about Zionism and Jewish
supremacism.. Duke.s collected antisemitic ravings gave further evidence
of his esteem:

I will be the first to acknowledge that not all Jews support or share in
this supremacism. In fact, a number of courageous Jews suffer greatly for
opposing it. This book is dedicated to the memory of one of them: an
Israeli Professor, Dr. Israel Shahak. He persuasively argued that unless
both Jews and Gentiles courageously stand up against this supremacist
agenda and its power, it will continue to pose a severe danger to Jews and
Gentiles alike.

In other words, an academic employed for thirty years by the Hebrew
University had inspired a former commander of the Ku Klux Klan to pen the
English-language sequel to Mein Kampf.

Today the Blood Libels of Israel Shahak are available on almost any page
on almost any Nazi website: AAARGH,, Ziopedia, Jewish Tribal
Review, Jew Watch, and others too numerous to count. Shahak has received
hundreds of accolades from the aspiring death camp guards of Stormfront.
He has been praised to the skies by the frustrated death camp deniers at
the Journal of Historical Review. Supporters of the Committee for Open
Debate on the Holocaust can consult Shahak on The Laws Against Non-Jews.
Elsewhere antisemites can read the full text of Shahak.s Jewish History,
Jewish Religion (.Israel Shahak Speaks the Truth!.) or they can sample
Shahak.s views about The Jewish Hatred Towards Christianity
(.anti-Christian feelings are literally exploding in Israel.), The Jewish
Laundry of Drug Money (.New York Jews. play .the predominant part.) and
The Jews Who Run USA (.these .Holocaust memories. are a fake.).

In light of the above, the Hebrew University may want to reconsider its
assessment that the memory of Israel Shahak.s chemistry lessons will
outlast his legacy to international Nazism.

Paul Bogdanor is the editor, with Edward Alexander, of The Jewish Divide
Over Israel, due in paperback later this month.

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