Monday, June 02, 2008

Rev Wright vs. the Pseudo-Rabbi of Meaning?

1. Rev Wright vs. The Pseudo-Rabbi

Monday, June 2, 2008
Hillary's answer to Rev Wright

The whole world is talking about the "theological" crackpots with whom
Barack Obama has long hung out. The worst of them, the "Reverend" Jeremiah
Wright, is a vulgar Afrofascist, arguable worse than the Rev Al. As it
turns out, Wright went to the same high school as me, an academic magnet
school in Philadelphia that admitted lots of qualified black students long
before "affirmative action apartheid" dumbed down standards. Since Wright
had such a nice generous start in life from Central High School, where he
no doubt was treated wonderfully and with respect by the 70% of the
student body that was Jewish, you might have expected better from him.

And while Rev Wright is foaming at the mouth against Dem Joos and America,
it is worth keeping in mind for balance that Hillary Clinton also has a
long track record of hanging about with lunatic pseudo-theologians. We
recall how in the first Clinton Administration, Hillary chose as her guru
the pseudo-rabbi Michael Lerner, the Sixties fossilized pro-LSD editor of
Tikkun Magazine and proponent of the silly "Politics of Meaning" form of
pseudo-religion, in which all religion is transformed into pursuit of the
political fads of the Left. Lerner of course is not a rabbi, and was never
ordained by any terrestrial rabbinic seminary.

Would a President Hillary invite Mikey Lerner over to the Oval Office to
blow dope with her?

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