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News Stories You might Not Have Seen:

1. Suddenly the Israeli Left does not insist that everyone try to
.understand. what drives .terrorism.:

The Left.s selective logic

Jackie Levy wonders why leftists call for dialogue with Arab terrorists,
harsh response to Jewish terror
Jackie Levy

Something about the automatic responses to the attack on Professor Ze.ev
Sternhell was too loud, too generalizing, and too theatrical in the
negative sense of the word. In short, there was something about the
reactions of leftists such as Zahava Gal-On, Haim Oron, and Peace Now
members that insisted on turning them into a caricature.
Were any of them happy that the severe incident took place? I would not go
that far, yet still, it was nice to see the color back in their face.

From the very beginning, it was clear that none of the abovementioned
figures would make do with less than a comprehensive, collective guilty
verdict. Police investigators did not have any leads yet, yet Oron and
Gal-On are not regular people like you and I. The hand of God rested on
them . the God of all those people who know everything in advance . and
prompted them to engage in prophecies. Yet as amateur prophets tend to do,
they were using too many hand gestures, their voices were too loud, and
the substance they uttered was, how shall we put it, not the best we ever

Yet they were certainly right on in respect to one thing: talking
about terrorism here. Without even knowing who carried out this despicable
act, where he came from, and what his future plans are, we can agree: He.s
a terrorist. Personally, I.m in favor of razing his family home a moment
after his identity becomes known. I.m also pretty certain that this time
around, Peace Now won.t file a petition against this.
.This time it.s me.
Yet here we have a surprise. Thus far those very same people, ranging from
Peace Now leaders to Gal-On and Oron, argued that terrorism cannot be
defeated by force. They said that only fools speak about terror in terms
of .thwarting,. .eliminating,. .cutting off the hand. and other such dark
expressions. They said that when it comes to terror, we need to seek
dialogue. We need to understand what motivates the terrorists, and
besides, we should stop referring to them by this insulting nickname.

So what happened, my distinguished ladies and gentlemen, to prompt your
vocabulary to suddenly change just like that? Where are the calls for
dialogue? Instead, I heard you calling on authorities to .stop treating
them with kid gloves,. and I couldn.t believe my ears. Is this Zahava
Gal-On speaking, or some impassioned rightist politician?
The main victim, Sternhell himself, already said this act was
unforgivable. I regret to say it, yet the impression created was that the
important word here is .this.. This act, as opposed to other terror acts,
is unforgivable. This time, it.s a big deal. Yes, seemingly the victims of
other terror attacks also suffered, also got scared, and are also dealing
with scars and burns. But how is this related to anything, for heaven.s
sake? This time it.s me! It.s us! Sternhell and Peace Now. Peace Now and

2. Important piece by Arlene Kushner:,7340,L-3604716,00.html Who are we?
If ever national soul-searching was called for in Israel, it is now
Arlene Kushner

3. Zionism is Beautiful

By Rabbi Shaul Marshall Praver

The Talmud says, .When good will exists amongst brethren, both can dwell
together even on the razor thin edge of a sword, but when good will does
not exist amongst them, even the full expanse of the earth lacks
sufficient space to contain them..

Israel., .Jew. and .Zionism. are beautiful words. Yet repetitive racial
slurs concerning these words make them sound ugly and pejorative.

Zionism means scorched desert wastelands transformed into magnificent
gardens and green farm lands. Zionism means oppressed downtrodden Jews
becoming uplifted and able to affirm their continuity from Biblical times.
Zionism means Jews living proudly once again in their ancient homeland.
Zionism means the collective creativity of Jews of every ethnicity coming
together to build a free civilization.

Zionism means the opportunity to enact an ancient dream that will not die.
Zionism means establishing a modern civilization that shares a messianic
vision of making earth a little more like Heaven. Zionism means sharing
Israeli.s blessings with the world.

Zionism is not Racism. Jews come in every race and ethnicity. Zionism is
not an apartheid State: While Jews are the Majority in Israel, Arabs vote
and are represented in the Israeli government. Zionism is not Colonialism:
Jews won the war of Independence against the British colonists and lay
claim to only Israel.

Furthermore, Israel is no more a racist state for creating a haven for
Jews then Saudi Arabia is a racist state for creating a haven for Arabs.
Whosoever points an accusing finger toward Israel in this regard will find
four fingers pointing back at them, because Israel is a democratic state
where freedom of religion is enjoyed by a multitude of ethnic groups.
Charges of racism are empty and inflammatory.

Jews are willing to share their land with the Palestinians. But peace also
depends upon the willingness of Palestinians to share their land with the
Jews. Please ask yourself a basic question: If Israel laid down her
weapons and retired her army, navy and air force, how long do you think it
would take for Israel to be conquered by Muslims? Days? Weeks? Or Months?

Now, ask yourself the question in reverse. If all of Israel.s neighbors
laid down their weapons in the same manner, is it likely Israel would
attempt to conquer Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon
and Saudi Arabia? I believe honest answers to these questions clarify the
essence of the conflict. Namely that only one party seeks the destruction
of the other.

Israel has suffered many horrible terrorist attacks in restaurants,
hotels, city buses, trains, beaches, streets, universities, school buses,
highways, banks, grocery stores, private homes, kibbutzim, parks, caves
and fields. And if, God forbid, these same attacks occurred in the United
States, our military would respond with decisive force and alacrity.
Losing such a war on terrorism would be tantamount to losing one.s country
and losing one.s very civilization; it is not an option.

