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Post-Zionist "Academic" Uri Davis converts to Islam (not a spoof)

Davis has taught in the same school, University of Exeter in the UK, where
Ilan Pappe has been hired:

Post-Zionist Jewish Academic Converts to Islam
23 Av 5768, 24 August 08 12:34
by Hillel Fendel

( Dr. Uri Davis, who has often termed Israel an "apartheid
state" and refused to serve in the IDF, converted to Islam about a week
ago and married a Fatah activist in Ramallah. The conversion ceremony
involved two oaths in which Davis recognized Allah and the Muslim prophet
Mohammed. Davis said he plans to follow the laws of Islam, but not

The conversion took place in a Moslem religious court in Baka el-Garbiye,
an Israeli-Arab town just outside northwestern Samaria (Shomron).

Davis's lawyer explained that the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority know
him for his great sacrifices on behalf of the "Palestinian problem" and
the "realization of their rights." He noted that the consent of the Arab
woman and her family to the marriage to a Jewish activist is an "admirable
social development."

Just two months ago, David took part in an Arab-sponsored "Haifa
Conference," billed as "defend[ing] a secular democratic state in historic
Palestine." A summary of the conference written by Yoav Bar states that
the Conference "was our moment to raise our heads from the exhausting
daily struggle and promise ourselves and the world that the suffering of
the Palestinian people may be brought to an end and there can be a bright
future for everybody in Palestine after we get rid of the racist Zionist

Bar himself, an initiator of the Haifa Conference, is an Israeli member of
the political bureau of Abnaa el-Balad - Sons of the Land, a secular
movement that seeks the return of all Arab refugees, the abolishment of
Israel as a Jewish state and the establishment of a Palestinian state in
its place.

Dr. Davis gave one of the three Hebrew speeches at the Conference; the
others were delivered by Yehuda Kupferman of the "Committee for a Secular
and Democratic state in the Whole of Palestine," and Dr. Anat Matar, a
leading supporter of the rights of Palestinian prisoners and the rights of
Israeli youth to refuse to serve in the IDF.

Davis, who has described himself as an "anti-Zionist Palestinian Hebrew,"
has been advocating support for Palestinian issues for over 40 years, and
was arrested more than once on charges of illegal activities in this
connection. He is a founding member of the Movement Against Israeli
Apartheid in Palestine, is a former member of the Executive Committee of
the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding, and is
actually an Observer Member of the Palestine National Council.

2. From Isracampus:

Yael Korin.s War on Israel

by Joel Amitai

.As an Israeli-born Jew, that my family survived the Holocaust, it.s an
incredible pain, and very difficult for me,. proclaims Yael Korin in this
video, .to keep watching Israel committing war crimes, crimes against
humanity, crimes against the Palestinian people, and now the Lebanese

Yael Korin, an immunologist at the UCLA medical school, speaking here at a
rally against the Second Lebanon War in Los Angeles on August 12, 2006, is
introduced as a member of the far-Left Women in Black. Korin.s Los Angeles
branch of the organization describes itself here as supporting .the right
of Palestinian refugees to return [to Israel]..recognized by all Israeli
governments, Right and Left, as a formula for Israel.s destruction.

Korin goes on to tell the gathering: .What we need to remember is that
Israel is born in a sin, 1948 the al-Naqba [.catastrophe. in Arabic] was a
war of ethnic cleansing, of grabbing land by force and cleansing it from
its inhabitants, the Palestinians.Israel consistently and persistently
have been continuing this strategy, continuing grabbing more land, 1967
the whole historic Palestine.Israel wants land but it doesn.t want the
people on the land, the Zionist ideology is calling for a state of Jewish
people only...

She goes on to explain that Israel is now applying this same .strategy. to
southern Lebanon, where it wants to grab the land and the water sources,
and so it has to be gotten out of southern Lebanon totally (something
that, in the real world, Israel was actually all too glad to do on its

In the telling of this self-professed daughter of Holocaust survivors,
then, Israel in the same time it was already absorbing tens of
thousands of Holocaust survivors.was already behaving monstrously, a
savage juggernaut of land theft and ethnic cleansing. Indeed Korin.s
Israel is in some respects worse than Nazi Germany, which, while
exterminating certain populations, didn.t try to ethnically cleanse, for
instance, Poland of all Poles or France of all French. But for Korin.s
version of the .Zionist ideology.calling for a state of Jewish people
only,. this would be too moderate.

So for Yael Korin, 1947-1948 was not the story of the UN Partition Plan
(accepted by Israel, totally rejected by the Arab side) or of seven Arab
armies massing to strangle Israel in its cradle, but rather of the newborn
state of 600,000 Jews, fresh Holocaust memories and all, actually seeking
war with the surrounding Arab world in a vicious land-grab. In 1967 there
was no Nasser and no Soviet Union, in 2006 there was no Hizballah; it was
all Israeli avarice and racism. A Jewish state that .consistently and
persistently. behaves this way for sixty years running is not actually
different from what Hitlerian doctrine would have expected of it.pure evil
and a menace to other peoples; Korin.s and the Mein Kampfian views of
Jewish collective goals and behavior are strikingly similar.

Yael Korin has been propagating this sort of vicious tripe during years in
which there have been numerous deadly terrorist attacks on Israeli Jews by
people who have the same emotions that she flaunts and incites: rage
against Israel and Israelis and a yearning for the Jewish state.s
destruction. Indeed, Korin.s sympathy for exterminatory passions toward
Israel and Israelis could not have been more explicit than on March 27,
2004, when she spoke, having donned Arab garb for the occasion, at a rally
outside the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles to protest Israel.s
assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.the Hamas leader responsible for the
murders of over three hundred Israelis including many children.

Korin was there at the consulate again on October 17 that year.this time
to protest .Israel.s latest assault on Gaza. amid demonstrators carrying
signs saying .Stop Use of U.S.-Supplied WMDs on Civilians. and the
like.again, the clear and emphatic link between supposed Israeli behavior
and Nazi-style mass-murdering behavior. Korin and a fellow speaker at the
rally had .returned days earlier from Palestine, where they had frequently
joined Machsom Watch,. an Israeli women.s organization that harasses
Israeli soldiers doing difficult and lifesaving anti-terror work at
checkpoints. Korin .said she doesn.t want anyone to do to another people
what was done to her parents..again that fundamental, recurrent confusion
in someone who announces herself as a Jew and dresses as an Arab, who
can.t seem to process the notion of post-1945 Jews as victims and so
instead turns them into Nazis.

Not surprisingly, Korin.s sympathy for Palestinian terrorism doesn.t stop
with Ahmed Yassin and Hamas. Just recently she signed a petition for the
release of Sami Al-Arian, the University of South Florida computer
scientist convicted in 2006 of aiding Palestinian Islamic Jihad. That
organization.s charter calls for the elimination of .the Zionist entity,.
the establishment of an Islamic state .from sea to sea,. and .Jihad
against the Jewish existence in Palestine..right after Yael Korin.s
twisted heart.

In addition to Women in Black, Korin is listed here by Al-Awda (the
Palestinian Right to Return Coalition) as a .founding member of the
Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid, Southern California.. Attach any
vicious terminology to Israel..born in sin,. .war crimes,. .ethnic
cleansing,. .apartheid..and Yael Korin is there to endorse and propagate
it. Her pathological loathing of Israel and Israelis, if not literally
murderous (and that is an open question), certainly encompasses
identifying with those who do murder Israelis en masse. Psychologically
speaking she is a frightening phenomenon of reality-distortion and evil,
exploiting her democratic freedoms to spread her message of incendiary

Joel Amitai is an independent researcher and filmmaker. Reach him at

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