For half a century, Palestinians have professed an interest in acquiring a
state of their own. Several attempts to grant Palestinians their wish were
made, starting with the 1948 U.N.
Partition Plan and concluding with the offer made by former Israeli Prime
Minister Barak in 2001 at Taba, 98% of the requested land - including east
Jerusalem, as per Yassir Arafat.s request - was offered. But, even that
offer was answered with war. For many, it would seem that Barak called
Arafat.s bluff; revealing the peace process to be a process of war.

Due to these harsh realities, the Sharon administration has pursued the
building of a security fence and has just completed the disengagement of
all the Jewish communities from Gaza. Yet, a million Arabs live in Israel
and enjoy democratic rights and freedoms. Is this fair? Why can.t Jews
live under the Palestinian flag just as Arabs live under the Israeli flag?
The Sharon administration say it.s a practical matter; Israel no longer
wishes to deploy its Army to defend a small number of Gaza Jews. But wait!
Stop! Think! Is there a need for a Palestinian Army to protect Israeli
Arabs? No! Israeli Arabs need no protection; they are safe as citizens of

Israelis simply want peace and would much prefer spending their time,
tending their gardens, doing art, finding a cure for cancer, composing and
performing world class music, and inventing more incredible
bio-pharmaceuticals and computer technology. Real time internet
applications, cellular telephones, color printing are just a few examples
of the technology developed in Israel. There is so much brainpower and
creative energy emanating from Israels diverse ethnic
population that benefits every person on the planet. Yet even at a time
that Israel pursues territorial concessions for the sake of peace, many
people lack the ability to say even a few kind words.

I will say to them then, .Zionism is Beautiful!.

Rabbi Shaul Praver
Congregation Adath Israel, Newtown, CT

4. Obama down to 57% support among US Jews says far-leftist Jewish
anti-Israel web site J Street:
Imagine what the TRUE numbers are!

5. Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom, October 5, 2008 ISRAELI

Irrespective of the severe leadership crisis (draught), which has plagued
Israel since the departure of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, the People of
the Jewish State have displayed systematic resilience and optimism, in
defiance of Palestinian terrorism, political uncertainly and occasional
economic downturns. According to the 2008 Survey of Patriotism - among
Israeli Jews - published by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the
Herzliya Inter-disciplinary Center:

1. 92% are proud to be Jewish (70% - very much, 22% - substantially).
2. 2. 90% consider themselves patriotic (36% - very, 32% - substantially,
22% - somewhat).
3. 3. According to Israeli Jews, patriotism is: Jewish legacy (93%), Love
of the Homeland (92%), Hebrew language (89%), Jerusalem (88%), Jewish
Ingathering (82%), Zionism (81%), etc.
4. 4. 85% oppose the repartitioning of Jerusalem in return for peace. 4.
92% would actively engage in a military battle for the country (69% -
absolutely, 23% - probably).
5. 5. 90% are enraged when people act contemptuously during the Memorial
Day nationwide siren, which commemorates Israel's fallen soldiers (78% -
very, 12% - enraged).
6. 6. 83% support the hoisting of the flag on Independence Day (62% - very
much, 21% substantially).
7. 7. 87% prefer being citizens of Israel (61% - very, 26% - prefer).
8. 8. 86% prefer living in Israel, even if Iran becomes nuclear (52% -
very, 34% - prefer). As evidenced by the 2008 Survey of Patriotism, the
state-of-mind of the People of Israel has been its "secret weapon,"
overcoming military and economic adversity, as well as periods of
slackened leadership.

6. Canada's Liberals sack candidate over anti-Semitic remarks

Canadian Liberal parliamentary candidate Lesley Hughes was asked to
forfeit her place on the party's election roster last week, after being
accused of making anti-Semitic remarks, the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation has reported.
Hughes, who was a candidate for the party's Winnipeg roster in the central
Canadian province of Manitoba, was admonished by Liberal Leader Sthphane
Dion for an article she wrote six years ago, in which she suggested that
the Israeli intelligence services warned the US administration of the
coming September 11 attack on the World Trade
Center, and that Israeli businesses were told to vacate the towers before
the attack.
Hughes has defended her article, saying the article is "very clearly
innocent of any kind of anti-Semitic feelings."
The recent news of Hughes' past article caused an uproar within the Jewish
community in Canada, as many, including the Canadian branch of the Bnei
Brith association, have demanded she be replaced with a different
Canada's Liberal Party cannot risk alienating its Jewish voters, prompting
party head Dion to release the following statement on Friday: "The Liberal
party's commitment to tolerance and multiculturalism is paramount. "I have
reviewed the past comments of Lesley Hughes and it is clear they do not
meet this standard. While I appreciate her apology, I cannot condone those
sentiments in any way. I have therefore asked Ms. Hughes to step down as
the Liberal party candidate in Kildonan-St. Paul," said his statement.
Hughes said in response that she would be running as an independent
candidate: "I'm not a willing victim... the democratic process is a factor
here. We need to consider how this is playing out in the community," she
Hughes later described herself as a "lifelong friend and supporter of the
Jewish community in Winnipeg" and apologized for the "perception" that she
is anti-Semitic.

The Canadian parliamentary elections are scheduled for October 14.

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